The next fall to sub-7k is gonna be spetacular. Because of this fake ass pump...

The next fall to sub-7k is gonna be spetacular. Because of this fake ass pump, theres literally no support between 7500-8200 to hold the price. Have fun getting dumped on kids! Or short this poo poo.

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Can't wait for the sea of red

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Jugs of truth


These are too perfect to be real, right?

Fudders are the new pajeet shills.

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They are real.

Use inversion logic to figure out wtf is going on, like Buffet and Munger:
Why the fuck would the Gox trustee dump on exchanges, when he could sell in bulk OTC and not see any slippage? All the anons screaming about how it doesnt make any sense and how hes a malicious actor just trying to ruin their fairytale arent using their brain! The real answer is obvious! EVEN WITH SLIPPAGE he would get a better price dumping on the exchanges! The whales have been buying OTC for years now, and the exchanges are there for them to dump their bags, just like wallstreet IPOs are there mainly for all the early stage investors in companies! You WILL NOT see institutions enter anywhere near these price points until we hit a rock bottom!

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We are only going up from now

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And yes, simple game theory proves no institutional investor will join now to get dumped on by neets, face regulatory and market manipulation issues and risk being front runned by shady exchanges. Market will be heavily shaken out before anything happens

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so do I short x50 from here or nah?

wouldnt recommend 50x because thats stupid, dont get liquidated over 8k when were going to 6k. do a 10x maximum and you're gucci, safe target 7,500 in 10 days

buy POWH 3D and you will be safe from btc dips..

We have only gone down since 9k lol

So who has been dumping their BTC on exchanges? I thought the cold wallet monitor didn't change?

Look more closely to the perfect roundness and ball like shape. The surgeon was a master and did a perfect job, probably only making them a size or two bigger but they are fake. Her right one is more obvious

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