Chainlink is by far the best investment in crypto right now

Chainlink is by far the best investment in crypto right now.

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We know, but why do you need a thread for it? Finished accumulating? Please wait im still not finished

agreed, hoping for a dip this weekend to stack up.

I just sent 1000€ to kraken :/

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Look, it's not even funny anymore.

delet pls

I wonder why nobody has made a thread talking about this yet, was posted yesterday

>March 14 was yesterday

Our savior Sergey of Nazareth will redeem us!

it’s been memed so hard I sold it for other coins.

Is Veeky Forums gonna be able to find another project as great as Chainlink?

Something to move my profits into?

unlikely, my friend. LINK represents the last big moon mission we can all get behind.

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Sheep. Link is a ripoff. Lol just lol at you basement dwellers thinking you'll escape poverty. Two words: exit scam

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>he didn't check the date of each article
>he doesn't know his FUD is ironically shilling LINK

>i don't know i'm being trolled by a rogue shiller

It's the alternative you absolute mongoloid

Wow, brain damage.... might as well declare you brain dead. You know how to check the dates right?

Nothing is better than Stinkie Linkies. But there are some promising ICOs out there. Sharpay and Coinmetro come to mind.

Except its not because of the reputation farming problem. They couldnt even answer how to solve the problem.

I hope you're not just a shill because I locked away 1 eth on a whim in the coinmetro ico and I kind of regret it.

What are the rankings, fellow stinkers? I never remember. I think I'm a Sergeant.

You need 100k to make it though. I have 30k.

Is the LINK mainnet really coming soon?
You bet

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bunch of people already addressed that on slack you dumb cunt

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sir, I am scared. How much time do I have

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Is 30k enough I just want to make it to 1.2MM. Also have 30 ETH. I'm paranoid I'm running out of time to accumulate.

emmanuel somehow reminds me of joost

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eazily bro, we'll be there by year end. hell, the rate the team is going we'll be there by end of summer

You have until Q2
The day is not known, but felt to be coming sooner rather later
Praise Vishnu
Praise Hitler
Praise Sergey
1k EOY

sometime IN Q2, or right at Q2?

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Stupid gullible faggots just all in Chainlink because an user say "I can't reveal anything because I'm under NDA, use your brain to connect the dots, can you see the big picture, this will blow up".

Madoff "I can't reveal my business operations because this is trade secret, trust me everything is under control, use your brain to connect the dots, I have ties to government and I am former chairman of NASDAQ, just trust me, your investment will blow up".

TFW you realize the launch could be April 1st

TFW you realize it's on 420, Hitlers birthday///

I always ignore all the shit shilled here and assume it is pajeet garbage, but I have to admit once I started connecting the dots back to SWIFT I dumped a couple grand into this.

So much potential here.

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It's almost criminal that it's still so cheap.

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Nice dubs my fren
Heil Hitler & gas the jews

Fraudulent companies are usually criminal

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Are you retarded?

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Gave me a good kek

Sergey is CUTE!

would you smash?

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I had 50k LINK and 20 eth. Put it all into LINK and then took out a personal loan to top up to 100k+

REQ is the best but linksokaytoo

My Linky so stanky

it's not even funny yet

I finally made it!

Checking the dates of articles is hard.

we should have a discord channel for people that just want to spam fucking crypto content...

made a quick one in case anyone wants to cry about their crypto losses over the past month:

discord gg / 39sU2j

I’m having a sculpture of Sergey cast in bronze to go in my foyer when I make it.

my linky so stinky