ITT: scams Veeky Forums fell for

ITT: scams Veeky Forums fell for

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There is barely a half mil in volume. The guys with 600K, 450K, 350K and so on must be getting absolutely JUST because they literally can't sell without tanking it to 1 sat.

Pretending like you fud is my favourite kind of shilling

Literally no following outside of Veeky Forums. Reddit has only 1400 subscribers and the telegram only has 6000 people most of which are Veeky Forums posters. Hell this is the only place where you see posts about JNT.

Fucking scamelcoin, I can't believe I actually fell for it. Can't even sell my stack without clearing the order book. I'll be selling slowly over the next few days, I advise you to get out, because this plane is crashing with no survivors.

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Thats the great thing about this project: No filthy NEET Bux or hype needet. Just solid business partners and great economics. Stay poor fags

omg it's a scam because the price has dropped omg fuck omg fuck

unless ur just fudding for the kek then by all means ago ahead

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>he thinks they want to sell

Damn, lots of FUD today, something coming up?

fucking pajeets

That's when you buy you fucking idiot!

why is it a scam?

Word going around Dubai now that shiekhs ordered a hit against Talal toi have him beheaded. Apparently a moon was promised that hasn't happened and big investors are worried

Why would they want to sell right now?

Monero gold
I was thinking about puting 4 bucks on it lmao

Wow intense
Word around Dubai its a scam to money launder ISIS money

yes a beheading should trigger an amazing moon for those big investors

Can't we behead Dat Boi and Wojak from the telegram instead.

AMB. The shills have already stopped.
It's going to be pretty sad, I feel bad for bagholders who thought they were buying good fundamentals.

Bought ETH at 10 dollars, only found out yesterday that it was a scam all along... holding these heavy ass bags

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The real story is trying to keep the price low as long as possible while playing with moon missions to buy more JNT being dumped by weak hands

Holding my 450k comfy in my cold storage.
Guess why there is no volume, basically the majority of the coins is locked away. Good luck buying some.

3/10 for the bait.

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Thats not true otherwise the price would increase. I am long on the project and i keep fudding it for fun but somethings don't make sense. You say you have 450k , couple of people like you should make the supply in the market go down = higher prices.

Here's some coins I own
> amb
> link
> ven
> icx
> jnt
> req
> bat
> xlm
> prl
> fun

Had some DBC at one point, but other than that I think I've got all the meme coins

My 350k are locked in cold storage, I bought for 15 cents, so yea. Not feeling the JUST yet. :)

>inb4 it never was 15 cents

yes it was, I just have connections that are better than yours.

The supply is low, but at the same time the demand is not exactly high. The only place you will hear about this coin and be persuaded to buy is Veeky Forums, and it's been shilled here non-stop for 1 month and a half now. It's not going to go anywhere until Binance or the tokenisation starting.

What sort of connections are those user? ICO was 20 cents, who wants to sell at 15?

Connections my ass. I thought the ICO was 0.30?

pre-sale was 20 cents, ICO was 25 dollars

fucking kek

Order books are getting thinner and thinner by the day. everyone is waiting to accumulate more. If you buy more than 10 ETH you will fuck up the price.

Furthermore we are still in a fucking bear market. Have you seen what our daddy coin is doing right now? It isn't even time to shine yet and nothing is implemented. Buy more, store them away and chill for some years.

bought another 2k thanks to the fud

thx biz love u

very nice

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Thanks. Now i am holding only 448k. Keep buying

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I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with JNT, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

You are just mining the old JNT fork. The new one is PoS.

no YOU'RE a piece of shit

Jcash is a premined scam.

Jcash is obsolete, nobody needs it.

Am I? Why?

don't play tricks with me kiddo

Who remembers the bounty0x cowboys?

Boy are you fucking stupid

Could you train me increasing my IQ. Please. :(

The difference is that was a silly idea right from the start, just like DBC or UFR or some other silly shit. This is a real, useful application for blockchain tech and has already seen real world interest.

I love biz, never change

Yeah, especially when they got 250 million from a royal family, that was sick.

Guys what the fuck. Talal said he gave the ICO funds to ShareBlue.

Uhh hello???

>UFR or some other silly shit
Version 1.0 comes out end of march

get in or be poor

from an article Jan2017

>Much of the initial private blockchain-based development is taking place in the financial services sector, often within small networks of firms, so the coordination requirements are relatively modest.
>Financial services companies, for example, are finding that the private blockchain networks they’ve set up with a limited number of trusted counterparties can significantly reduce transaction costs
>Financial services companies are already well down the road to blockchain adoption. Manufacturing is not.

Have you considered that nobody wants to buy any? You can act like you don't want to sell but the reality is nobody is willing to buy your bags.

Nobody is able to buy a significant amount of this coin. Doesn't matter how you spin your story.

>Order books are dry
>only trading on garbage exchanges

Nobody can sell it either. Garbage exchanges don't matter. If there was actual demand it would be going up. It isn't and volume is going towards zero. You can't offload your bags even if you wanted to.

I think that's good tbqh

How is it good? Tokens can't moon if only Veeky Forums cares about them. We're a pretty small community.

i'm content on holding ten years. don't care it goes to zero

Fudders are just disguised buyers

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gives you time to buy more. the team said they're not marketing until they have something to show for it.
plus it's an overall bear market. remember the stock market meme, 3/4 stocks follow the index.
if you want it to moon wait for a bull market to come back. now is the time to accumulate if you believe in its use case and the team. if you don't sell to us.

I didn't know everyone secretly bought into Bitconnect, Confido and Turtle. What with all the fudding. Along with every other coin on here.

the is fudding shit and fudding gems.

That is the thing though. Every coin is going to say it is a gem in that equation. Go into any thread about any coin and you will have people fudding and responding in the exact same way.

Every coin is the most undervalued gem on the market and everyone is fudding to accumulate. Strange how that works.

lmao shut the fuck up its obvious youre fudding anyone with half a brain can see where this project is headed

But if reddit and other communitiea don't care it's just going to bleed forever.

would you rather shill something that's going up, has products and proof of institutional clients
or try to force people to buy in when everyone's spooked in a bear market.

i'm ready to lose this money, i don't care either way. if the DAO doesn't come online by Q4, I treat it as money flushed down the toilet. if it comes online i'm good, that'll drag the market up and it'll be easy to demonstrate to everyone sitting on the sidelines what this project is about.

Said everyone in every thread ever when confronted.

I'd rather get into a project like REQ where it's shilled everywhere.

lmao holy fuck

32700 subscribers in their reddit. Top discussed project on bitcointalk and 13.7k members on their Telegram. Not to mention daily threads on Veeky Forums.

If you invest on what projects are shilled the most idk what to say to you dude but I’d seriously reconsider that strategy lmao

It's a popularity contest. People like REQ wants to offer so it's a good investment. People clearly don't give two shits about JNT outside of Veeky Forums.

I got Tronned with these jokers! And going against type, if I'd listened to biz I could have got out with a profit!

No, it isnt a popularity contest. Pelole make money in this space by getting into good projects early and then dumping when they go way up with a lot of hype. The rest of the people who stay with the project are “believers” while smart money has already sold and rebought, or moved their capital to something different.

If you invest in shit based on popularity why dont you buy Tron and Ven @ 8 bucks lol.

Popularity is about the most retarded metric I’ve ever heard for investing. When your coin became popular, smart money dumped.

Yeah alt coins get justed during bear markets and go to the moon during bull markets. REQ is pretty close to the bottom and will moon hard as hell during the next bull run while JNT will be down in satoshis.

there is a spreadsheet study showing negative correlation to size of tgram and reddit followwers. ie the more are following on tgram and reddit, the worse a crypto performs. weird fact, once again proved

Lol i dont give a fuck what jnt does youre stupid as fuck if you invest in shit by popularity and think youre smart for doing it, literally the definition of dumb money.

Nobody who makes real money in this dpace will defend you.

And yeah, everything has bottomed out after this bear market, really must take a genius to figure out shit will go back up when we turn bull again.

And now you're mad. Funny thing is that I've been doing really well. And it's not just popularity it's popularity and finding a coin that hasn't been pumped all the way yet. It doesn't a genius to see that REQ is going to 1 billion market cap by the end of the year.

Nice its definitely going to go up from here as is nearly every other coin. Keep investing in whatever is shilled the most and continue to have an emotional attachement to your investments. WOrks out real well

I don't have an emotional attachment to my investments. I sold the fuck out Cindicator when it was 25 cents after buying in at 1.7 cents. I'd never buy back into that shit coin. I could just tell it had the hype to moon like crazy. JNT is just boring. Millenials don't care about it.

in the short term you are right, it's going to bleed if there's no interest which sucks for people who went all in early but for everyone else it just means they get to buy in cheaper

the long term will be a different story since jnt's value will be largely determined by the assets behind it

do you even know how this coin works? its gonna moon with or without pleb money

lmao. The whole point of tokenization is making the asset more solvent. If you put them on a private, garden walled blockchain by financial comps, it defeats the purpose of accessibility. The more accessible the higher the price thus arbitrage.

>ITT: scams Veeky Forums fell for

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yeah, no thanks.

i doubt it even bleeds that much. everyone is just moving it to cold storage

it doesn't need normie adoption faggot

how is XLM a scam compared to the rest of those coins? Are you literally retarded by not knowing the difference between scam/vaporware and following a pump&dump group?

buy high sell low my friend

I have a question, whats in it for the banks to provide liquidity for the assests on the blockchain?

banks can profit from arbitrage and their assets gain the transactional properties (low fee, regulations embedded) of crypto. I think the major innovation here is the ability to attach rules and regulations to fiat.


The tokenization of assets will be huge, but JNT will not be leading the way.

Good argument, they are first movers though and working with Swiss Banks and cant downplay the significance of Dubai. If you've traveled user you'd know Dubai is a rich man destination. A lot of money, politics and big names reside in Dubai. I've been in few projects in Crpto in their infancy and they all mooned hard and i still hold them cuz i still see them going higher.........JNT is the most comfortable hold i have, as long as you have projects with Government backing, banks then put your money in there, at minimum its safer than other Cryptos.

any price predictions? also what other coins did you get in on early?

>Having a swiss bank account means they are working with swiss banks

No idea where the price is going but for sure i can see it @ $3 minimum and thats a 10x right there.
Bought a huge stack of VEN very early on. Bought EOS, WTC, OMG very early on and now JNT. Sold most of my WTC on their rebranding event @45 felt like i was stealing candy from a baby. ENG @ 0.80 and sold @ $8, Crypto is been very good to me so far.

No demand and no supply.

Markets are never perfect, prices never perfectly reflect actual sentiment. Very low volume + slightly falling price = people that want it already have it and everyone else has yet to care about it.

High as fuck user