Can i still score top tier girls if i am good looking very fit tall and have good stable job but no social status?

Can i still score top tier girls if i am good looking very fit tall and have good stable job but no social status?

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if all that is true...tinder is a very easy way

what guys think is good looking is not what girls think is good looking usually (Facially)

If you have all of those things, build a social status. Does your personality suck? Make it better. Be the person that people circle around. Go out more. Take more social risks. Stop being a pussy.

oh fuck yea bud. Just gotta have tight game and not give a fuck about them. Think about it like attributes in a vidya.

Looks: 9
Satus: 5


average man: 4

go get em champ

Fuck tinder i dont want to meet up used up sloots.

What do girls consider good looking? Up to 25yo

yes sure, you can put you dick into a bag and put the bag into a "girl"


if you want to exchange genetic material in a meaningful way, an raise pretty and smart children, it is never happening without money. EVER.

Am in this predicament also, might even have negative social status.

Without money or socstatus?
I have enough money
If sloot cares too much about money i dont care about her

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Ofc you can, but depends on what do you mean by top-tier girls? I know a lot of good looking girls that are mowing in average circles, easy to access...

who is this cum drum?


Social status is irrelevant, because you can change your environment to make you look like emperor, if that is beneficial.

It is a genetics game, the 2 strands of DNA come together, make sure whatever roustie you pick, she is fit and DIFFERENT from you. As this will ensure better genes.

You could even pork you sister, but only if you have different environment, that will ensure different gene where damaged.

if you pick something that look like you and you have similar environments you have high chance of bad genes expressions in the offspring.

liz turner...

for the brainlets, that bitch has great number of recessive genes, that makes her very attractive, because you can nearly 100% be sure your dominant genes will be inherited .

What are you talking about

No. Requirements for all women:
>220lbs 8% body fat
>Multi-millionaire, at least
>Sick car, condo, home, summer home all paid for
>Must be really fun, no staying home except to sleep, otherwise you're literally always actively doing something
>You must visit at least 10 countries
>11"+ cock at the smallest
>Jawline and cheebones the Greeks would praise
>Gifted in anything you do
>Must taste like pumpkin spice
>Greatest conversationalist in history
And this is just to get a fat chick, user. If you aren't twice this you'll never get an average girl.

sometimes it feels like this shit is true with american women
when I go out and a meet a tubby chick with a shitty job and a kid at home, and she starts talking about how its been so hard to find a good man I'm like " don't deserve a good man, who told you you deserve a good man for doing nothing, and being a dumpy piece of shit" of course I don't say that, I just nod and smile and say "yeah dating is pretty rough" then I leave and go to the asian massage parlor down town and have a 20 y/o goddess with honey colored skin that is soft as silk rub me down and bounce on my cock for an hour, all for the price of a regular dinner date and movie

the white race is doomed, but it deserves to die

I spray my seed into the waiting depths of asian pussy, and watch the descent of western civilization

not liz turner type of girls. that's only accessible to very few type of dudes.

That only applies to 'merican wamen tho

A little while ago I'd say people like you were LARPers, but now I've come to realize you're actually serious and probably haven't had any social interaction outside of some rejections and sneers. Save your parents the embarrassment and pain of watching their lineage die out slowly and kys asap.

I think we all know what "type" of dude you're talking about...

Nigga you retarded

The standards of American women aren't as high as you think, you're just such an asshole that no one will date you.

that's definitely one of the types lol.
we cant compete with leo, even with his dad bod.

Normally, yes, but since you have to ask, no.