Why did Natalie the CFO and the marketing manager chick leave? Seems like everyday the core team is getting smaller.

Also I read this
>“Okey, Veeky Forums let me enlighten you. I'm a CS fag moved into material science and actually managed sensor R&D.

>The moment you try to manage a sensors project like a CS project is the moment you will get fucked hard, because device physics does not care about your schedule. The device works better or worse (for most of the time worse) and no amount of software linearizations, corrections, calibrations etc. can fix it. Either your shit works at physical level or it does not. Thus, if someone is moving into sensor R&D then good luck, because it literally takes years to get shit working to the level you can use it to feed data into the system.

>Just buy the fucking sensors off the shelf, because if someone sells them it means that they have already done the hard work and are reasonably sure about linearity and repeatability to ask for your money.

>If you want to know what happens when someone runs a non-CS startup like a CS startup then look at Theranos.”

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I am really uncertain now of the future of Ambrosus. Seems like their goal is too big and ambitious and worse case scenario they might string along investors before dumping their vested tokens just like Theranos


Just seen that their crew shrunk. The CMO left and she's a good voice for blockchain innovation. My crypto crush

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old fucking news dweebs

Sounds like someone bought high and sold low

childsetti tried to fondle her i guess

Apparently Chadsetti groped Elena during a conference and, unlike previous stacies who couldn't resist the dreamy CEO, she threatened to go public about his actions. Both parties agreed on a private token settlement to avoid damaging the reputation of AMB

She is an alpha female and she smelled the beta in Versetti
>m-muh catalonia
>m-muh EU will fail in a few months
>b-burn the elites
>c-crypto is the future t-trust me the big money is coming in
>w-we will surpass VEN and WTC

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The CEO sounds like a douche bag that will end up wrecking any good this company had going for it.

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with AMB, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

>Both parties agreed on a private token settlement to avoid damaging the reputation of AMB

This nigga need a hobby.

who keeps posting this? I don't understand the point of this FUD. It keeps showing up in threads of coins that can't be mined

The amount of FUD on AMB is ridiculous.
Most obvious buy signal I've ever seen.
This Bear guy is literally committed 24/7 to fudding this coin. He constantly fucks up his VPN and posts with the same ID answering his own questions with fud.
Making me thing he's actually on the AMB team. Getting anons to jump in and defend a project is a lot more believable than a straight-up shilling thread.
Who else would post in literally every AMB thread, and post DAILY AMB fud threads. If he's a paid shill for another coin, It's having the reverse effect. The number of AMB wallets is up like 45% in the last month during his "fud" campaign.

There is legitimate FUD surrounding the project. The two biggest issues are what this person posted (team issues and sensors). It doesn't help the CEO gets into twitter fights for no reason

Yeah dude I'm sure Dr. VLAD TRIFA, one of the pioneers in the IoT space, and AMB's Chief Product Officer definitely has no idea how to manage a hardware based project. Are you guys even trying anymore?

"team issues" - oh fuck someone left the company for a different job... SELL SELL SELL
"sensors" - believing user's opinion over a pioneer in the industry (vlad)
You guys are going to have to try hard than this.

The bear guy is a known MOD holder, which is funny b/c it's not doing so hot right now and he talks about AMB's price action.

AMB team actually participate at many governmental meetings in Switzerland and EU, you dumb fuck. nice FUDding

i'm not selling you my bags. Fuck off.

Just because you are a pioneer in the industry doesn't mean the tech is going to be easy to improve market standards. As OP mentioned it can fuck development schedules. I think the theranos comparisons are unwarranted but theranos does serve as a reminder that attempting to improve existing tech can fail miserably when tight timelines are involved.
I think a team member leaving after a short stint is a possible warning sign (especially if it occurs repeatedly). If the CEO wasn't such a spaz I would be less worried. I'm still optimistic about the prospects of AMB as a longterm investment but I think OPs FUD illustrates legitimate concerns.

AMB team is touring around the world presenting at conferences. They've already done much of the integration of sensors into blockchain, and alpha is already out. I don't know where all this retarded FUD is coming from desu.

Re: sensors - any of you who didn't even bother to actually look into this completely false biz post are fucking retarded. I do consulting, with a focus on supply chain management and logistics and long on AMB. Go fucking read some reports (I'd recommend BCG/Mckinsey/Bain) or even journals and reports by Vlad (who FYI is a fucking genius in the industry).

For the holders: don't believe the FUD, it only comes from neets.

Anyone else: Can't imagine being as stupid as you are.

Lastly, my personal opinion on the CEO is that he steps over the line at times with his public rants. Not professional at times, but it won't take away from the project.

>If the CEO wasn't such a spaz I would be less worried
This desu. I like everything about this project except this ego-problem-having dick.

Theranos is my answer any time brainlets point to startup advisers like their reputations mean anything.
Advisers don't mean shit lol

>presenting at conferences
The absolute state. Who gives a shit what they are showing on powerpoints. They just started rnd on sensors? Enjoy bagholding for 10 years.
>it only comes from neets.
projecting this hard