“Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

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Most retarded comment ever.

But works if you're a value investor


>others were already greedy
>we were even greedier
>others became fearful
>we were still greedy
Everyone else has come and gone, we’re still here with nothing to show for it but our greed and our bags

I think he is true when it's about stocks or physical investments.

I don't think this saying applies to crypto since we are betting on the hope that the world start using new technology. Or that a bigger fool buys or bag.

It's basically betting if the world start using Blue-Ray or HD DVD

That only applies to established real world assets not bitcoin nigga

What if they’re fearful AND greedy?

"KYS" - Warren Buffet

he also said that crypto will end really badly

He also said he doesn't invest in tech because he doesn't understand it.


>t. boomer faggot who got lucky and was born at the right time when literally everything was a good buy

hes on par with some normiefag stumbling upon bitcoin back in 2009 and bought a bunch and thinks he is a motherfucking genius in retrospective

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Tell the guy who sold his shorts on tuesday and went long yesterday
Im fucking about to end it now

im about to kill myself with fear so can you anons please start buying already

reminder that the stock market has been a flaming clown car for about two months straight now

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mfw i log into my broker

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When is this over?
Daddy Trump please say that import taxes were just an early Aprils fool

Warren Buffett is a has-been now

Also, I am wealthier than him but you'll never believe it

>keep doing it every day
>every day bleed more

This is the most speculative and autistic market of the history of... I can't even say finance. It's just all a meme.

>buying falling knives

I think he meant when everyone is leaping off buildings wanting to kill themselves and it's literally the bottom of the bottom, that's when you buy.

are you talking about the crypto market or the stock market atm?

So you are Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?

crypto market
stock market is imploding too

Everyone in crypto is both greedy and fearful at the same time. Wtf do I do?

>stock market goes down 3%

>crypto goes down 50%
>just a correction, nothing to worry about

>Forbes list