What will happen when we approach the death cross Veeky Forumsbros? Will we unironically cross and get justed into oblivion or will be break out into the greatest bull run of mankind

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Violent bounce to upper resistance where we smash it and bull to $15k..

Or if we cross someone will use a larger MA time frame and we redraw the meme lines.

It's not called the death cross because it's flowers and joy.

yes when two lines cross each other everyone starts selling

When the time comes I will pump it. Watch

Jesus died on a death cross. So will Bitcoin. Well, maybe not die. Unlike Jesus, Bitcoin will not be rising in time for Easter.

how do i get my chart on TradeView to look cool llike that. where are the 500 ma 200 ma and 100 ma located ?
how do i get it to be black background . i hate the whit background and fell like it is costing me money

Are we sure they are going to cross? If so, why not sell right now and buy back in at a lower price?

No one knows. It's in the hands of market makers now.

greatest bull run of mankind please

your cross is wrong
also bitcoin can never be below 7500 ever in this universe

MAYBE people finally realized how fucking retarded it is to follow some meme lines and make decision based on whether they cross or not just maybe

Are market makers that Russian kid and that actor from Mummy? Are those lines going to cross or not?

nothing, meme lines means nothing

More like the miners and wall st cucks.

6k incoming!!



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yeah me too



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if you're losing money because you cant find the dark theme button in properties you have bigger problems than losing money

What's the time and date we'll know it has or hasn't crossed? I need to be ready to drop 10k on ETH.

ok i figured that part out, how do i get the ma lines
50,100 and 200

learn to chart. or b8 better

if give me your private keys and/or login info i'll trade for you...

its called moving average exponential. click it twice and then adjust settings to 200 for one and 50 for the other.



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It's a buy signal

thank you, geez so hard to get a freaking helpful answer around here

hahaha your pretty funny faggot
sorry for asking a simple question

nothing personal.
you have lots to look into. don't expect to be spoonfed basics without flak tho.
good luck user

worth considering what will soon be the 201st 202nd 203rd ect for both MAs as they are both about the shrug off big amounts of selling on their averages, even if we went sideways both MAs would be moving upward, watch out for a rally towards the ending of this week (when its strongest and paints the best candle) as it might not cross, or merely meet then begin to widen with direction upward which would be a bullish metric. Lets be honest though this a dumb money, metric trade on it after all other evaluations.

I sold at 7500 and need another dip please

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First time I saw Jesus on a death cross I thought, what a shitty kite

you have to confirm by looking at different time frames faggot.

i need a countdown to deathcross.any aproximate time when they will intersect?


He didn't

Underrated post

>can't short because it's literally 50/50
>can't long because it's literally 50/50
My brain just can't let me do it. So I guess I'll stay an altcuck. At least if it death crosses I'll be able to panic bitmex myself and probably lose it, encouraging me to finally kill myself. Otherwise I'll get some gains again. Win-win

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I don't think that many people make trading decisions based on 200 ema

50x short you bitch

>lagging indicators


50% short 50% long.

I dont think you understand how market works

I can confirm they will cross, and there is no time to change it anymore. time is running out and it would need a sustainable megapump as soon as possible in order to avoid that cross.

If the price stays at the same level it will only happen on 04.04., because the 6k crash is exactly 50 days ago which mean in the following days the 50MA will go higher. However the death cross is inevitable if we stay below 10k for the next weeks.

What will happen when they cross?

>because the 6k crash is exactly 50 days ago
it was 44 days ago

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pic related

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Im pretty sure we'll crash to 6k before then and pump beyond 10k too.

The price of bitcoin is heading down we’re going down to the hundreds before anyone will be buying this shit again and that will take a good couple of years, by then ethereum will be the one world currency

I didn't mean it literally, but BTC was in the 6-8k area about 44-48 days ago, therefore the 50MA will move up in the following week unless of course we go even lower now.
I did some analysis for the case that prices stay flat, see pic.

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this time we can go to 3-4k atleast
but if we stay above it will be insane shit and the real bull market will start

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once confirmed

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thanks, this is nice to see

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for real now isn't the DEATH CROSS just some theory bullshit that never plays on real stocks/charts?

the only think that'll shit on crypto will be tether/bitfinex being BTFO'D sooner than they might anticipate > with it much of BTC's overblown value of bout tree fiddy

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only a tiny fraction of the population in stocks/crypto use TA

Given that the majority do not use it, it makes drawing meme lines completely irrational and quite dumb

it doesn't matter the fraction of people who use TA, it matters the amount of money held by the people that do

if 99.9% don't use TA, but they only account for 1% of the volume, while the .1% who use TA account for 99% of the volume, what do you think will happen

there's no way to foresee massive manipulation but you have to understand TA shit is based on math and that is based on reality

you can't manipulate everything > shit goes up > shit goes down

nobody right in their mind would ignore the fundmentals which in crypto are vapor wave and worse ...

^ this kind of thinking kept me from investing in crypto a long time until this shit exploded ... unsurprisingly due to MASSIVE manipulation (TETHER)

^ dumb nuts telling you otherwise either are reality deniers or shills

not sure how long this game will last but i'll ride it until the wheels fall off (day/swing trading)

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Not gonna make it

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death cross? kek.
meme line bullshit. get that shit outta here

the stupidity of an average Veeky Forums user never ceases to amaze me.
TA is about

its not about average brainlets like you using it to make desicions in market, but about historical statistics and likelihood of A or B happening, when X happens or doesn´t happen.

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this is also for you

Well give me the mathematic probabilities so I can actually count by percentages whether I should invest or not.

Oh you can't? So fuck off retard and stop using the "m-muh p-probabilities" when you can't even give hard numbers to back up the probability.

"I feel like X is going to happen if Y happens so then we might go up A or down B by Z amount because the moon and starts have aligned to certain position". Probability is not about what you feel like. It's numbers. It's facts.

there is nothing about statistics or probability in TA, much less facts.

>high school education found

if you use big enough daily ema you still trade profitably in the long run. and a lot of whales' bots do that

>Well give me the mathematic probabilities so I can actually count by percentages whether I should invest or not.
you can easily backtesting strategies on trading view. some time ago i tested simple 1m ema cross trading without fees and it made profit in the long run

>there's no way to foresee massive manipulation
90% of market volume is manipulation
You just proved TA is uselss.

It either go up or down

Screencap this.

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lol, for a second i though it was the 15m chart because they are exactly the same right now

>he doesn´t run data-analyziz to find the repetitive patterns
this has to be bait. I can tell you that you can find hundreds of repetitive patterns (short to short-mid term trades) by running and calculating millions of observation points from the history. you should try it and you will be amazed how predictable the short term market moves are.

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Down to hell

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Didnt this happen a couple weeks ago

>double bottom
>havent even broke resistance yet

OmGGGGGggGG gooky short market whales muh FUD.

No, the daily Death Cross has only happened twice in the history of BTC. Last time it happened BTC crashed hard. Get your facts straight!

Holy shit so many brainlets ITT.

If you want a real bull market, you would WISH for a death cross to occur. You know what happens after the death cross has occurred? It's called the Golden Cross. The Golden Cross is the biggest buy signal in all of trading

Stop talking about shit you don't understand.

300,000,000 tether

That is what will happen.

Whether it goes into btc, bch or eth is still up in the air.

yeah pretty much ... bitfinex got too much heat for pumping btc ... not sure what those faggots are up to - from the looks of it its going to be a "last move" of sorts - as its only a matter of time

There was a death cross in late 2015, months after the actual bottom. The presence of a death cross doesn't mean we'll go down further, much like how an inverse H&S forming doesn't mean we're about to moon.

trend is your friend (down)

Fuck... maybe it’s time to Tether up

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Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

user, there are better, safe way to protect your money read especially the second post

within the next 18 hours. The 200EMA is down $900 from the daily peak about 18 hours ago, and has just under $900 to go before it meets the 50...

>about 44-48 days ago
there's your problem. It's happening tomorrow.

Last time (September 2015) it doubled in price right after

BTC will either go up or down... maybe it'll even go sideways before going up or down


The death cross gets its name because it works. Yes, most of the TA here is bullshit stupid ass random EMA's, but the 50/200 daily moving averages are the most used, and therefore have the most meaning to people. The 50 crossing the 200 is a famous crossover that has ROUTINELY proven to mean bearishness ahead. Not because the lines themselves mean anything, but because so many traders use the 50/200 that they all see the cross.

I sold bro....I'll buy back later.

idiot, what does this remind you of?

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