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reddit hates suppoman with a passion, yet he still makes pretty damn good calls

his latest was credits, which went like 7x in a week and is now stable at around 4-5x ico price

He called one of the monero leads a peasant.

The dumb shit should go back to bullying 17 year old girls. Who the fuck would buy his 'courses'?

Crypto Investor

If only because he is so contrarian

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Brainlet's con man

You think this is reddit, boy? You sure post like it is. Why don't you neck yourself, faggot?

>another sociopath who found a booming community of retards on the internet.

i posted on his last video telling him how i loved watching his view go down. Came at me with drinking cyanide. brainlet thinks you drink cyanide.

marc de mesel
He's a very wise early crypto investor with focus on the long term perspective.

ETHOS, ETHOS, ETHOS, I've never known someone to shill a coin so hard.

There's not a more disgusting man in crypto than that punchable fuck.

Suppo didnt know fluffypony...he even insulted his billions calling him poor. Mr Monero, poor? lol. thats bad can anyone take this dumbass serious?

Suppos actually pretty good, alot of hate though. Altcoin buzz is definitely the worst.

Crypto Investor, may not agree with everything he has to say but I always come out of his videos with something I didn't know before I watched it.
Data Dash has a good way about himself, not cringy like many of the YT crypto channels.

hes such a silly little brainlet

For real, if altcoin buzz talks about a coin that you hold you notice instantly that everything he says is total bullshit.

>10/10 face, ultra punchable

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Chris Dunn and the chart guys are pretty good imo

Alessio Rastani

That’s not alphadestiny

Crypto Investor seems like a smart jew

>yet he still makes pretty damn good calls
Only because his followers fomo in and shill these shitcoins.