Get lucky and find out about crypto early

>get lucky and find out about crypto early
>get rich because you bought eth at $1
>now make 100s of dollars in seconds on 0.6% volatility trades
fuck this world is not fair

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I bought ETH in the ico and I’m penniless

Brainlet here, explain to me how he made money if the price went down?

>what is a short

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scalping is a meme

real money is made from playing the bigger swing

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this is a joke

I forgot to add
>be of at least average intelligence

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Thought this dude was hacked and lost everything.

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He bet against somone who thought the price would go up. They sell him cheap eth in a contract to buy it back after a certain amount of time no matter what. If the price goes up, he loses, if the price goes down, he gets his eth bought back from him at profit.

only his twitter and facebook maybe, finex has 2fa

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teach me please

i'm not even that good of a trader, but you won't make real money until you play bigger swings

sure doing a 15% scalp on some shitcoin is nice, but real money is made from entering alts before a bull run and dumping it after 500-1000% gainz or buying icos and dumping after 5000% gainz

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long or short while btc dances around 8600?
I'd say long but my TA-fu is lacking, elliot memes

its a larp
inspect element

go to
get billions of pretend btc from a faucet
LARP on Veeky Forums

i'm not in a position right now, got no idea wtf btc wanna do so i'm just chilling

85% btc 15% tether reporting in

>implying 5-10 btc is impressive
there are literally 20 year old kids with hundreds of btc on this site

more like penisless

Yeah retard, I'm one of them
It's a larp

I prefer to day/swing trade too. It's dead easy but god damn it I'm poor and it takes me two days to make $150-200 on a good day whilst this lucky fag makes that in seconds several times a day.

>It's dead easy

-look for RSI divergence on several timeframes and enter a position
-look draw trend lines and channels and enter when it breaks out
-use trend lines and fib levels for support/resistance and place your orders there
if you use a good stoploss on all of your positions then you literally cannot lose money. if you have no idea what I'm talking about you can look it up and learn it and become pretty good at it in a few weeks.

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>-look for RSI divergence on several timeframes and enter a position
pls elaborate further on this point

I feel like I've been doing this but didn't have a name for it

if rsi falls whilst price increases expect a reversal at some resistance, be it fib or trend. also volume should be falling. vice versa on a down trend except for volume. volume should always be falling, but not always
check all timeframes to be sure, but it of course depends on your position. look at 1h-daily divergence for long term swings and minute charts for shorter term swings
and sometimes RSI will diverge on some timeframes but not others, so be careful. there are a lot of things that I can't teach you because firstly I'm new and not that good at this (but I still make money because it's easy) and secondly these are things that only experience will teach you

the internet is your friend, also unironically follow the guy in the OP, he will teach you a lot. I don't use elliott wave but you can learn that if you want.

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Scalping is not a meme
If you can pull 2% a day starting with $4000, you are up over a million within a year
Consistency is key

ye sure idiot, have you ever done math before?

He's right. The problem is being able to move a large volume as you get closer to a million.

>mfw people biz dont realize theres a bitmex leaderboard that shows the top gainer and that this trade would eclipse those


the part brainlets forget is the whopping huge IFFFFFFF
it's like saying if I had a unicorn I could sell it for millions.

you may be able to guess better than average, but if you don't trade with 99.9% accuracy your whole idea goes out the window

Ponzis offer %1 a day and usually can't last 6 months
How the fuck do you think you can sustain %2 a day ?

retarded analogy.
and yes 2% a day on average is reasonable if are an experienced and consistent trader in a market this volatile. of course this isn't plausible in the long term because of . you can however make 2% a day on a fixed amount like 10k for $200 a day on average.

that's not how it works.
we were making 30% a day in january. now we're losing 30% a day.
now volatility is lower, but making better than market average requires a crystal ball.

i'm saying this as someone who does better than the market. making 2% consistently is impossible.
You WILL be wrong, and when you are it's going to tank your potential profits of 100000% to just better than market average.

>what's a stop loss
you clearly have no idea what you're talking about

do you think a stop loss is going to magically give you the direction of the market?
Show me your track record. bet you don't even have 5 consecutive days of 2% gain trades with no losses.
holding doesn't count.

my best record was 18-2 over 6 months when I patiently waited for the most obvious trades.

>we were making 30% a day in january. now we're losing 30% a day.
>You WILL be wrong, and when you are it's going to tank your potential profits of 100000%
irrelevant shit. did you even read the thread?
we're talking about scalping here, and a scalper makes several small trades a day with tight stop losses so as long as he is a good trader who wins more than he loses he will not lose money. look at the guy in the OP and see how much he makes a day playing 20k~ positions, he averages well above 2% a day because he is good
I don't scalp but I made 60% in the last 5 days because of the obvious bitcoin bounce.

hmm you don't scalp... are you an idiot?
you must be an idiot because scalping is so obviously profitable

"scalping" is just a term to argue with the market. "i only want a little bit of an edge".
Trust me, "scalpers" will post their good weeks and impress everyone, but they won't show you the next two weeks where they lost 2x that.

If it worked over the long term you'd hear this shit all the time of how people were becoming millionaires left and right.

Phil is a pump and dumper for a whale groups.

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>hmm you don't scalp... are you an idiot?
I prefer to day/swing trade, I scalp rarely because I'm not that good at it. maybe if your reading comprehension wasn't utter shit you would have known that I'm talking about those who can.
>If it worked over the long term you'd hear this shit all the time of how people were becoming millionaires left and right.
you are honestly really fucking stupid or you haven't read the thread. nobody is becoming a millionaire because nobody can move that much volume short term. a good trader can play FIXED 10k positions and make 2% on that a day on average which is only 73k/y. nobody is talking about millions

> I'm talking about those who can.
I'm telling you those people are liars user.
I trolled the scalper forums for years. I tried it myself for years.
No one can make 2% a day.
you can prove me wrong with someones track record, longer than 1 or 2 week plz. You can't do it.

95% of forex traders lose money.
The majority of options players lose money.
The majority of intraday players lose money.
The very few who do make it, don't make 2%, maybe 0.25% or less on average. no one makes fucking 2%, don't tell me they do, i know it's a lie.

maybe you're right but it still doesn't sound unreasonable to me.

2% per day is impossible

Just imagine how easy it is to lose 4%. Then you have to make back that 4%, PLUS MORE, in that same day just to get back to the average

Fucking retarded that it's even being discussed

Do you know why compound interest is Mr Brianlet?

Sorry dude but if you can't make consistent 1-2% trades daily then you are a sucker and only exist to feed the sharks and whales
Learn to scalp and you can make gains in any market condition

that's how they get you hooked user.
It *sounds* great in theory. They'll even show you a dozen people who did it (for a week).
Turns out the people who did great last week are losing this week.
the market is adversarial, if there's a 2% edge somewhere, they'll find it and use it until the edge disappears.

There's TA advantages, but they're no where near 2%. and anyone who is telling you about fibonnaci is a larper. Fibs have 0 correlation with market movement. It's the worst hindsight bias TA has. they don't tell you about the 99 fib levels that failed before one worked.

post trading records lmao

lmfao 122 dollars this guy thinks hes a hotshot but he's fucking poor

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(1.02)^365 = 1337.40

If there was anyone on the planet capable of producing such returns reliably, if they started with $1, after 5 years they would have 4.95*10^15 $

i.e. they would have 4.95 Quadrillion Dolalrs

use your head plz...

(obviously 2% per day might be plausible with very small sums of cash but you will quickly run into liquidity issues if you try your same strats with larger sums)

Learn to read volume, price movement and order books
Most coins on binance with ~100btc daily volume have spreads of anywhere from 0.4% to 0.8%, binance fee is 0.05%
If you can't do a few 0.4% trades a day you are shit. Deal with it.
Gtfo outta here with this you can't beat the market bullshit. This is crypto not forex or futures. Gains are easier here than anywhere else and no other market can replicate the success you can achieve here.

+1 for fibs being shite, they never work, for anyone trading on bitmex, nerver ever listen to dessos or steves, fucking useless larpers that everyone thinks is a bastion of truth but are just whales manipulating the goyim into handing over their cash, create your own strategy, stick to it, don't get greedy, easy wins

>Just imagine how easy it is to lose 4%
just as easy as it is to make 4%, and even easier if you know how to read charts

how difficult can it be to play high volatility coins at extreme ends of the RSI with tight stop losses. whatever you say, it doesn't make sense. there is no temporary edge that disappears, it's the same strategy that you can employ over and over again and the guy in the OP does it all the time for months that I've been following him
fib levels hold because everyone uses them. the recent bitcoin bounce was a perfect 0.786 retracement, this isn't a coincidence.

read the thread retard

i guarantee you i understand all that shit better than you.
0.4% come the fuck on, the whole market is in a bull run, it's not because you're a great trader. I've made 400% in the last 4 months, by holding, and some swing trading. Day trading is a fools game.
It's easy to beat the market, making 1% a day is insane though and not sustainable.

Tell me your trades this week. Did you get in on verge, icon, or eos? or did you get fucked like 99% of the coins?
loool. you know RSI can stay above 90 for several bars, right? when do you sell? and sometimes when you do sell the dip is only a tiny bar then it shoots back up into overbought territory.
oscillators are only useful for looking at divergence to confirm an entry.

Obviously not if you think 1% a day is outrageous. I've been scalping and swinging omg and nav the last few days, trading stack increased 8%, I aim for 12% a month, idc about catching pump and dumps because I can consistently make gains I am happy with
1% is definitely not insane... especially not in a market like this. It doesn't matter bull market or not, any volatility is good volatility.

What do you do when you get high as fuck and show off your shit on stream then get hacked after sucking black dick like the HIV ridden faggot you are? What is the pay out there?

if you're doing 1% your returns should be 35% on the month, not 12%.
Congrats, you just played yourself

PleaseRespond Phil. Your followers are losing money and you are losing credibility. Only a matter of time till one catches up with you or you OD from your drug habit.

I just got into shorting at 5x margin on Kraken and was an idiot and went all in with my portfolio from $3500 -> $5600 -> $3200 -> $1700 because I didn't recognize the bounce and held it then did various FOMOs and lost a ton to fees because of setting my stop loss too tight or too loss.

Anyways I realized I need to stop being an idiot and only use a portion, how much is a reasonable starting amount to work my way back up to at least 3500?

I didn't say I did 1% a day every day, I don't have enough time to sit in front of the screen
I can do 1%-2% a day if I'm at it for 8 hours a day though quite easily

You enjoy your methods I'll enjoy mine

why not? 35% is certainly more profitable than your day job. don't you want to be rich?

Because it's stressful and when I play full time trader a lot more mistakes are made

huh... weird...
it's almost like...
you can't make 1% daily
gee if only you could make a bot that didn't trade on emotion, it would be so easy! and you'd be a millionaire in a few months!

Hello newfriend
Enjoy that meme but shit doesn't work like that
First off the coin you happen to have will only pump on certain days. Most days it will be stagnant and not move enough to make a trade
So pulling 2percent gains literally every day is not at all likely , near impossible
Especially because you would be trading your whole stack
Let's say you found a nice 5 percent raise
Yay I sold the top! Now just buy the dip
There are times a coin barely comes down and keeps going upwards.
If you happened to sell before a strong uptrend you are completely fucked
Those 20 good trades you made will all put you in negative from one bad trade
I make trades every few days. I put my orders in and can leave the pc and usually after a few days my buy or sell will hit
However as I explained there are times the coin goes on an uptrend and you thought you sold the top but now you have to buy in higher than you sold because it hasn't dipped


You will be rekt faggot. You may get lucky and get 20 trades in your favor. It only takes 1 to take all those profits away

And trust me. There will be a time when you are sitting there and won't set a stop loss.

Ever hear about your stop loss getting hit then all the sudden it climbs 5k sats. Yea now you're fucked , stop acting like it's super easy. Hurrrr muh 1 percent a day is so easy and manageable. Durrrr it's just 1 percent!!!!