Let’s do this lads

Let’s do this lads

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downloads.skycoin.net/skywire/Skycoin Miner Assembly Manual_Final_180108.pdf


congratz you got scammed

Build it

im a idiot..whats all that for. i keep seeing this coin schilled but never checked anything other then its low supply

How does it function?

I have about 10 skycoin. You should try buying some it’s a nice feeling to own some

on desktop. id may change.

downloads.skycoin.net/skywire/Skycoin Miner Assembly Manual_Final_180108.pdf

working on it

testnet node. sky"miner" forwards bandwidth on the skywire network instead of wasting electricity on POW

Same feeling as owning ethereum back in the day

hooooollyyyyyy shiiiiiiiitttttt you actually bought the "mining rig" for the coin that has no mining. actually how retarded are you

>thumbnail in catalogue looks like nintendo labo
>it's a shitcoin labo mining rig
fuck you OP

how come the skyminers are already out? i didnt receive an email, since when have they been shipping?

What is this pointless fud? It’s a cryptoeconomic system just like bitcoin the miner just does some extra stuff too. As you can see this is all open source so what is the problem?

I like the direction they are taking

wtf this shit costs 1btc ??

I’m gonna be a millionaire

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nice overpriced kit...

I was looking into doing it on a raspberry pi but the software looks awkward as fuck to set up.

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>open source
>buy our proprietary hardware

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oh shit skycoin hardware I like u user

Sorry for bully OP, you're alright. I wish you luck and that your shitcoin moons.

>taking the pleb infantile coloured version instead of the aristocrat noble charcoal version

You deserve to fall from the skies.

So many skycoin fudders gets me more bullish. You all just want cheap skycoin

don't you mean ''fall from the skycoin" *badum tsss*

apart from the fact that this shitcoin already did an 5000x (or 50 000?)

6 raspberrys for 10k dollars, great

It all adds up.

That was the joke you pleb.

>buy our proprietary hardware
You can buy all the parts and build your own

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>downloads.skycoin.net/skywire/Skycoin Miner Assembly Manual_Final_180108.pdf
thx i just assembled 100k skyminers ;)

this fud is getting old. Atleast innovate

Someone explain Skywire to me.
So, they're trying to make a new internet.
Basically a walled garden of nodes communicating via VPN?
I just don't get the viability of the network in terms of privacy and freedom, when we can achieve this already with vpns alone or the tor network.

DYOR fag, sky network will communicate with and initially piggyback off of existing ISP infrastructure. what VPNs and Tor dont have is incentivation for the user to host those nodes which skycoin has solved using blockchain.

Skycoin sounds like it's for poofters. What is it?


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I don't get it either. Is a cluster of shitty raspberry pies really the most efficient way to go for this project? It seems like such a stupid gimmick

Pretty sure this is a scam.

I will explain this in as basic a way as I can.

OP is acting as a web host for the skycion content.

Using multiple raspberry pis wont make him a better miner, but will make him a better content delivery system.

Gonna run to the store real quick. Will make a new thread if this dies when I’m back.

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slightly jealous of the splat joycons

The incentive to use the Skywire network is a 1BTC fee for a node rig, with the promise that people will pay with Skycoins to use it?
Whats their end goal, to set up a physical network?
What can this node do that an existing computer running software can't?
If they wanted adoption, they'd be pushing out a software package instead of trying to sell raspberry pi's.
I can't help but be critical because it doesn't seem like a viable idea, we already have multiple and affordable avenues to a free internet.

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Curious, why would you buy this if it's open source?

>Curious, why would you buy this if it's open source?
Probably because they packages all the parts in an easy bundle.

Though it seems as if he still had to go out and buy some shit.

you actually spent 8k on this shit? fucking late adopters. and their shittoken isn't even necessary. what a disaster.

OP is back, but I think im done building for the night. Will make another thread tomorrow

the pis are because the testnet can only run on specific hardware atm. youll be able to run nodes on other devices in the future.

because at the time orange pi primes were sold out everywhere and not shipping until the end of march. also guaranteed whitelisting on the testnet which will only be able ot handle a certain amount of nodes at first.

8k what the fuck? for those rpi things? how fucking many do they send?

they send you a rebate back in SKY. the 1 BTC requirement is just a pajeet filter

I love the uninformed fud on this board, really lets me know the knowledge level of the people I trade against on a daily basis... They have released the software and you can run a node off your computer or laptop, but it won't be able to handle gigabyte speeds like the 8 orange pi's will. Also, please name the other multiple and affordable avenues to free internet that aren't centralized because other than skycoin's project, I see no other viable projects that can accomplish that sort of ambitious project.

fud? Your defensiveness when I'm only asking simple questions about the platform tells me a lot more than answers could.
Nobody but anarchists and pirates want a free internet.
How could a product like this ever go mainstream, when the mainstream doesn't give 2/3 of a fuck about a free internet?

top lel your projection onto my posts clearly shows how much more defensive you are. implying only anarchists and pirates want free internet just supports how uniformed i think you are. On top of that I answered more of your questions when you couldn't even answer a simple one of mine (an argument which you brought up in the first place). so please keep avoiding any research on sky and kill yourself when it moons and we are using it as the defacto solution to net neutrality and the FCC.

Oh fuck me in the ass I know you want to.

It doesn't matter if its run by 8 orange pi's or a quantum computer if nobody is going to use it.

You know what an incentive would be that would drag in people (other than the exorbitant pricing for cheap hardware). Piracy. Lots of people want free shit but can't get it.
Make it easy for them to get it.
You know those android tv boxes that people buy to stream pirated movies?
Make a software package for one of those things, people will willingly buy the hardware and run the software (node) if they can watch Black Panther on the network for free.
Every pleb and his mum plugging in SD storage that can be utilised not just for pirated content but cloud storage or mirrored websites.

ill fugg ur azz

Factories in china churning out thousands of these small, always-running, always connected devices trying to keep up with demand.

OP be sure to flash the Pis before bolting them to the frame, otherwise you're going to have to find yourself breaking down and rebuilding the damn thing due to the HDMIs for half the Pis being inaccessible due to rough design.

oh wow good tip, thanks