Look at this Chad pumping Bitcoin

Look at this Chad pumping Bitcoin.

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Tech Chad works out his neck. Respect.

what he means really is, zcoin

of course that chatty boy has never even heard of it

they fomoed
dump it

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Hitler dubz confirm.

Big, if small

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You can tell he bought around ATH

CEO of Square, an app that does bitcoin payments, says something positive about bitcoin. Shocking

bags are getting very heavy

This lol

He's also the CEO of Twitter, though. It will bring Bitcoin some well needed PR because of this.

Looooooooool this guy is delusional

Both twitter and bitcoin are in the dustbin of history. Bother yesterdays news and literally who?

This week, the ultimate question we’ve all been waiting for the answer too.

Do people love twitter more than they hate child pornography?

Stay tuned on GDAX to find out.

In 50 years from now when fiat is gone his children and his children's children will be crypto billionaires

It's so funny. These financial industry and silicon valley normalfags discovering babbies first crypto and hailing "muh bitcorn" as the most important coin.

Hope satoshi dumps on them after they pump bitcoin to 10m per coin.

>doesn't realize that Satoshi is the government


Hitler fucking checked and confirmed.

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>twitter CEO says

Oh wow, the CEO of a company that makes literally no money and is failing year after year, i guess i should trust whatever he says.

Obviously the answer is they love both. So....nocoiners btfo.

this is literally impossivle due to bitcoin being limited to 21.000.000
Maybe if the max supply was or even more.
This way its mathematically impossibru.

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and the US dollar can not be broken down to 100 cents.
Find out more on imightberetarded.com

Even if you calculate in sats it's impossible

Whats 21 million X 100 million?

The world's GDP is $62,900,000,000,000, If all of it was expressed in 21 million bitcoins, then each bitcoin would be worth $2,995,238.10, so roughly 3 million dollars each. Each Sat would be worth 3 cents.

and thats only if Bitcoin replaced every currency, property, commodity and store of value on the planet..

So not impossible by a long shot.

>if max supply was 21,000,000,000 it might work
>even if you count in sats 2,100,000,000,000,000 is impossible

Really? Bitcoin is the original shitcoin..

It's genetics, he didn't do anything for it.

Q predicted this

this is a sucker for rallies

Literally who? Jack Horsey? Tweeter? Lol. Who fuck Buttcoiners are desperate.

bitcon can be split into 2 quadrillion, 100 trillion parts. is that not enough?

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This guy said virtual currencies. Not Bitcoin.


what does that fag boy know about world economics and either way twitter and bitcoin as it is won't last that long

You're talking to someone who doesn't know anything kek

Twitter has been doing horrible. He's grasping at straws here.

twitter has been doing incredibly well recently

they posted a profitable quarter finally

their stock is near all time highs



Have you ever heard him talk? If he's a chad, he's a massive faggot chad.