2 hours

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And then what?????????


Honestly if this shit goes up ill fucking kill myself. I bought it two days ago and just sold the bottom. Honestly OP if you know some shit I'm going to fucking end it for real

Why wouldn't you just hold onto it user? When the Alt market gets a pump it's inevitable that this will increase in value a long with EVERY alt coin.

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30 percent down on this shite, dear god I just want to break even and get rid of it.

I'm down 60%. please buy nano

For minor variations.
>Alts +5%
>Onan +5.5%
Then sell

> 2 hours
I have literally never seen a single one of these posts deliver. Never. You'd think one of them would be right eventually just by shear numbers but nope.
Give me your prediction OP so I can do the opposite

Where should we place our sell orders at?

>Give me your prediction OP so I can do the opposite

in 2 hours it will dump below $5. please do the opposite and buy

nano kicks ass. Overall I think its my fav coin

feeless and easy to use.

Oh I thought you were doing a stupid announcement prediction. Yeah brainlet BTC is shitting the bed everything is dumping. Next time you have a revelation just text your mom or something, no need to shit up the board.

It started to pump idiot

Because I'm a stupid retard was very tempted to fomo into ICX but I will just buy more Zilliqa and OMG


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There is still time

Pajeets dumping already

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I want to buy this, seems it's pretty good entry at 93k sats.
But i'm confident this will drop to below 85k sats if BTC shit the floor again

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Love how many panic sellers there are on this coin lol, shit's hilarious

Its been 2 hrs pajeet