Crypto Dead?

Everything has been bleeding for months. We've gone nowhere but down. Most alts are down 50% or more, many 80-90%. Bitcoin is down 50%. Is it over?

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>it must always go up

>massive downtrend for months on end, no end in sight
>whales shaking the couch cushions on their way out
>rallies getting continually smaller

>Laughs in Vietnamese

There will be a long death rattle as the morons continue to stay in, but everyone has realized where they fit in the food chain of cryptocurrency and it's not the top. Get out now before the end.

>implying things go down forever

Dead for 2-8 weeks more.
Have your finger on the trigger. Some whales have already started carefully re-accumulating. The bolder of the institutional investors are already among us.

Why’s don’t you step outside this echo chamber and do your own research?

If this is where you get your crypto info/advice you deserve to get destroyed

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> not knowing the purpose behind different tools of war

Why do we have ground troops if all you need is tanks planes and rockets?

Instead of strictly looking at prices and confirming bias by believing your own assumptions, look at the trends and technological progress. No, not bitcoin because it's technologically inferior and has fewer developers than ethereum. The price of ether will eventually increase and the total market capitalization will surpass bitcoin. The only blockchain with major progress in many areas is ethereum. You may not like this fact, but it is a fact.

Have any of you not researched and read the news lately? No wonder nobody takes the website seriously. None of you do your fucking homework. Get a fucking grip. The price is just a metric for the time being. THIS IS YOUR FUCKING WAKE UP CALL!

See you in December. I'll remember these months and how weak you were, you pathetic pipsqueaks.

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Assault rifles are sufficient to stop the government dipshit.
"How do you stop a tank?" "He has to come out some time doesn't he?"
Or just march on leadership.
More rifles than people. You'd have to be fully retarded to think the gov would win.

to rape and inflict demoralizing psychological trauma on the local population

If it's 8 weeks, it becomes a 2-year bear market, no question

how did a few goat fuckers with 50 year old AK's thwart the biggest millitary in the world?

Guerilla warfare is the bane of tactical armies

Because obviously guns are an effective deterrent to tyranny and oppression. The people who want to take your guns know this and the mindless liberals that support them believe the picture.

When the people in Washington argue that you don't need guns to protect themselves ask why they have twelve armed guards at all times. They just don't want you protecting yourself from them.

You really think it'll recover by December lmao?

Of course. brother. The fact it's uncorrelated with any security or asset, as it's a new technology, is expected to exhibit volatility.

I like that pic OP, mind if I save it?

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What a stupid image, as if the military would attack new york with jet fighters...

It's really hard to imagine that being the case. I can see it rebounding somewhat but honestly not to ATHs or even part of the way. I'd be happy to see 10k by December. I'm nervous about what the next two months hold. I think it could be ogre.

It is over. Normie money will never come back. Too many got burned.

did normies get in? a lot of normies I knew were talking about bitcoin but I don't personally know anyone who got burned

Personally, I know a lot who got fucked.

What'd they buy at?


ETH? that's not too terrible



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mm i can kinda relate to that sentiment but the occupation was the hard part right

God those occupations were the government puts an F16 on every street corner were harsh. It was useful that all the vietnamese farmers had their own jets to fight back.

>15 years later
>still in Baghdad

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What answer were you expecting?


I dont get the point of these threads.

If you wanted idiots to screech at you im sure theres a asylum near you.

>American citizens are actually this scared of their government

Have you seen what they're capable of?
Have you seen what China, Russia and anyone with concentrated power is capable of?

Not even an american but anyone who believes that governments exist to serve the citizens is borderline retarded. The government exists to protect the government and those who fund it. The only reason they don't put you in chains anymore is that it isn't worth the hassle.

you could always attempt discussing the topic
thank you for your input

Sell the bottom then you pussy

Some underfed rice farmers with old ak-47's took down the US army.

kek so much truth in that pic
burgers are truly a special

Afghanistan beat the ussr with ww2 tech read a book, but I think they burned them all in Europe

That’s where you’re wrong chief, we don’t fear our governments because we possess the tools necessary to repel them if they reach too far.

Retarded OP image

Guerrilla warfare works

Who the fuck would the army side with in civil war?

Until they have robots, guns work

newbs, the last bull market lasted for 3~4 years

American gun owners represent the largest standing army in the world.

Meanwhile in reality we still haven't shutdown the goat herder insurrections in Afghanistan

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It's not dead. There was a bubble in November, then it burst. Now we went back to where we were before the bubble.

I refuse to believe that americucks are this retarded

Crypto is never over. we might go down even more and more and your current holdings might become vaporwave. However, when it gets low enough you only need one whale and fomo for a pump... Therefore, this shit will keep on going and going and going and going and going.... it will never stop. It reminds me of Samara of the ring. She never stops.

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why the fuck do retards keep posting controversial images in their thread, its like you dont even want to have a proper discussion

What did the movies done to you?Im really sorry that you got brainwashed by the Jewllywood but you NEED TO WAKE UP

>the jews want us to have guns

Actually yes,so you can ignore the real problems and feel comfortable enough to let them run their schemes

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>le 4D chess move
Fuck off

Spoke like a true sheep.Im really sorry but its too late for you my dear burger.

You really don't understand what asymmetrical warfare is.

Personally? I think it's great they're down. I only own Bitcoin atm, and I'm hoping it goes down more. If cryptocurrencies aren't dying out completely...if they're just going through a pessimistic downswing, then now it's a perfect buy for the people looking at the long-run (ten-twenty years). Plus, the cheaper it gets, the less of a gamble it is.
I don't want it to die. I just want it to go down more.

>US couldnt defeat vietnamese farmers with AKs
>US still cant defeat Afgani farmers with AKs

>Actually being enough of a sheep to believe they didnt lost on purpose

Better resolution

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Oh yeah you're right governments aren't capable of killing millions of their own citizens what were we thinking!

Everyone is scared of their own government if they have half a brain.

The one who was delusional was you for thinking a volatile/high risk asset would have 0 volatility. If you weren't prepared for huge drops, then you should never have invested.

thats wau coin, shhh dont tell stinkies and jiblets that always going up is a real thing, theyll just say the ol 'too good to be true' and we wont get those sweet memes

Holy shit how can one man be so retarded.
Literally kys TSaGw+ND.
Not worthy of a (you).

That's what separates the Euroslave from the American, you trust your government to much to not be tyrannical, so you don't put measures in place to stop them when they inevitably try and become tyrannical.

They lost because they weren't willing to go back in. Americas will to fight was worn down by the insurgency, making it a victory of attrition, which is the main goal of guerrilla warfare.