Tell us your most regretful investments

tell us your most regretful investments

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OST at 5k sats
IOTA at 25000 sats
still holding bags




A shitcoin after shitcoin lads

>Pic related the person making me buy high and sell low

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15k usd kucoin at peak.


fuck I hate this game

damn feel sorry for you

Right now ARY.
Wouldn't know what to replace it with though.

went all in january


not selling at top was my ruin, i almost have nothing left, im broke and sad as fuck

Also BNT.

9000 LINK @ ~$0.68/LINK

Gonna be holding these fucking bags for a while

Tethered at 6k.

Surprisingly made all of that back with the recent dip and ICX pump. I was pretty sad for a long time.


I went all in on VEN when china tobacco announcement dropped. It looked hype beyond belief, and I was literally shaking as I consolidated everything and went in.

I think it was like 55k sats at the time.

FOMO is real, and it is a harsh mistress.

I am actually not dissapointed in the coins i took. They did really well but i am a fucking retard. I more than trippled my money in less then two month but i didn't ever take any profit and even worse i didn't set stop losses. Of course you can now argue with hindsight but letting qlc crash from 50 cent when i bought it to now 9 cent is fucking retarded.

I once bought ADX from a very good Veeky Forums shill and lost $500.

Payfair at $.34


trx at .28 cent
link at 1.2$
req at 1$
btc at 14k

almost 95% down

UFR @2$
COSS @1.5$

SingularDTV and Civic

but it's okay, I moved on

wasting time on Veeky Forums
not kidding

I bought Trx at .29
Feels bad man

HPB at some stupid price

Also not an investment as such but Bitmex...

TNB, 750 sats, what the fuck was I thinking, Warren Buffet time? LOL kill me

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SPY, IXN, VGT, all in early February this year

Bought ARK in October, sold in December. Fucking shitcoin that never did anything.

bought the "dip" on canya at 2.50

The last 25 years of my life desu senpai

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Bought bcash at the first pump in august, sold the bottom before the november pump...never touching that shitcoin again

I regret not selling that shit at $9. Sat there from $3 right to the top, ended up selling at $4.50 a few weeks ago. Didn't lose money but its still shit.

>LINK at $1.30
>OMG at $18
>VEN at $4.30
>KMD at $3.80


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Chainlink at 1$
I fell for the Veeky Forums memes

I fell for the general delusion in January, allowed myself to get meme'd into get rich quick schemes like DBC without selling out at the top

We dem stox boyz.

>LINK at $1.30
Damn you almost bought at the ATH, you're gonna be holding those bags longer than me

I got into the stock market 2 weeks ago.

bitcoin cash when it was listed on coinbase. Moving it to a different exchange took hours, and in those it went up significantly, then dropped like a fucking rock.

Where my btcp bros at

This I bought 500 at 80 cents. Am i ever getting my money back?

LINK will revalue pretty well, just HODL until then. You'll make it, user.

I hope so friend

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Got out before snapshot for a small loss


here, i lost everything, i just wanted to make 4k from crypto to buy some a motorbike i wanted and i almost make it with ZCL but then i got rekt and im now at $300

fuck me kek

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Ethconnect, iota, etherdodge

Man I bought at 75c, $1.5, $3.5 and $5.5 expecting this to get so much bigger. Made money but should have just stuck to the first two.

>tfw sold LINK at $1.41 and bought back in at $0.32

MBRS bought at .34 it's now .02 fuck you Animechan


7k USD on Cindicator at .27

Never again, just waiting for an even break to drop the bags and fuck off from crypto.

How is this possible? You know it's still up like 2000% over last 3-6 months? Ohhhh you bought at ath like a numpty and are now salty

I remember trying to get my average ICX cost down when it "dipped" to 6.50. Im just holding, and all I really want is it to be over 10 by EOY. Ill take out my initial investment if and when it reaches 25, and then im holding the rest long term.

Nope I'm still up 12% but I wanna dump this shitcoin so bad.

I bought a shitcoin on recommendation by a pajeet (SSTC) and now I'm waiting for that red dot motherfucker to pump it again so I can break even.

college education

XBY @ 8 satoshis
oh wait.....

making an account on bitmex and longing all my profits 50X leverage

Same lmaooo

Yeah that mentally rekt me more than anything. Great lesson though, had to happen sooner or later

how much money did you lose? i swear dude, i bought ZCL at $40 and didn't sell at $200 idk why, everyone said it will keep going up

now i don't have nothing, it doesn't feel real desu i just had everything and now it is fucking gone you know? just gone, and i really wanted that money

not him but i put sold NEO and XLM at the top and put it into ZCL at around 180.. only los like 4k though which sucked but im still 300% up

in myself

I was in Veeky Forums when ETH was $1 and i made memes about it, just for fun, then left crypto and Veeky Forums in general, never took crypto seriously tho, came back in november 2017, invest in ZCL/BTCP as first coin, made some great profits thought how lucky i was and didn't feel sad anymore because of losing all the previous bullruns, and now it all went to shit

I think im in some kind of denial stage tho, i sold my coins at $30 but still i can't just truly belive every profit i had its gone, its all gone

i bought ethertulips

Damn. I knew it was suuuper risky and while i was 1100% up in january i was just like.. ya why not i have so much itll just work out!! Got greedy. You can get back to where you were, dont worry user. It'll take an iron will but people have done crazier things than make money from nothing


my seed in your mom

Not holding, unironically

Had XRP at $.15

Had ETH at $100

No one else bought Bazinga? I have 50 of them. I can use them to upvote 6 jokes, there's no way to sell them, and they're worth $0.

The btcp meme was easy to fall for. With exchange support out the gate it'd be triple digits rn

Xby at 0.55$ i think. I was new and went all in. Lost 75% before i sold. Huge mistake.

the deep brain food hippy convinced me to hold as i saw the price dropping on the dump with inspirational food pics lost 80% on the investment


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sold before december due to holiday

Also not buying BitCoin when it was young due to being a poorfag. I knew about the currency and had high hopes for it, even mined like .05 BTC on my old shitty computer when the network was young...

I kick myself for not pursuing it further.

Lost about $7k on a now defunct inverse oil ETN called DWTI. Fuck leveraged etfs/etns. Lesson learned.

By far CANYA. That piece of garbage was selling at 5 dollars when it first released
Tel is also reking me
My other coins are on Binance and doing alright especially because I swing trade