The final strike happens soon

The final strike happens soon...

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>0.12BTC ceiling
>30% of the daily trading volume comes from okex, an exchange with fake volume/washtrading
>another 10% from some literally who exchange
>still only 6% of BTC's volume
It's dead.

Paid shills everywhere - if you so concerned maybe you should help by trying to figure out what Elizabeth Stark is trying to say about all the problems with lightning network failing.

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The Prime example of a pump and dump coin. Give up cashies and Support the real Bitcoin.

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>implying all nodes run on windows

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>facts = paid shill

Is beancoin the preferred currency of tumblr?

No way I’d support bitcoin core

This is going ito hit .4-.5 btc and then the bull has permission to start followed by a major crash to .08-.1

Most do

$123000 june 13th

>operation dragonslayer

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>Satoshi's vision

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Craig Wright is going to fart on stage and cashies will hail him as the true Satoshi.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin though, and Craig Wright is Satoshi.

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long story short.

The blockchain makes my ass twitch.

I have 5 BCH + $5k to invest in more. Do I wait for a potential 90% retracement or go all in now?

>0.1 BTC floor


Also LOL at the core community tearing itself apart.

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my dick gets hard seeing this 5 month wedge on the daily

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bcash might legitimately ruin crypto for everybody

What's it mean?

Only temporarily. And a BCH denominated exchange stars next month.

it means nothing, bcash is a scam

Salty corecucks