Let me get this straight...the economy is collapsing and cryptocucks think we're going on a bull run....umm user...

Let me get this straight...the economy is collapsing and cryptocucks think we're going on a bull run....umm user...you cant be this retarded.

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No OP, it is in fact you who is retarded

Do you realize that it is collapsing because Wall Street is cashing out to go all in crypto?

Wall street investments are getting riskier and riskier, while at the same time crypto is stabilizing ( remeber that even though we've corrected bitcoin is still worth more now than it was 2 months ago). One the dollar devaluates more we'll see a massive influx possibly triggering a 30 trillion mc.

it cant be over, im not rich yet

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Are ya winning gramps ?

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The economy won’t collapse silly. The war against Russia will keep our economies going, what’s left of them after all the missiles that is

>economy is collapsing
Dude what? Every market indicator Is saying that we are about to go on a bull run

The economy is on an extreme level of life support when we should be saving that shit up for the next crash and Trump seems to want a trade war.

investors are cashing Apple and Amazon to buy LINK.

Stinky lil linkie.

Crypto is a hedge against stock market crashes like gold. Don't you get it?

We hit 9100 and dipped instead of rallying. I can say with absolute certainty we will make a new low in the near future. My short position was locked in at 9050.

Noone gets that but they will eventually

Reminder that when the government shutdown crypto went notably up.

That was an outright meme and had nearly nothing to do with crypto
Also crypto does not go up when the stock market goes down, it either goes sideways or drops

>That was an outright meme and had nearly nothing to do with crypto
Its also a real thing that actually happened.

I know but I'm saying it was a cowinkydink

whatever is bad for wall street is good for Crypto

>the economy is collapsing

On;y the retarded NEETs here think the economy is the stock market.

The economy is doing fine. The stock market shit the bed today, it does that from time to time.

The cryptofags here believe in tea leaves and astrology level bullshit, of course they think a "bull run" is coming, they've been spouting that shit since January. It's called "irrational exuberance".

I think if fewer people had money on the line in crypto they would feel the same as me,
I feel there needs to be a tide of rest for a while before the bull run comes again
I was honestly expecting it to come in 2017 since throughout that year it was just like wow, you wake up and there's more money on your blockfolio, but obviously we didn't get a real bear then and so we must have it now

The more economies collapse, the more fiat currencies become devalued, the better it is for Bitcoin.

Why is the only possibility a "bull run"? What happened last years is most likely a once in a lifetime event. What will probably happen, if it happens at all, is a slow integration. Which isn't happening, if you've been paying attention, if anything crypto is losing ground, as far as the mainstream is concerned. A "bull run" to 20k or more is literally impossible without a massive change - and thus turbulent event - happening to the existing fiat systems. They're not going to do that. IF big money comes in, it will be slowly. Right now, crypto is too unstable and too easily manipulated. No sane government or banking institution is going to put real wealth at risk in a market where one "whale" can drive the price 10% up or down, in a hour or less. It's simply not going to happen.
Too many people here live only in the /biz bubble, and are buying into pipedreams of desperate late adopters who lost money instead of making it, or tried to get in too late. That's why the penny-stock alt coins are shilled so hard here, and why so much ridiculous bullshit is thrown around here. To think that there are people here who believe crypto will replace the dollar in their lifetime...it staggers belief. But then, hang around Veeky Forums long enough, and you'll find someone who believes any of the outrageous, idiotic conspiracy theories out there.
People actually believe the economy is going to crash hard enough to replace the dollar, in weeks or months, and that the average person on the street will put their money into Bitcoin when it happens.

All I have to say to that is, "Neckbeard, please".

>wall street traders are taking their money out of stocks and putting them into a safe haven, an asset backed by nothing that moves over 1000$ each day in either direction

you sweet summer child

The only economies that are collapsing are third world shitholes, dummy.

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Sweet, sweet, retarded summer child.

Are you just reeeally new?
It doesn't even hardly have to replace the dollar, and crypto has been gaining ground all the time unless you're talking purely about normie speculation

this a 1000 times over
you fucking retards, do you think big funds are interested into piling billions in your shitcoins with barely 3 mio volume (80% fake volume) ?
are you completely retarded?

Oh look, a nolambo has something to say. Surprise, surprise.

you didn't gainsay any of my points, so I'll accept your submission

to spin this further, how many americans own pennystocks?
how many "big" institutional investors are into pennystocks?
notice something?
shitcoins are even worse than pennystocks

There are cryptos being developed that will function similarly to an autonomous central bank. Assuming any of these projects take off they will effectively offer better rates and less volatility than traditional banks.

you make the mistake of thinking of your shitcoins as blockchain tech
when blockchain gets more business usecases, that won't mean that your pokemontoken get a pump

Exactly - but honestly, I don't expect to get through to any of them, they're degenerate gamblers in complete denial. The crypto-millionaires were lucky as hell, and more power to them, but they bought before the second half of 2017, and that ride is OVER. I'm not even against crypto, but I just laugh at the mind-boggling delusion that gets spouted here. If you've studied cults at all, you see red flags for cult-like behavior here - group delusion, belief in the supernatural/myth, delusions of superiority and moral standing, demonization and demonizing language ("normies", "nocoins"), etc. I don't really see much difference between scientologists and cryptofags. I know there are rational people who are invested in crypto, but they're shouted out by the deranged "believers" who act more officiously than any self-righteous baptist could hope to.

There's reality, and then there's /biz. Pick one.

Neckbeard, please. This isn't debate class.

you fuck in piece of shit its transitioning into crypto its the goal of the fucking jews

If only there were some sort of mechanism that could introduce stability into the market. Some sort of financial instrument.
Hmmmm..... I'm trying to think of ideas but I'm coming up short.....

You both sound incredibly new

This guy is talking like "the second half of 2017" was the last time to become a crypto millionaire
like what about allllllllll that time before 2017 when you could have gotten enough to become a millionaire for uber cheap costs
Normies follow the market price, they gain interest when it goes up and lose interest when it goes down, thus now is the time to accumulate
90% of shitcoins will die, just look at all the snapshots of old CMC top tens
But you're mistaken if you think this last bubble was "the last and final crypto bubble of all time ever"
See you in 2020 (unless you hold link, then you'll have kysed)

Lol if the economy collapses the prices of crypto still skyrocket don't you know any thing about economics

>using blockfoilio

>you sound new
lel you deluded shithead, i'm bought my first btc in 2013, sold early for 3x gains while i thought this was insane and picked up again in 2017

YOU sound incredibly new
maybe in 2020 there will be another run up
meanwhile, will you spend the next 2 years on /biz hoping for the daily moon and defending your delusion?

fucking lol

no they don't at all lmfao. youre just the exact delusional coiner theyre talking about.

check the beta of BTC to any major index and get BTFO completely.

forget it, he does'nt even know what beta means
smartmoney at work

Bitcoin was created in response to the housing bubble crash and fiscal irresponsibility.

Crypto is the hedge against big Bank and fed fuckery.

People lose faith in the stock market? They buy the hedge. The hedge is crypto.

this guy is right youre completely insane


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if the economy is collapsing why is the Keynesian Fed raising interest rates and saying there will be more four more rate hikes?

>backed by nothing

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