BlackBlock Research REQ

Black Block Research has gone in-depth about Request Network:


-Massive market, room for multiple top players.
-Large following
-Simple developer interface is instrumental in driving adoption


-Spread too thin and lack of expertise by the team in a few of these areas is a risk factor.
-Reliance on Ethereum to scale is a risk factor
-Payment sector requires a ton of regulatory compliance, which the team hasn’t exactly stated how they’ll handle that yet.

Score: 7.4/10

I like this, a very un-biased look at the project. Great potential, but a few hurdles to overcome to reach it.

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Its nice to see genuine commentary and discussion instead of straight FUD/Shill

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Holy shit some actual analysis thank you

Obviously. REQ’s building a platform like ETH, with the only limits being the imagination of developers working on apps.

I feel like they didn’t quite understand this, as it read like they expect the REQ core team would be directly managing all the teams making things on their platform, when in effect it’s open.

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Interesting read, anyone have any idea how thinly they're spreading the 30m as stated in the pdf?
20-100k is decent but I assume bigger companies would want more to adopt REQ as a platform

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The accounting stuff is a long shot desu, and I like that Black Block rightfully criticized them on this, because there's no hope in hell you're gonna have a auditing solution for every tax regime.

You would need a team of powerful lawyers, and they currently have ZERO people in the legal profession.

This was really the only point of the report that saddened me; that they are skeptical the big 4 would use the REQ network. Hopefully they can get a foot in with small/med firms.

The reality is the people behind REQ have never created anything worthwhile in their lives just bunch of French "digital nomads" who used the ICO hype wave to make easy money. There's no point of REQ existing when you can just use Venmo or PayPal or Coinbase commerce. The team never actually interacts with the community, most of the time probably partying in Signapore.

Also I heard to use REQ you have to find a secret brooch hidden somewhere deep in the middle of an African jungle that will lead you to a kiosk that requires 3 pints of your saliva before you can send anything. Is that true?

Well, they're totally right of course.

Big boys are going to pay some literally who's big bucks for something that is not proven. They would need to prove their credibility and show business acumen and probably revenue.

Can’t believe people buy this junk

Give it some time
If it catches on as a good platform and shit the big boys should take some notice