Who here is good with anonimity?

there must be some intelligent person who can help me secure myself
scammed some pajeet 5k usd via telegram, payment was done using Ethereum (he thinks he's getting 10k kek)
>the telegram was first linked to my phone number
>I had a unique username I didn't use anywhere else
>Right now he knows nothing about me
>I changed the phone number to a number I bought over TOR

what are security measures I should take, how am I currently in danger?

my current upcoming steps-
1. mix ether
2. atomic swap to xmr
3. sell xmr to btc/eth

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You shouldn't link the telegram to you phone.

>I think your fucked user

yea but they will never give out this info

since it's little money if you mix it and swap no one is gonna come after you

assuming he swore to hunt me down? just wanna make sure he cant do it

You're so fucked dude


explain how genius

delete your telegram account and start a new account with the number bought over tor and use a different username and display name

Well telegram can give your phone number but not chats since encrypted

1. It's called anonymity.
2. XMR doesn't support atomic swaps.
3. Yes you are fucked because Telegram keeps a history of everything you do, including phone number changes.
4. You probably used Telegram with an IP address linked to you.
5. your best option would be to give it back to him assuming that he wants to get help from law enforcement.

they will never send your private details
you can see governments tried to sue them to get phones of terrorists that used telegram but they were futile attempts

Telegram chats are not encrypted by default. Only if you use the "secret chat" feature, but that doesn't stop the other party from recording that chat history.

I could just call and say that I am you, please send me a new sim card. fucking retard. it's called social engineering. If this guy has a brain he could totally fuck you.
stuff like this should always be done with safe connections, (cascaded tor, vpn, vps, sim from czech republic, russian ssh , whatever it takes).

from Telegram's privacy policy
"1. Sharing data
We never share your data with anyone. To this day, we have disclosed 0 bytes of user data to third parties, including governments."

he doesn't know my phone number you literal retard, He lives in some different country and I'm not from the United States

Your phone number can be connected to you.
Also telegram won't give info without a reason, with you it actually has a reason.

You used a unique username and YOUR FUCKING PHONE NUMBER.

I couldn't make this shit up.

don't even try dude, this guy is actually retarded

Nothing will happen retard. Telegram won't hand him your number. And even if they did what do you think's going to happen. It's chump change, people are getting scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars every day.

they had plenty of reasons to give details about terrorists to governments who asked and they didn't
he can't fucking see your phone on telegram you fucking retard stop replying if you nevef used telegram

What said. Do you think that people get away with anything, including bomb threats by simply using Telegram? No. Fraud is considered a serious crime, you know?

scammed some pajeet 5k usd via telegram
> he thinks pajeets had 5k play money in crypto. kek. literally u scammed ffffbbbiiiiiii agent. so he come after u for sure

okay I overestimated Veeky Forums none of you have any understanding of anonymity nor ever used telegram obviously, keep investing in chainlink


you don't have to worry he will do nothing. Good job OP, stupid people deserve to lose money.

it's not encrypted at all dumbass

You are just spewing bullshit. A lot of guys even got busted for selling drugs on telegram.

lol keep scaming for 5 grand pajeet

not due to the app you fucking idiot
they just sold to an agent, they didn't get doxxed by Duro
jesus I should quit crypto too if everyone is that retarded haha

Telegram wouldn't be on the App Store or Play Store if they don't comply with regulations. It's very simple.

oh okay then google "terrorists on telegram" and read the first 2 articles

also, xmpp is on google store so your post is invalid

XMPP is just a messaging protocol like SMTP. You have many different servers to choose from. Telegram on the other hand is a protocol and service in one, just like WhatsApp. You can only connect to their official server. You're a fucking retard by the way.

read their privacy policy baby

meant for Have fun with your super anonymous Telegram. Hey have you heard of this super cool CP group on there? ABSOLUTELY SAFE. JUST LIKE Veeky Forums.

Press D for OP to drop the soap in jail

you're all blown away merely by this statement
"On Wednesday, Durov emphasized that the company wouldn’t share confidential user data with anyone even though it’s passing over some basic information about Telegram to the Russian government. This is because privacy isn’t just one of Telegram’s features; it’s Telegram’s brand"

>won't give data about terrorists
>will give for fraud

how'd you scam him? i want in on this

You put too much trust into that company. Again, do you think that sharing CP with no OPSEC wouldn't have any consequences whatsoever? Making bomb threats? Leaking top secret material? You just suck at OPSEC and you can't even admit it.

>real phone number
>real ip address
>unique name

your'e right, thanks

They dont sell data to random companies.
They must provide data on crimes. But i doubt the police or telegram really cares about a pajeet move from op.

they actually don't give data about crimes google it
thanks for the reply

Holy shit you're stupid...
I actually waited for a 60 bucks Samsung Galaxy S3 which I put orbot, orwall and orfox on and scammed some peeps but you are fucked man, telegram has your IP and your phone number, nothing is easier than to track you down.
It actually tells you in the ToS that they are complacent with authorities when investigating crime.

Then why would anyone use tor and not simply telegram?

>Still thinks xmr is privacy
>xmr still goes over the web you faggot

You can wrap shit up in newspapers and try and walk it past a security-point, but they'll just open that shit up and find out what it is anyhow.

grow up, think rational.
The web, which blockchain needs to run on, is not anonymuesli

Yer dun goofed,

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Tor is less user
read abour exit nodes attacks on tor

incriminated yourself and shit on the best investment of 2018 in one thread. congrats OP