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Moon inminent

buy more

pump it

>He fell for it, dump it

Do not listen to this man. Do not pump the LINK sir

So we need one more massive dump? Thanks just sold 100K

interpret it as you wish

this is one beautiful cup & handle

People be gobblin' up those linkies.

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Can you feel it?

The moon mission is so close, i feel it in my spine

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The only correct response when asked an opinion on this stench-ridden pajeetcoin.

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Are we back to the cult and antler meme?

Every fucking graph looks like that.

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Think LINK is due a big bump soon but grandpa BTC will probably shit the bed and bring us down to 2200 sats again.. be warned

This is fucking mesmerizing lmao

if there was any chance of this much money being involved, some serious pros would be on the case, creating something superior.
in fact they probably already are.
LINK will NEVER hit anything like $1000. $10 maybe.



LINK is a long term hold. I'm not optimistic about LINK showing good performance this year after an user posted that Oraclize serves thousands of requests a day. If Oraclize is the best oracle right now and they only serve thousands, LINK won't do much better.


>meme the fuck outta link after ICO
>dump for a quick 200%
>people still unironically hold this shitcoin
How the fuck do you marry your investment this hard? Just let it go man, cut your losses holy shit

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No chance, LINK either takes me to the moon or the fucking pits.

you mean you can't buy back the same amount you sold? cool


That's a strong flush.

>all that volume and it went down
sell sell sell

that's because oraclize is centralized garbage, dummy

Yeah we need to wait for smart contract adoption to get much much bigger.
But it will. Just be patient

is 200k "a lot" now?

volume is tricky, you have to check if top wallets accumulate or not to interpret it

also a different time scale will give different "versions" of the volume

More often than not volume is high on uptrends and low on downtrends. that's a bull sign

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I only have 30k. I'm paranoid I'm running out of time. I just wish I had 100k and I'd be comfy. I don't want to dump my 30ETH ALL IN but it's eating me alive I need more Link.

nice fud

Stupid gullible faggots just all in Chainlink because an user say "I can't reveal anything because I'm under NDA, use your brain to connect the dots, can you see the big picture, this will blow up".

Madoff "I can't reveal my business operations because this is trade secret, trust me everything is under control, use your brain to connect the dots, I have ties to government and I am former chairman of NASDAQ, just trust me, your investment will blow up".

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