We arnt early adopters anymore

from a discussion back in 2013....

Bitcoin reached 2017 the user level where Facebook was back in 2009.

If we only watch at this numbers


and those numbers that was released through the US survey, we are probably about around >100

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m crypto owners
LMAOOOOO nigga u serious

sorry typo :

BTC maybe, the market as whole is rather 2007

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if coinbase alone has more then 20million user yes.
I sure that coinbase isnt the biggest exchange with the most user ( think about china )

yes the adoption rate is like we just had discovered mails and are sure that the Fax will survive.

if the peice would follow this rate we wouldnt see 10,000% moon shoots

nigga, you think coinbase, binance, bittrex and some chink exchanges have 200 million clients?
are you high or something?

Bitcoin is dead for now...gonna need something big to fire up the momo again. Too many normals got a taste of the burn and now that institutions allow for more aggressive shorting, the algos are revved up with small trades and pop and stall trades. No one seriously thinks bitcoin is going anywhere above 10k ever again.

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>smart money checking in
>is still early

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Thanks OP just sold all my crypto positions!

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with BTC, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

coinbase had alone 12million iser early 2017 - without that media coverage it had since mid 2017


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fuck off with this pajeet meme

Other currencies are just getting started. Btc is dead. We need a currency that is actually usable in number 1 spot for crypto to be taken seriously and for more people to adopt it.

Why would you do a candid of Himiwako from a bus when there are tons of stuff out there?

where do you stack up?

about 1.4 million people have more Bitcoin than me

literally fucking crazy to think about

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oh no I think I shouldnt buy more if it dips to 2k$

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They say they have 10M+ users now

no way all cryptos combined have 300 millions users

and how many of those are shady company accounts to keep moving money in and out?

>thought i was late to facebook, didn't bother making account early because i lost access to an .edu account. join date 2007
>thought i was late to Veeky Forums, 2006, all these oldfags with yaranaika loaf memes haha i don't get it
>thought i was late to twitter. still don't use it
>thought i was too late for tech stocks in the 00s
>it's 2013, thought i was too late for bitcoin
>2017/18, too late for alts
don't buy alts or bitcoin, i'm always late to the party

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So you aren't early adopters anymore. So what. You are now in the innovator category. So you missed out on a chance to invest $100 and become a millionaire. There's still lots of potential for 100x-500x gains over the next 10 years in the right cryptos. If you aren't a fucking broke ass nigger you can still make more then you will ever need with a 10k investment.

>the smart money bought below $1000/btc
Is there anyone on this board who didn't buy below $1000/btc?

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Anyone who bought below 1k, sold the top in december and actually invested more than pajeet levels of money are driving lambos already.


>USD Is worth relevant

>selling when there's an easy 10x by summer 2019

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crypto will keep on going. Maybe the inflated prices of today will go down more. However, this market will never stop, because when the prices get low enough it only takes one whale and fomo to cause a pump... So this will go on forever. I repeat IT WILL NEVER STOP.

i like this

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You are retarded.

We’re below 9k this chart is out of date

I don't think these are comparable.