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it's bull

I shorted because bear flags have a high % success rate on BTC and we moved out of the cloud on the 1hr. If your scenario plays out that's great for the market and I am happy with that.

This is so much like an alt pump it ain't funnay. Whales have walls at 8600. Once you see those getting eaten through like they're nothing that's your sign its going ot pump.

What are you talking about, price is still in cloud on the 1hr, change your settings to double, dummy.

Double toped at 9100 resistance
>it's gonna pump
You retarded user?
We will revisit the support at ~7200$ and than we'll see from there

Theres like no volume tho

a double top means nothing

I use both and last time the aggressive settings called the trend quicker so I was going with that.

Yeah i know that theres 2 kinds of people when It comes to double tops/bottoms - the ones that think they are real and the ones that think they are unicorns (tone vays).
I think double tops are bad in bear markets and not so bad in bull markets - same goes for bottoms - in bull markets they act as support and in bear markets not really.
I opened a 10x short in 8600 - i dont eaven hope in right since it's like 5% of my pfolio....well se..

well i dont think we're in a bear market anymore and today was a normal retracement so thats probably why but we'll see

are your aggressive settings default? If not, what do you use? That sounds pretty useful.

COULD be a head and shoulders in the making if we trade sideways from the channel and dont break higher

Why do you think we are not in a bear market anymore? What tells you that (except for the alts "run")?
This bounce at 8500 2 and a half hours ago had absolutely 0 volume

the market is highly manipulated so i dont even look much at volume at the moment it can and is pushed in whichever direction easily

some people say we already reversed at 5.9k and this was just a bigger retracement for a higher low, i dont think we will go back too much more but that is just my personal opinion


We broke out of the kumo at like 8200 ish but I waited for confirmation on the doubled settings before entering. Wanted to be quicker this time. However I rushed that decision after waking up and after looking at the indicators and seeing how we're holding on this support, I'm now long.

Hopefully my bear flag belief doesn't play out.

The first run to 11.8 had no volume yet it happened anyway. Market makers will do as they please.

Yes! Glad I jumped on the winning trend. Closed muh short early. OP I wouldn't have actually looked at the oscillators if you hadn't posted this thread, so cheers to you mate!

What about the death cross on the daily?

yes looks real good, think we will bounce on the upward support in a few hours again but could be working out some day tommorow

theres still days till it could happen, also not sure it will happen, can bounce, can instantly move upwards again cant really know

If we have 2 good days we will skim it and angle up. It's like a plan flying low altitude and the captain is pulling back on the wheel. If we cross I'm shorting and I think a lot of people will be too.

Everyone's making noise about this, but it's a consequence of the market falling so hard from January. It's a lagging indicator.