Does money make you more confident?

Does money make you more confident?

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yeap, now that I am broke I feel like I wanna kms


hell yes, even if you only have 10k, thats YOUR 10k you can do whatever the fuck you want,

walking down the street debt free just invites me to add swagger in my walk, then i notice girls staring at me for the first time in my life, and not the bad kinda stare...

What a horrible watch

It makes your dick bigger aswell

Rolex Datejust 36 Two-tone (Gold/Silver) once I make it bro. Going all in on the Patrick Bateman style.

Rolex is for people who want to look like they've made it when they haven't.


Absolutely not

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not necessarily, bill gates and the zuck are still cucks. I would say feeling accomplished makes you more confident but if you need that you're basically a cuck. Waiting for your 30's so you can say you made it doesn't make up for a shitty personality

Patek Philippe
Vancheron Constantine

Should have added Piguet is also acceptable

What do you guys think about Breitling?

No. Unless you're an airline pilot. Even then...

>Rolex is for people who want to look like they've made it when they haven't.
Who's this watch for? I like it.

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i get a lot of hate for breitlings, i have one, but i get compliments everywhere

when it comes to showing off on Veeky Forums, its all "omg pleb tier, paddock philip or gtfo"

How do you guys feel about Omega?
Am I a basic bitch for really digging the Seamaster?

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Funny enough certain Seikos (the grand Seiko for example) is considered like a cheap underground hit.

Let's be honest - I personally and I think most on here are never going to get a Vacheron or Patek. In my humble opinion, a nice "expensive" brand of watch is "Nomos." I also like Glashutte - the senator in particular is quite nice.

I just like that one because it's minimal but not "mnml", has a 10spy movement, looks nice, etc. Nice small size especially.


Yes but better than a Rolex imo

Nah, it's just that watches are for fags and boomers.

I had a ferrari when I was in California im not rich and it was only a rental but I felt like a fucking king pulling up and strutting around. The way people act around you in that situation compared to normal everyday stuff is insane.

At the end of the day however you still go home and return to your miserable lonely real self.

Why would you buy a watch when you can check the time on your phone? Are you fags fucking retarded?

Seamaster is dope and not ridiculously expensive either; plan on getting one

store of wealth you moron, a good watch holds or increases in value

any tissot love?

>t. person too poor to afford a nice watch
You're never gonna make it man might as well just end yourself.


you need to get a limited model, with all certification etc, not wear it heavily, for it to retain or even gain value.

there are a few exceptions but cmon who are we fooling

I agree it's nice looking. No question.

So when you make it the smell of nouveau riche is going to be awful.



At the top of the bitcoin bubble in december I had half a million dollars worth of crypto, and I honest-to-god could just not give a fuck about any of this nonsense.

Now I've got half that, and I once again have to actually plan for a future career...

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that's pretty much nonsense, watches depreciate and nothing else as far as I can tell

they require maintenance as well, your kids are just gonna sell it on ebay or cryptobay or whatever

Yes having fat pockets makes you feel good.
Because you can go to your garage look at your

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>store of wealth
Google 'time value of money' sometime there Mr. Buffet

They decrease by 30% the second you buy it new.

However blue chip series do hold value and sometimes become collectible and increase in $
Think early Rolex Daytona .