LINK will never go over $10-12

And that will happen in the next 4-5 years.
Sorry guys, you will never see $1000 EOY.

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>trusting a pajeet tier site over a glorious GET on a mongol falconry board

LINK is a very good lon-term ivestment platform which gives you much profit.
Gaining is possible up to 326.24% in a year and 1493.42% in 5 years.
Today price of the coin 0.550874 in USD and 0.00006235 in BTC.

How can a coin get from 0.4 dollars to 1000 in nine months?

$10-$30 is a reasonable and awesome price expectation

10k eoy confirmed

The same way NEO did go from pennies to $140 in 5 months.
You are a newfag, aren't you?

Link will never go over 1 dollar more like. Lucky if it remains over 10 cents.

What, do you think I will have made it with 100,000 dollars in 5 years? wtf I want my 4 million for my 4k LINK come hell or high water REEEEEEEEEEE SERGEY I WANT TO BE RICH FUUUUCK

OMG this picture never gets old. Thanks for the laff

when is the mainnet for this shittoken coming out again? December?

>actual currency on its own blockchain
>60M circulating

LINK is an ERC-20 token, and 350 million circulating. I'll fuck my ass with a broomstick if LINK reaches even $50 this year

>link will never be $10
>link will never be $100
>link will never be $1000

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dont promise things you wont do, bad karma senpai

I've done it before when I was younger. Will gracefully do it again if needed.

>4 million

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Those sites are bullshit in general
They undervalue every coin

Well shitcoins stay shitcoins even in a bullish scenario:
I also seen some fucked up valutation too:
Or this WTF

I agree that crypto market is a too speculative and irrational market to make long term predictions.
Or organic growth

You probably do it a few times a week. And you liked it.

screen capped. better stay true to your word, noLinker.


well duhh..anyone expecting more than a x10 on this at a 5 year time-line is severly out of touch with reality

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my 3k investment will turn into 300k you say? thank you sir

the token isn't going to be valuable because it doesn't need to be. you either have proprietary single source data where tokens will never come into play, or public source data that will either be a race to the bottom or it will be attested to by the source itself, and again, provided with no link tokens needed, because it them becomes single source data.

shut up brainlet none of that even made sense

What is the face he's making from? It's driving me insane.

>doesn't understand
>y- you're a brainlet!

no he's probably not he just did not want to take the time to explain it to you and why what you said was fucking stupid.