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After Hours and Asia edition

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>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

buy stocks with bitcoin

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how much is AMRS potentially worth?

The Canadian Senate may Kill off the marijuana legalization bill. Marijuana legalization may die, weed stocks on suicide watch!

lol that's what the media wants you to think.

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I'm anticipating a pull back to below $6.50. I could be wrong and miss the next rocket, but I'm waiting for my next re-up on that meme.

god i wish i could drink vodka as i used to, pure vodka is one of the best things in life and i can't ddrink it anymore, fuck

>all these sell ratings

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Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of bears, I will fear no pink wojack, for you are with me; your gains and your green candles, they comfort me.

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ah fuck visa went to 119 nd I didnt notice

They've passed every other bill the PM has handed them, I'm sure they won't betray him this time...

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Me too, I love Vodka. I can kinda remember when I used to drink that stuff by the glass full. After a few glasses everything still bothered me, but I would be too fucked up to remember.

>100.27% of portfolio in weed

gold times are gone i guess...

>all dem delicious blue chips on sale
>brkb for under 200
>a big bank of your choice for 4+% off

I wasn't gonna sell my blue chips anyway, and my meme stocks didn't even do too badly today either. Overall a good day.

>mfw I fomo bought 550 shares at 6.74$ the day of the pop
>mfw I sold those shares at 6.93$ just before the dip
>mfw I will be adding back patiently on any drop

Also, I still hold my 374 shares @5.41

which bank you roll with? I own like 15% of portfolio in BAC, kind of picked at random, is there any difference between them and JPM or BOA etc?

Im 50% citi and 50% bac
fug I hope it moons tommrow

I feel bank stocks are to be bought when you are at the bottom of the credit cycle

And I don't know if we are there yet

Chinks are about to get BTFO and it’s glorious

Fuck everything

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Yeah I shouldn't drink while taking steroids. Could fuck up my liver and I need that for what ever it does.

can you explain a bit more? i've only been trading for like 2 months, what do you look for for credit cycle?

I think most of Veeky Forums has a gambling problem, and I am no exception

Tencent gotta be a buy with 10% off today?

Im not talking about the price, I'm talking about the ratings. Analysts are recommending people sell every bluechip.

Now look at the SPX. This isnt "normal." We had a tough time in Aug but nothing like this. This is crazy.

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For banks I just go with basic fundamentals. Personally leaning towards Citi and Wells Fargo as those two had seen the biggest correction in recent months and lowest PE.

Can't wait for a legit crash happening through the bottom of last month. 2nd wave down is usually the big one. Expecting a -1500 points day in the dow at some point.

Bring it!

this is not crazy, we had a huge bullrun a pullback is normal especially with rate rises and tariffs

since 2008 the banks took precautions after they all crashed, the shares will be the best performers for the next 20 years
they hold back on purpose, to benefit 401ks

No, sell FAANG (facebook amazon apple netflix google) and sell BAT (baidu ali baba tencent)
Keep selling until tariff hype is over but it just started so do not buy.

While I agree we are in a 2nd down wave, it has already gone on long enough and far enough down to reverse. I mean it could keep going down, but it honestly should reverse in the near term future.

>muh analysts
For fun, I opened a fantasy trade account and "bought" and "sold" blue chips purely based on analyst recommendations. My actual portfolio is outperforming it by double digits this year so far, even accounting for 2018 has been particularly choppy.

I'm still overall bullish on the economy, so I do not fear corrections. Volatility is good, a prolonged bear market isn't.

Just a reminder, AMRS free fall next week. Sell some now and get back in on the dip, ye be warned

I don't invest in bank stocks but I am always trying to learn

Banks' main business is to lend money to individuals and businesses
Stock prices are mainly the value of estimated future cash flows
So more future cash flows = stock price rises

Several factors impacting banks' revenues :
- interest rates
- actual demand for credit

When economy is booming and if FED policy is conservative, banks would be killing it since they can charge high interest rates and many customers demanding credit
When economy is shrinking (eg. recession), nobody wants to borrow and interest rates are usually low

There you get the idea of why there is a cycle in credit. I still don't know what charts to look at as I am not that interested in bank stocks and I'd like to learn if someone has them.

we're entering a third month of losses how long does it need to go on before we call it a "prolonged bear market?"

might have to kill myself

so your saying you would buy up bank stocks at the end of a recession, but isnt that most equities? doesnt seem unique to banks in general unless im just an idiot and dont understand

>increasingly nervous shortseller said for the thousandth time

A technical correction may bring it down to the mid $6 range, but it won't fall through the gap. You will never see AMRS below $6 again in your life time.

FED just announced 3 rate hikes, maybe 4, so profits are going to come in. Banks are sitting on piles of cash ready to lend (no liquidity issues like 2008). US consumer confidence and employment figures all looking fantastic. The time has come for banks to shine.

Analysts historically are liars hired by banks
come on son

VIX tomorrow?

sideways for a few months is not a bear market retard

-10% is not sideways

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it is sideways, and in the case of the nasdaq its uptrending technically

When everything is rising, investors would be choosing stocks with the strongest growth

But what if you have no idea ?

Banks would be the obligatory people to see to start a buiness

>A technical correction may bring it down to the mid $6 range, but it won't fall through the gap. You will never see AMRS below $6 again in your life time.
I really hope AMRS drop back to around 6.5$
I will sell all my useless bags to load up on it

>FED just announced 3 rate hikes, maybe 4, so profits are going to come in. Banks are sitting on piles of cash ready to lend (no liquidity issues like 2008). US consumer confidence and employment figures all looking fantastic. The time has come for banks to shine.
It may already be priced in. Besides, the rate hikes are very timid, not something to be expected if everything was going great. Trump's goal is to deleverage the economy, flush out debts and encourage savings. I would buy the dips in banks and sell the rallies

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If Hillary was president the DOW would be 30,000 by now

How can yuros buy after hours US stock, that MU dip to 56 was a dream come true. Is after hours for (((them))) only?

thread theme


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If higher interest rates are good for banks, how come bac fell today? I was interested in putting some money in bank stocks but just wanted some clarification on that.


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Only reason I say AMRS may drop a bit is purely technical. Both RSI and stochastic RSI are riding a bit high currently, so I wouldn't be too surprised if traders profit taking brings it to 6.50. But falling through $6? No way. Unless it transpires Melo absolutely lied his way through the ER or something.

I wouldn't trade bank blue chips personally. There are much better things to swing (like Tesla). The reason the bull market lasted so long is partially due to the prolonged low interest rates, this has kept the banks down somewhat. They have been outperformed by the nasdaq. But even a slight raise will increase their margins, while not significant enough to trigger a run on equities. IMO this is a near-ideal scenario. But any gains banks make are likely to be small and steady, which is good for long term investment, but bad if you are looking for quick gains by swinging.

Get a good broker

It seems Saxo allows after hours and pre-market if you have >100000 euro shekels in your account

interest rate hikes have been priced for 6 years

-10% is also not a bear market. -20% is, by definition.

you just made that up

Just let the market crash into the center of the earth already, I want blood in the streetz

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very good

I'm drinking too

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W-whats gonna happen with bpmx?


I wouldn't say John Melo likes lying.
I think previous dissapointments were because AMRS was in dire need of cash and he had to make a huge gamble with the then-undergoing tests without knowing if they were successful.

Whatever happens to AMRS, I respect that company and its CEO for refusing to die and do whatever it takes to carry on.

american brokers are shit and restrict everything

eurofags get 24 hour trading for all cfds with shit like IG. they dont realize how good they have it

>W-whats gonna happen with a penny stock?
In most likelihood, more sideways action. Small chance it's going to absolutely moon through the roof, but no one can predict that.

It truly was


So Im going to be flagged as a daytrader today, so what wanna fight about it? I got more than your margin shit requirements. Fite me Ameritrade im making money today.

I got your back broski. Fuck ameritrade, we can take em

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nikkei futures is toast :( 20700

I might be able to buy my dim sum stocks at a discount in a few hours :^)

holy shit

How do I buy docusign? I have an etrade account.

-1200 points ??
like 5.5% ???

And holy shit USDJPY is tanking so damn hard right now

fug 104

below feb levels at the moment, cant tell the percent because theres 3 different nikkeis

Sell VIX shorts first thing tomorrow or hold until next week? I won't be able to pay much attention tomorrow due to work. Today I went up 5%

Does USDJPY tanking mean a flight to safety moment or is it a deeper kind of movement ?

I think USDJPY is bearish for several months and I even think it may dip below 100

R8 my portfolio.

According to what you posted, your portfolio is either 100% cash or is worth 0$

Oops forgot pic

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An excellent time to buy FNGU, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are all undervalued

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no the markets have to tank more for usd/jpy to go that deep
there isnt really a reason to get out of equities in the mid term or long term so its probably just trickery
BOJ is dovish, and personally I think people will be moving to the swiss Franc

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I read something interesting about currencies being safe havens
And interestingly, JPY and CHF (or rather, the countries) have the same characteristics (export oriented countries, no national debts or mostly held by their inhabitants, many overseas investments that would return home if shtf)

It finally has little to do with interest rates or central banks being dovish

My USDJPY bear case is inspired by a fund manager who explain imply the inflation risk in the US, chances shit actually hits the fan and the fact that JPY is structurally undervalued if you look at the PPP index.

(and unsurprisingly, the CNY is undervalued as fuck according to this index)

when I want to hedge the market, I want the most stable currency pairs
I go with the usd/zar, very easy predictable range

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i think the swiss are rich as fuck and manipulate their currency to keep it stable.
but it works...
i don't trade forex anymore i just remember CHF is the most boring pair ever

but i think those characteristics make it easier to manipulate

JPY is always undervalued, just gotta watch out for when the BOJ prints trillions of yen just to fuck your trade up. they like to export & keep their currency low or else they lose sales

Memes as fuck

China is hitting back with tariffs. Futures are tanking. It's fucking over.

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I don't do Forex unfortunately
The closest thing I am doing is to change my USD cash into JPY cash, which actually is working out lol

Maybe I should for shit and giggles ?

McMaster was just replaced by a hawk, time to got all in on defense stocks.

Goodnight everyone

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Micron Technology (MU) announced a profit for its second quarter that gained ground from last year.

The company said its bottom line rose to $3.50 billion, or $2.82 per share. This was up from $1.03 billion, or $0.90 per share, in last year's second quarter.

Analysts had expected the company to earn $2.74 per share, according figures compiled by Thomson Reuters. Analysts' estimates typically exclude special items.

The company said revenue for the quarter rose 58.1% to $7.35 billion. This was up from $4.65 billion last year.

Micron Technology earnings at a glance:

-Earnings (Q2): $3.50 Bln. vs. $1.03 Bln. last year.
-Earnings Growth (Y-o-Y): 239.8%
-EPS (Q2): $2.82 vs. $0.90 last year.
-EPS Growth (Y-o-Y): 213.3%
-Analysts Estimate: $2.74
-Revenue (Q2): $7.35 Bln vs. $4.65 Bln last year.
-Revenue Change (Y-o-Y): 58.1%

and yet after market isnt really moving, what do (((they))) know?


Canadian weed bill C-45 has passed the senate second reading vote. This is step number two of three steps in the senate the bill must go through before it gets kicked back to the house of commons for final confirmation. Today's successful vote is a big goddamn fucking deal because it is the first time the senate has voted on this bill, and as such the first time we have seen how the numbers are looking in terms of vote. C-45 passed this afternoon with a strong 44-29 votes in favour.


As long as the US markets don't have a complete meltdown again tomorrow, whole Canadian sector should pump hard on this news. It is a critical step in bringing in institutional investors who were/are waiting for the legal uncertainty to clear before entering their positions.

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Don't want to make a new thread for a dumb question: can you short crypto on robinhood?

go to Zero Hedge
China was sure to do that so as to not SHAMEFUR DISPRAY FUCKING GWEILO

What says the numbers on Earning Whispers ?

Besides, with semis, once you buy your equipment you won't need to change it for some time


It's all ogre

I'm assuming you're referring to this article: zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-22/china-responds-not-afraid-trade-war-will-fight-end

Careful not to make it sound like they've actually declared anything officially. This is not that, it's posturing and fear mongering (which is what the futures market is acting on).

2.81 on earning whispers