Launching in two hours

launching in two hours

get em while they r haught

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How do I go all in if Im already all in?

But all the drugs I buy with crypto I want to take myself

who the fuck is pressing BTC pills?
and more to the point... they any good?

this is gonna be down in 4 sec

same buy some fiat

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>buy some fiat
teach me senpai

its never going down my man

take your moms credit card to

whats a MOM?
which xchange can I find it on
help an user out?

MDMA is always MDMA, just adding colors or pressing it in some makeshift mold is no magic

Read Erowid and start taking a whole bunch of drugs, you won't regret it.

look up $mom on twitter, you need $trx to buy it


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I could really go for some Special K right now.
Now what is this shit you're scamming us with, OP?

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its not a scam it's a hot potato and special K will be included

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>read erowid
fuck yourself for the condescension.
I used to get K by the gallon imported from India as "rose water" back in 98 before anyone knew wtf it was.
I'm out of the loop for 4 years and every fucker thinks erowid is somehow esoteric.

Nigger do you even polytox?

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damn user you were getting fucked up




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Nice needle officer. Yes whenever I’ve seen people take ket they’re always pinning up like a heroin fiend.

you're fucking retarded try taking an orange tesla one day and take even half of a white puma the next and realize how retarded you are

>whenever I’ve seen people take ket
cook it up on a plate and snort it. takes less than 5 minutes to turn ~10ml into a gram in a microwave if you are in a hurry.
also if injecting which really isn't necessary unless you want to become John Lilly talking to ECCO, it's intramuscular
no one ever needs to mainline it, ever. so whoever you know that has scabby limbs needs to look hard in the mirror and just spike there buttcheeks, thigh or shoulder meat instead.
If your going to do it just snort it though..


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>Doing drugs for recreation
The absolute state of you fucking losers

Le dope is cool bro hehe I'm so rebellious bro xD

Fucking faggots, what are you, 15 years old?

So what are drugs for?

Please enlighten us

Nice line spacing there. Did you post that from a phone or are you from reddit? Either way, you know what must be done now...

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how do you spend your day then? do you stare at the walls for 16h a day? literally nothing wrong with doing drugs to get completely disconected from reality or passing out

redditspacing is a meme to spot newfags you fucking cancerous retard
go back to the earliest Veeky Forums archive and you'll find it
fuck off

grow up retards
>b-but i just want to geel good all the time brooo hee and im rebellious xD check my 420 sticker on my bong xD

This isn't the fucking 60's anymore, you're not rebelling, you ARE the status quo

Most of 4chang is cancerous degen faggots

who said shit about rebeling
stop projecting redditor
ur just mad you gotta take a piss test at your wagie place

the edge, chill you preachy fuck who cares what people do closet degenerate

Weed is shit anyways, there are actually good drugs out there you know?

But hey...if you enjoy being sober for the rest of your life good for you

I don't wage slave and I've done drugs when I was 14-17, then I grew up

I bet you're one of those people who bases their entire identity around doing drugs too

See up above
>Le drugs bro wooo life is about just being fucked upp all the time broooo its about feeling good all the time brooo wooo doo drugs man
Lifelong mediocrity awaits you mate

what identity? i have none i havnt left home in 6 months, stop pretending you know shit

these degenerate fucks

need to be...


>the state of druggies

Worry about dying alone and let me do what I want with my life shlomo

>unironically posting superiority on chinese cartoon board
>lifelong mediocrity somehow awaits others not you
my sides, keep it up mate i love it

you know you can take them when you like though right?
like having a drink, being with friends or gambling on shitcoins?

Someone needs to make a ChainLink ecstacy pill fork

you know nothing mental happens when you do this shit right...?
like teeth falling out, Daughter sucking cock, Limbs rotting off... etc etc.
"don't smoke weed kids, or your mom becomes a whore retroactively "

You can barely form a coherent sentence
Enough said