How do you control sex addiction?

How do you control sex addiction?

I'm a 28 year old guy who went from making 68k a year to having 750k in my checking account from crypto over the course of a year.

I've literally been fucking hookers almost twice a week, usually I just get my dick sucked because I love head and am sort of afraid of genital herpes.

I literally have no desire to fuck girls who are below an 8 anymore, which is most girls I'm able to fuck via tinder or regular dating. I live in NYC so if you want to get a hot girl here you need to be ridiculously well off. I'm decent looking and tall, so hookers actually have a great time with me and my regular girls will hang out with me for an extra two or three hours sometimes for free, and we'll just drink and watch a movie or something.

So basically, I've started "dating" these whores. Trust me, I am not confused about the situation, they want money, but when you're roughly the same age, attractive, you will begin to develop feelings for people you regularly have sex with.

I can't go back to normal dating. I'm not going to dance and sing for some entitled bitch and pay for dinner and have her dangle sex over me, fuck that.

At the same time though, this life is unsustainable. I'm definitely not going to marry a whore. What do I do?

And incase you're wondering, the hookers in major cities are smoking hot. Sometimes their faces aren't amazing but they always have great bodies.

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Yea, I'm 29 and made a shitload of money last year. Bought LTC at $4 and ETH at $10, etc....

I went to Dubai once and Costa Rica twice last year just going fucking hog-wild. I too have a problem.

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How long you been doing that? I stopped it after a year or so and moved onto other stuff. Now I just like a nice massage with a happy ending from time to time.

you're most likely going to marry a whore anyways. and you definitely always pay for sex one way or another. just focus on you and let the chips fall where they may. you might meet a girl in the future you really genuinely get along with.

Go to sex addict meetings you degenerates

Ah and im just sitting here planning how I will live a frugal life if I end up making it

Move to Asia. Hookers are still insanely hot in Indonesia and Malaysia and cost only $50. Osaka, Japan there's a street called Tobita Shinchi lined with JAV style models for $120 / pop. Thailand is gross and has monster-face women. Stick to Indo / Malay girls. Live well. Feed the addiction. It's not as abnormal as you think.

about 6 months of heavy whore usage. I went on a date with a chubby preschool teacher I met on tinder who maybe was about a 6, and I literally didn't feel a single emotion towards her besides annoyance because I could be doing anything else than treating her to a nice dinner.

I'll pray for you, user. Sounds rough but you can pull through

How did you make that much?

Boohoo I am having sex with beautiful women and am rich plz feel sowwy for me. Lmao op why did u even make this thread? Fuck your humble bragging nigger ass

>buy low
>sell high

the only truly rough thing about it is realizing how much an attractive woman can do for you emotionally when you have sex with her and then realizing that its unsustainable in the long term because of how expensive it would be.

Throw yourself into meeting non-whores and see how well off your social skills are. Don’t reveal your super-powers and see if you can still get them. That’s what I’d do in your situation. Don’t forget what uncle Ben told us: “With great power comes great responsibility”

it is destructive behavior and he wants help. it's like porn addicts with a false sense of reality and dulled serotonin receptors.

You now know what women feel towards betas

Take SSRIs until sex disgusts you.
Then just take fin until your dick breaks.

Bing bang boom. No more problems. Easy.

Thanks for recognizing this. It does something... fucked up to you. I can't quite pinpoint it.

I think it's the same principle for women who sleep with dozens of men, they become unable to settle down later in life due to brain chemistry changes, I think it has to do with promiscuity being an indication of strife and war in human tribal clans.

I'm a little older than you and I did something like that for a while. For me it got boring eventually. I still enjoy sex with random hos but looking back I should have started the settling down process in my mid 20s. It gets harder and harder to grow a real connection as you get older.

that's dumb. men are meant to spread seed to as many women as possible. you feel sadness because that's what happens when you develop feelings for someone. it happened to me to when i was whore monging. it's like i was simulataneously in love with all 30 different women i had recently fucked.

Fuck I had typed a long ass reply and lost it.
Ok so I'm on a similar path as you. I didn't make as much, but I made a little chunk of money and last year spent fucking hookers. Not high end, which I am jealous of and still want to somewhat explore before I finally get out of this. To get it off the bucketlist. But I fucked a lot in massage parlors, and occasionally from backpage.

Btw, how do you find the high end hot ones (ter/eros?)

Now, I've been a bit introspective on this and have come to realize that our brains are basically addicted to the dopamine of this all. Crypto currency is highly addictive dopamine inducing. And, you made a shitload of money in the easiest way imaginable, that 99.9999% of the population cannot make that easily.

The only thing comparable to the rush of crypto is fucking hookers. The adrenaline rush of something new, the fact that its the utmost highest dopamine because they're fucking hot. Also, you don't have to deal with bullshit, nagging, going out places you don't want to.You're basically getting the highest dopamine possible. I get it.

What I've learned is our brain has to completely reset. That means, no hookers, and look at crypto as a long term investment (check the charts only once a month maybe). And do normie stuff like reading, etc. No dopamine inducing activities. No hours of vidya, etc. You've conditioned your brain to want the HIGHEST levels of dopamine, and you got it. Lots of money and hot fucking hookers. Doesn't get better than that. You can't balance it. Either reset and leave it all, or stay in this addiction to dopamine you have.

Also in NYC... what service do you use to find these women? Been thinking about trying Backpage but don’t want to end up walking into a cops hotel room.

Makde 900k in crypto last year, just been going to gym and fucking high end escorts. I don't see it as an addiction

How are you finding the high end ones? TER/EROS?

Oh boi. Fucking whores is what n00bs do man. The best girls are the ones you make. I bet you I have much greater sex than you ever had with my girlfriend. She is vietnamese, i met her virgin, and basically i taught her everything she to my needs and preferences. She loves hentai, she loves to cosplay for me, she is an orgasm junkie, we even have threesomes with other girls sometimes, we go both of us flirting with a girl.

Stop being a loser mate, stop fucking hookers. Thats beta.

Create your own real life sex doll that doubles as wife that you can love and will love you forever.

ProTip: Asian girls... dont try this with western.. i mean can you even find a virgin western girl after 20yo?

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user, I am now going to ask you a question. Do you regret fucking all of the escorts etc? Did you have much sex before the escorts? I am pondering whether going down this path.

>into hentai

Wow user, really feel like I'm missing out here. Damn, I'm so jealous. You must be a lucky guy. Wish I was you.

>The best girls are the ones you make.
this dude is fucking his daughter

I honestly have little to no attraction to Asians, and I'm a hapa

I've fucked one too many traps prob gay now desu. Female to trap ratio around 1:1. Honesty lost count of how much I've fucked.

I swear by everything that is alive and moves this is not larp.

May I be of any help or advice?

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whered you meet her?

You shall meet the woman of your dreams... while doing something you genuinenly enjoy.

Im a cinematographer and I happen to do a lot of AfterEffects, a friend of her told her about me and she asked me to teach her some After Effects... she still hasnt learnt. She definetly did learn how to fuck lol.

Dude, plz dont go meet girls in meat markets, or clubs, or whatever place "men go to find women". Just dont do that, the type of women that go to those places are not the type of woman you want in the first place. Go to places where you can meet people that enjoys doing things that you enjoy aswell. Thats where you will find the girl of your dreams.

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>software developer (which I love being) in an office full of dudes
I'm fucked arent I?

lol bro, you need to level up--you are a rookie. Try fucking twinks. It is way hotter desu.

Where do you live? Come to some Asian capital. Handsome computer nerds are the literal chad thundercocks from here. The actual chad thundercocks are considered actual douchebags, because thats what they normally in reality. Mostly because most asian men look beta as shit, so when one comes out a bit alpha then he becomes the lionking. Ofc they cant compete with a proper handsome 6ft western man. Girls flok to you, go to work spaces. Get a job in whatever asian capital, for sure you will find some programe cutie. I mean, she doesnt need to be a programer does she? as long as you both enjoy something together, something that brings you together, you will be fine.

Pic related: I had a serious fetish for very skinny girls, but that preserve ass and have spectacular hentai level boobs as you can see. So I found myself an asian girl that doesnt get fat no matter what she eats. And her vietnamese food is tremendeous, best ever after sex. Oh mi quang...

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Initially yeah, then after a couple of evenings she told her friends about me. Some of them I didn't even find with any agencies don't know if they're even actually escorts or just banging me for money lol.

By the way you are bragging also, and hell I can't blame you. You made 750k in a year and spend your time fucking high class ladies and having a good time, I would be bragging here too prob lel.

I dont want to move to asia though. Viet girls are great tho, I fucked one once, she was psycho but great sex

> but that preserve ass
Pic not related

I wish I had problems like these. Hopefully LINK will go to $28 soon

Hey OP, word of advice - sign up to the biggest sugar daddy websites. Only costs a couple hundred bucks for membership, and you'll have an endless supply of young chicks willing to fuck you for much less than the hourly rate that you pay hookers. Not to mention they'll be a lot more relaxed about rules (i.e. condoms) and you can take advantage of the naive ones. Hell I've even banged heaps for free. There's literally a never ending supply of regular chicks on there that you can pump and dump for cheap.

Can someone in this thread who's not LARPing send me 1ETH so I can afford a nice hooker?


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OP I'm also in Manhattan. Where do you find the best hookers

The women you are most attracted to are most likely to be hookers. You will never marry a pure virgin who cares about you, because that's not what you are attracted to. Your best bet is to not get married, it won't end well. If you want a child donate to a sperm bank

Answer me OP

Find one that lets you hit her a little. This is how you wean her off independence and become her pimp. It's in a book from the 70s called Pimpin or something. Once you pimp a few you'll have the chicks and a passive income. Post again when your Veeky Forums is up and running

>I'm not going to dance and sing for some entitled bitch and pay for dinner and have her dangle sex over me, fuck that.

Sounds like you're dating shit women OP.

My gf and I enjoy each other sexually whenever we want and there is never any push and pull bullshit like "I'm not putting out unless you do [x]". That shit is for hoes.

Also we take turns paying for dinner for each other. She is pulling her weight financially just like I am.

Find a girl that isn't a hoe and maybe you will be happy.