New game releasing in 3 hours

new game releasing in 3 hours

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>purple ids win



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mmmmm drug me daddy. drug me hard with all that eth.

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here comes the girls

DMT is the best

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Wow this game looks great.

I wish I had an idea like this but I am just some poor pajeet who can't make anything


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https discord gg WhrgqPc

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fucking dubs

dubba roos

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this thread is like a robot trying to emulate Veeky Forums speak in order to lure unsuspecting biztards into buying into another dead end ponzi game

bitcoin ecstasy

i think naught

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>tfw Veeky Forumstards don't know how to make quick bucks

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thanks just bought 100k, going all in on launch

and its not a ponzi its a hot potato u fucking retard

>doesn't even have it's own url

Yeah, guys. This is definitely not a scam at all..

lol the contract will be verified and published

crytokeks had it's own url and you fuckers got scammed by it like 5 times

however my meme potato ( is a free site on surge and scammed no one

get fucked retard

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another bump

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