If you're still not invested in this you're a retard

If you're still not invested in this you're a retard.


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How much do you get paid to shill on this board? How many posts do you need to make a day? What's the standard procedure for people who call you out? Is it to say, "Have fun being poor," and then post some shit explanation of why we should buy your shill?

Please leave

actually a pretty cool project I put in 1eth a week ago now at 2.078, not even really shilling

Literally in the same boat lmao..

Put in 1 ETH sitting right around 2.08.

Shilled one pleb my masternode today.

He put in 0.45 ETH, I got 0.016 as dividends lmao!

Also pic is you.

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nioce! i dont even shill my node, still great pay

dividends are slowing down until next rush, but we got 100eth invested when i was fucking sleepin

I don't get paid I just made 950 euros within the last 48 hours, just by hodling, but enjoy ur shitcoins in a bear market

cant find it on coin market cap because iam a brainlet pls help

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why do these ponzicoins keep going up

it needs to hit 1mil to be considered on coinmarketcap, you are not retarted, just not there
the 10% buy sell divs for this coin and transparent nature kinda makes it not a ponzi

and divs for refs are not that high, but by all means use this link if you buy jiijgoooo.gl/9GVqQt

Kill yourself in real life right now you spamming retard faggot

whatever, enjoy your shitcoins, u won't do a x100 this year ;) stop dreaming and make some real money

>I don't get paid I just made 950 euros within the last 48 hours, just by hodling


Check the contract check the webpage make your own decision.
Pretty cool project specially in a new market, I invested .16 eth I am at .4 atm pretty cool.

Bear market** posting from phone.

Also you can withdraw your divs any time you like. So nothing like Bitconeeeeeeeee~~

Investors beware - the amount of ETH required for the same return on your investment will increase exponentially as more people buy in. Your chances of breakeven become lower and lower.

Pajeets are so fucking lazy now I swear
>invest in my scam or yur a dum dum sir!
Please fuck off

Shut the fuck up idiot. You dont tell people to invest and THEN say "do your own research".

You are correct, the more eth in the contract the higher the token price will be, but it is scaled in a linear fashion, whenever a token is bought the price increases by 0.0000001 eth.
The same thing happens whenever a token is sold, the price goes down by 0.0000001 eth and that token is destroyed.
If you buy you have a 10%fee which goes to the dividen pool and it is given to all token holders.
If you sell your tokens you have another 10%fee for that sell which goes to the pool and distributed to all token holders.
Basically you always get dividends for every transaction or the value of your token increases or decreases depending on the qty of eth in the contract.

This is literally Bitconnect with a new logo. Fuck off. Take your scam elsewhere.

>it is scaled in a linear fashion

Nope - token price is continually increasing and since fewer tokens are bought with each subsequent 1ETH, the price increases more and more slowly. It's not linear, it's a curve that rose very steeply and then flattens off. From each price point you need 4x more eth for yours to go 2x, not counting your 20% loss.