Brothers, i really want to get into this.
Yet im scared its another stinky chink scam. Is there any way to find out their team and advisors board is legit. If so this shits huge even tho their roadmap is far stretched and a working product is still far off.
Can any of you come up with some proof or anything, and yes i've done my own research but its still hard to find all you want to make a based decision on these chink projects

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Yea wtf, I bought 5k cause I was pressured into it

fuck you faggot. 160k stack since 7 cents. Made multiple threads about this on biz, you can all suck a dick now. You'll fomo in later anyway. You are all retarded for not taking 2 (two) minutes to look at their team and marketcap. I'm very comfy with my minimum 5x before may

The CEO posts in the telegram daily. Sometimes just does straight up AMA goes hours at a time

Ty user, havent seen this one yet
Oi cunt
How about you go fuck yourself.
Like i said i want to get into this but sharing some info before throwing money at something seemed like a good idea to me. Great you made a thread about it earlyer but im not lurking biz all day so i must have missed out on it. Anyways i wanted to get in yesterday but waited out for the market to make a move since im bringing in fresh fiat for this one, and yes the fomo's in the back of my mind already cuz this shit went up another 40% since then in this fucking market right now. But if you do not have anythin usefull to bring in, fuck off

It's difficult to 'prove' since you'll have to ask the individuals themselves to confirm it (and they're all rich Chinese fucks) but if you go here you'll find all the info:

this coin has had multiple threads a day for the last week and a half. I saw the potential at 7 cents, It's at 14 now, and they haven't released anything note worthy, or gotten listed on new exchanges. You'll see at least 50 cents in april, a lot more if it gets on okex or a B exchange

I was about to buy it but didn´t think it would take off this soon. Help me out guys and dump it so I can get in.

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its really starting to take off now. the volume is something like 50% of the market cap LOLS fomo in now or at 0.2$ tomorrow

yous aussie mate

dude are you stupid just buy a smaller amount that ur comfortable holding...i bought a bag yesterday and guess what? BBN is saving my portfolio while everything else is RED (thanks shilling anons)

Yes bbn has actually caught my attention because of a thread, and lets be honest, its very rare for an actual gem of a coin to be shilled here. Been busy af, but today had some time to read upon as much as i could, and i think 50 cents april seems very reasonable for it being 15mil mc? right now. But was still interested in some legit fud, if there is any. Hopefully not, its about time for a new great project in this giant pool of shitcoins popping up everywhere

admin said new exchange at the end of the month also + suppman shilling , risk / reward is very high

it just keeps going up. I dont even have account on bibox.

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Are you still debating this, wtf I sold lots of my unmoving shit and bbn is doing so much in saving me right now

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Supply? I can't seem to find it? Also circulating supply?

120mil circ

circulating 120m and market cap something like 17m. volume 7.24m

Don't fomo in that chink scamcoin. You'll have plenty of opportunities to gamble your imaginary money on other imaginary money.

thanks, i'm buying

there is no ¨legit¨ fud. The only thing this coin gets is ¨chink scam¨.
All you have to be aware of is the supply increase which occurs 3. of june and 3. of september. Take your profits late may and buy back in after supply increase. This team is legit insane, and the sub reddit has 300 members. Etherscan showed a total of 2,1k adresses holding this token on monday. The ico was just a way of getting enough to cover expenses, they closed it at 5 mill, cuz they didn't ¨need¨ more money. Ico was also private

Honestly 17m marketcap for a chinese coin isn't even gambling

did they hint at any particular exchanges? I know they've been advised to not put the coin on kucoin, for obvious reasons, so that one's out of the question (i hope)

I gotta agree, i havent seen team members and advisors of this magnitude before, even on way higher caps. But thats exactly the point, it seems to good to be true all in all. Mybe this time it is true.

Lol, im a true aryan dutchman
Got some family down under tho

If you're going to shill, at least tell us what this coin does

goed bezig vriend

sure might be too good to be true, but it's up 70% the last two days, and it has A LOT more in it before it crashes (if it crashes). I'm not emotionally invested in any project, i seize an opportunity and ride the wave. this is bound to catch on with the upcoming youtube shills and new exchange
nobody gives a shit, it's a money train. read about it urself

I thought Banyan would stay low like other coins such as HPB and CPC. Didn't expect Banyan to pump +300% in a bear market.

They mentioned they got on bibox due to bigger exchanges being too expensive. I dont know what the costs are for each exchange, but a medium sized chinese one would make sense. How about huobi?

Huobi isn't really medium sized though

When it gets to CPC's market cap it'll slow down for a bit, then settle somewhere between CPC and HPB imo till the May bull run

Haha weer even heerlijk discussiëren hier, is alweer een tijd geleden. Maar eerlijk, dit muntje zou zomaar wel eens een serieuze klapper kunnen zijn. Heb echt niks knaps kunnen vinden tussen al die nieuwe schijtpojectjes tot ik deze tegen kwam. Ik stap er morgen denk in, btc oogt nog erg zwak nu dus even de nacht afwachten.

Uhu inderdaad zou gemakkelijk x5 kunnen doen. Chinezen worden wakker om 3 uur, zet je wekker al maar, heb net gekocht om eerlijk te zijn

Ja ben heel benieuwd. En lekker man, hopelijk een goede keuze. Succes iig ik ga mooi maffen

wtf, is it actually at 17mil MC rn

Feels gud mane

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dw, it's just because bitcoin is pumping. This has a lot more growth ahead.

buy the dip

aaaaaaaaaaaaand biz got dumped on. congratulations

wattt it only lost a couple percent lol

all in bitch
i'm literally up 100% in 3 days, it went up to 45% today and had a small correction just now. How's your last 3 days been ;)


you promised me there would be gains.
I have been hesitateing since 5cents and now that I finally fomoed in it dumped 10 minutes later.

I hate you Veeky Forums

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Good entry point for those on the sideline

I was the one who just dumped :)

I held my PRL instead of going all in on this. Only have 14k instead of 120k. I may have to kms

don't you ever fucking dump on me again, or else i'll sell my 250k stack and bring this bitch down to 10 cents for a moment

>hesitateing since 5cents

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Sold my MAN, bought the dip. Looking forward to more.

Been waiting on sidelines and tracking BBN since some anons started shilling it around 7c, why won't it dip down. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

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Fucking moron who missed out at buying in on the cheap. Don't worry, you still got time to make some gains (Just not as much)

>tfw one of the top 120 adresses
feels good mayne

I told you so.

Its over, isn´t it?

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What you'll do when BTC goes down and price tank ? Do not FOMO, and never follow BIZ advice.

The last time BTC went down this coin became tether and held its price just fine, in fact it went up a little bit.

> chink
>no videos or images with soslid asociation of this project leader who allegedly has so much clout
>leader actually has price targets and is fixated on prices
>nothing on CMC
>literally buying something by taking their word for circ supply
>project leader spends all day in telegram, apparently hes also very bussy successful business man
>project leader tells people not to ask their partners about the partnership because they will not share anything
>coin has vague use case and nobody can explain what the token drrives its value from, or the general aim and usecase of the project in practical terms.

biz buying on mass.

has the be the stupidest thing ever.

if you are putting more than 5% of your port in this you are asking for it