This was shilled earlier, the user was pretty convincing. I bought 2000, will I make it? Also have some ETH to buy more when it dips, hopefully another 3k.

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let us know how that goes

Why is this any better than LOOM?

what is the purpose?

Check out this thread, the shill was pretty convincing. Basically they got shitloads of backing and seem dead set on making this a success. NEM co-founder as CEO and not some no name will open doors.

Ur gonna get dumped on by everyone who was in the presale/ico

More like Homochain

I looked at the charts, seems like there were huge dumps every days for 3 weeks. Presalers are like 4x already, they had 3 weeks to sell their bags now, seemed like a good time. I hope they dump again though so I can buy more.

Pathetic logo

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this thing never dips

Circ. supply is 100m and total is 50m. Who holds the other 50m? Devs?
I set a buy at 0.00097, hope it gets filled soon

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with tomochain, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

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lol, it's not mineable

hoping for another dip under 10

potentially the biggest gainer of the year if they can pull it off. waiting for it to dip to accumulate but goddam it's never happen

A+ Team. Low marketcap platform and you somehow think this shit dumping to .30-.40 cents is gonna bother anyone? We just gonna accumulate more brother.

This is the opportunity everybody who wasn't in this space in early 2017 wishes they had. Buying a potentially god tier coin for change. Don't stay poor biz. We can all suceed together!

watched this earlier and saw the similarity too.

Yeah the NEM co founder thing convinced me.

Read this thread and the shill thread linked here and added to my list of aqquires in the next week or 2. Hate not having money and having bills and rent but this is life and I will do my best.

Eventually with everything i'm getting into i'll have 1 coin that does make it and i'll be alot better off.

slowly but surely my retirement funds will be setup

Presale was .5 eth i think

No, I asked in the telegram, it was 20 cents for them, but ETH was higher so I think around 4x is accurate. But hardcap was only 8.5m so lets see.