What do I say to her bros?

What do I say to her bros?

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Bull or bear?

how much stinky linky for you to sit on my dinky?

Red rover, red rover, put on some fucking clothes you degenerate tattoo'd whore.

>what do I say
mistake number 1
you're playing the part of an intelligent chad, who probably has interesting things happening in real life that keep him from being on Tinder most of the time.

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Charge your cellphone faggot

Back to school, friend.

"whats up slut"

Red Rover, red rover, I'd fuck you if I was hungover

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Girls on tinder get 6 million matches daily, waiting for her to message me seems unlikely

Thinking this is the best so far

People actually expose themselves like this on the internet? Holy shit the humanity is a lost cause.

"I hope you want kids because if we fuck you're getting pregnant"

Is this actually a good line I have autism

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"u call that a pose"
"lol r u wearing a fundoshi"

Challenge her with something low effort and dumb. Remember you need to stand out in a sea of betas. So you do that by disregarding her and not taking her seriously. This broad is pure trash anyway so it shouldn't be hard to disrespect her and treat her like the whore she is and wants to be.



It is. Another one is "are you ready to breed my champions"

High response rate from that beauty

"won't that scarf give you a fucked up tanline"

this is the best I could do on short notice

t. normie chad

>"Smile! You're on Veeky Forums!"

Negging stopped working in 2016. Women want to be loved now.

OK can you give me a chad follow up as well in case the thread gets deleted?? Do I immediately swing it to sex? Thanks in advance

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Nah, best line u can use for tinder (im a chad) for me is; Hi i really suck in openinglines (whatever the fuck that word is in english) but u have some really nice photos! , i always get a response.

if you seriously think this could be a good line to use at some point, my honest advice to you is to delete all dating profiles, just shut the party down until you have a better handle on the fundamentals here

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I want your poop on my dick

That's ones stupid, it doesn't give her a good response. You have to say something weird that allows her to come up with a witty retort

"ayy baby lets fuck"

trust me

There's a dude trolling on the other end of that profile. Good chance he's a biz fag as well...

I've tried using Veeky Forums lines before (archaeologist) and get ignored or removed every time

Shit I've already sent it

Believe it or not, some women want to have children. They may like that kind of stuff.

Pretend she is a dude. What would you say to one of your guys friends if they took a photo like that

How's your relationship with you dad?
t. chad

probably a bear trap, desu

Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

"how many dicks did you suck last night?"

depends if/what she answers with

my guess is she'd say something like "haha no i already have a good base", so you should respond with "Idk if you do, I'd have to see whats behind that hand"

good luck

I vote this thanks for the chuckle m8

tanning is for faggots. Are you a faggot?

Damn that IS chad, thanks chadbro

Your only way to salvage it now is to replace your profile photo with a picture of your dick

I'm going to start sending this to thots on tinder. All I do is troll there anyways, I want to see what they come up with.

Veeky Forums is finished
its becoming worse than /pol/ at this point.

Her other pic, she swiped me back within 5 minutes so maybe bot

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I am penis 21 cm
t. Chad

It's a pretty popular meme, man, they've probably seen it before considering chicks spend 99% of their time on the internet

Repeat after me- "Brrrrraaaappppp"
You're welcome

For the sake of western civ and beta's around the world I wish that were true. Where are these women that want to be loved at? The neg never dies, it just fades away.

Mate that's a killer line. Look at the bitch in question. Pure whore. I'm telling you there's a whole percentage of females that respond positively to upfront aggressive remarks like that. If it's delivered by an alpha of course.

Is she eating a gluestick?

you are giving thotts too much credit, they stay on the very surface level of the internet

thickposting is a few meters down, at least


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Red rover Red rover Im a brapper lover

You look like a whore
and probably smell like one, too.
Sit on my face
and I'll eat up your poo. ;)

>Why is it around your neck?

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Never try to help again.

you need an exit strategy

"a noose would look better around your neck than your bikini top"

i'd like to tie myself around your neck if you know what i mean

>I've got a better idea of what to put around your neck

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This one would get me arrested in bongland

I mean if you want to make it sexual,

"My hand would look better on your throat, than your bikini top"

"Alright, enough of small talk, let's do this right now. No condoms."

>what time am I picking you up
works every time

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You're not cut out for this OP, squirt her with your ink sacs and swim away to safety.

It doesn't matter what you say. The only thing which matters when trying to attract women is your looks, money, and status

Going with soyjacks answer in ONE (1) MINUTE unless another chad can out compete

just say you are a muslim, and hanging whores is part of your culture
you will probably get a multicultural award certificate

>A fucking rope kys you dirty psycho slut

>I have alot of money

ok go for it, and then when she giggles and asks what, drop the bit about the rope

do it

>How many sexual partners have you had? I've had none

Nah... That's kinda creepy. Don't do it.

how many bitcoins did they pay you to take it off

You’re everything I didn’t think I wanted in a girl



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How many BBC's have you taken cause' that pussy looking like a black hole.

it's not creepy, might actually work

That's shit, it's like you're taking a gamble but you sound like a pussy too because you're beating around the bush

Yes keep in mind her bio states to bend her over

Can you give a better line?

Well, that's ok, I couldn't think of anything better either.

Why hello miss. Allow me to come over and stroke you... With my salad fingers, ehrrmmm

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>beating around the bush

It's called teasing, idiot, and every girl likes to be teased

wait a minute, what does this have to do with Veeky Forums?

End game of Veeky Forums is fucking bitches will all that hard-earned money.

I actually do have salad fingers

Saving money on prostitutes

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This is about bargaining... sex and prostitution are the oldest business in human history.

if she asks you what you would put around her neck, go straight for dirty talk and respond with "my hand" and some probing question about how rough does she like it, fuck the noose/rope shit,

you're in, pin
s lined up, now just knock em down

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god fucking dammit, op

Salad Fingers? What the fuck? Did I travel back in time 15 years to high school or something?

Listen to this guy OP, seriously this chick likes shit like that

every self improvement board, is a different method of getting girls

Veeky Forums Veeky Forums Veeky Forums Veeky Forums /trv/

Yes thank you chads you are truly my greatest ally

Bend over

What did she mean by this

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She's in love. IT'S WORKING!

smelled the beta 18 km away hahahaha

She is getting bad vibes OP, make it playful

lol, you tell her to behave now

it's a shit test

Say but it’s fun to misbehave a bit ;)

what would u answer