Based on the other thread which was sadly deleted, it turns out a lot of people smoke weed and whatever else...

Based on the other thread which was sadly deleted, it turns out a lot of people smoke weed and whatever else. My question is, how is smoking weed in any way shape or form enjoyable? Ive tried it many times before and it just makes me feel light headed / blood isnt getting to my head which isnt a nice feeling


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>how coulda rush of euphoria and uncontrolable laughter for 2 hours be enjoyable?
maybe stop smoking oregano?

>Ive tried it many times before and it just makes me feel light headed
Drugs affect everyone differently, I don't like to drink so I don't. I prefer smoking to drinking.

just do you

dude shoot weed lmao

you havent smooked it enough times to enjoy it. also your too aware snd nitpicking of being high. the key is to relax during this time and turn off your thoughts of self awareness. just play some video games or watch a movie

gotta have 2 beers then smoke

>Veeky Forums - Business & Finance

>rush of euphoria

That's opioids for you, weed is not euphoric at all it only amplifies your emotions

Its same for me to, user. You are not alone. You also forgot to mention the coughs you get while hitting some dank ass bong. I enjoy Drinking way better to be quite honest.

confirmed for smoking weak stuff or simply not enough

>Falling for the magical jew herb that kills any sort of drive or ambition
A whole generation lost to this, truly sad

Weed is a cancer, turns you into a hedonistic soyboy with no cares in the world. t. Near daily weed smoker from age 16 to 22 (now) who already made it but almost solely from luck. Purpose has left the building. Don't smoke weed faggot

Drugs effect people differently. If weed is not your thing then don't smoke it. Personally I smoke it pretty much every day, it's a good stress reliever after work. But again that's just me

Ye ye

Honestly this is why most stoners are annoying af

I've smoked weed for 4 years, been to Amsterdam, Grey-area/Greenhouse/Grasshopper/Bushdoctor and to cannabis social clubs in Barcelona.

All the sativa/indica/hybrid bullshit doesn't matter, weed isn't euphoric as opioids or dissociatives.

You might not have developed cannaboid receptors

Not a fan of any substance that makes me dumber, except for occasional alcohol

I hate the feeling of "I'd say something smarter if I wasn't so fucked up"

I get heart palpitations start feeling like im burning up, go light headed and feel sick then usually vomit.

fuck that shit man

Well, a good made weed with the seeds around today is very heavy, a very heavy stone... I smoke only one a day, usually something not too heavy just to relax and sleep better

You also probably took too much. I smoke every day (well, vape, and when I can, currently applying for jobs) -- but I just barely sip. It's probably one of my favorite things in life to be honest family.

Makes sex amazing.

Makes food taste way better.

Makes movies more interesting.

Makes personal projects more fun.

Make chores more fun.

Makes VR incredible.

Really just an enhancer.

Agree on sex, if i smoke and drink a beer i can last 1 hour kek

Get a pizza and watch Heavy Metal

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After work last night I got high and let my dog out. The alley gate was open and he got out, I stood in the alley a bit looking if he was still around, nope. After getting ready I walked up a couple blocks and then walked back
>It was 11pm dark and he's a black dog without his collar, I wasnt expecting to find him
I went back home and decided to wait out side a bit and sure enough five minutes later my little buddy shows up. I'm not mad with him and am happy to see he's OK but he looks like he wants to keep going so I signal him to go and I just follow him around for 30 more minutes.

What I'm trying to say OP is don't smoke and play games like some of these guys say, workout or go for a walk a bit and then afterward you can game out.

This right here. Far as I know, not many smarter people love downers on a regular basis. It makes sense that you'd rather wanna go with stims when staying up or the occasional disso/psychedelic when looking for a change of perspective

Weed is boring and 99% of people that smoke regularly are boring

Fuck weed/cocaine
Do steriods. Get big AF. Smash bitches

maybe should'nt have started as a kid mongoloid, then you would'nt have ended as an addict, congrats, your addiction wired brain is for the rest of your life

>I smoke every day
>currently applying for jobs
no shit, hm?

I knew someone was going to latch onto that.

Nigger I make $120k a year in the midwest as an engineer. My company is closing down the office I work at, and I decided not to move across the country.

I have 3 interviews lined up. I live in a big house, drive a fancy car, etc etc. Get fucked.

There are obviously a lot of dumb shit in this thread that take their knowledge / opinions on marijuana directly from "that one time they smoked out of an apple Freshman year".

The amount you smoke, the strain you're smoking, your choice of delivery method, they all make a difference in the experience.

I'm a late 20's professional who works in the financial software industry. I smoke almost every night, it's a de-stresser. It's not an "experience" by itself. Think of it like an instagram filter for your perception of reality, that lasts 30 minutes to a couple hours between doses.

It helps me clear my mind of all the bullshit I bring home from the office, to wind down and get immersed in recreational activities.

Some people have negative side effects, like the paranoia / anxiety / etc, but I've never experienced those things.

I find, without weed, everything is boring, so I just keep smoking...

I mean, once you're past bullshit entry level jobs they don't drug test. I haven't been tested in years.

you are an addict fuckhead
try to stay healthy

>you are an addict
I don't think you know what that word means

>stay healthy
You mean like do strength training and some high intensity cardio like brazilian jiu jitsu (which I've been doing for 8 years)?

Project more, and get your fucking life together.

>it just makes me feel light headed / blood isnt getting to my head which isnt a nice feeling

Hold the smoke in and count to 30

Weed can be nasty though. Fun when used sparingly and as a psychedelic tool, but rapidly becomes degenerate if used too often.

Hell I've been working in the IT field for years and I've never been drug tested

Well I have the resting heart rate and testosterone of an athlete,

Troll. Fuck off.

These guys know what's up. Fellow toker here.

Generally that's true, but I'm applying for government aerospace jobs. The risk of getting drug tested is a lot higher in that space.

think youre the one projecting mate
i smoke once or maybe twice a month

>I smoke almost every night, it's a de-stresser. It's not an "experience" by itself. Think of it like an instagram filter for your perception of reality, that lasts 30 minutes to a couple hours between doses.
addict talk

How much you contributing to retirement? 401k match good at your company?

Similar circumstances here.

>Think of it like an instagram filter for your perception of reality
What a perfect analogy

Why do you care about what other people do?

If there's one constant in human life, it's the need/desire to get intoxicated. We've been doing is since we saw birds and animals act strangely from eating fermented berries, and learned that certain plants, when thrown on a fire, have certain effects, or that certain mushrooms fuck your head up.

I'm one of those people who doesn't like pot, it just puts me to sleep. But I've watched it effect tons of people in my life, in positive ways. They enjoy it, as long as they don't hurt themselves or others, who gives a flying fuck? Happiness is hard to come by on this rock, and if smoking a plant makes you happy for a couple hours, so fucking what. It's degenerate? "Degeneracy" is a human construct, and a guilt trip, at best.

I like nicotine, caffeine, and in small amounts, alcohol, from fermented grapes. Have a problem with that? Feel free to go fuck yourself.

And, I've never seen anyone smoke a joint and then beat their wives/kids. I've seen that plenty of times, from alcohol. I'd rather hang out with a stoner, than a Jack Daniels/beer drinker.

After I started meditating, can't smoke anymore. Being stoned now leads me to view everything as completely alien and it is horrifying beyond explanation.

Weed didn't make you that way, you did. You would have been the same if you were pounding down a 12 pack every night.

100% this

Stop rolling it with tobacco
Breath WAY deeper and hold it longer. Guaranteed you're not getting it into your lungs properly.

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things potheads say

>the key is to relax during this time and turn off your thoughts of self awareness.
you get used to that and you become a couch potato within 3 years

i'll tell you what I heard in a coffee shop a few years ago. I was on lunch for work and got myself a chili. Sat down within an earshot of 2 gentlemen speaking a few tables to my right. I don't know what it was, but one of them starting speaking about drugs and my brain instantly hooked onto what he was saying: "when can you do drugs? when you know who you are, when you have a job, when you have a career, only when you know who you are can you do drugs. If you don't have any of that, you're a fucking idiot"

Idk what took over me but I wrote it word to word on my phone and won't ever forget that.

>t. stoner

From what I'm being told by friends, edibles is the way to go - no smoke, it's more pure, and kicks your ass.

I know what pot does to me - sleepytime - but I'm curious to try some. Same for psychedelics - I'm not looking to open my third eye or any of that woo woo mystical shit, I just want to experience it.

And, I stay away from any speed/meth/coke, because I know I like caffeine and nicotine too much. Odds are too high that I'm one of those people who try coke once and will be doing an 8ball alone within a week. Fuck that shit.

Same for opiates. I had to take some hardcore shit for pain, and I know what the euphoric bit is, which is why I stopped taking it as soon as I could. I'm REAL careful with shit like vicoden and oxies, I try to use advil or tylenol when I can.

This. pic was a nice touch btw

Use = /= addiction, dummy.

Please stop running your mouth about things you have no clue about. Casual use is not addiction. You can smoke pot every day for 50 years and not be addicted. You can smoke pot once a week, and be an addict.

no edibles are for fags. roll up a j pussy

>government aerospace jobs

Definitely a higher risk of testing. I'd go clean until after I started in your position too.

What part of that is addict talk? The smoking every day part? Would drinking one beer every night make me an alcoholic? I've stopped cold turkey without any problems more than once when I had a reason to. It's easy, and I've never felt the desperation to toke up that you'd typically associate with an addiction.

Minimum 20% of each paycheck goes directly into my savings. Once that account builds up enough cash, I typically move chunks of it into other assets. So far I've bought a couple acres of land, some stocks, and crypto. I actually just switched jobs, and it came with a nearly 50% salary increase, so I'll probably move that up a bit. New company matches 100% of the first 3%, and 50% of the next 3%. I'm currently contributing 6% to get maximum match.

This. Weed doesn't make people hedonists, complacent retards, lazy pieces of shit, or idiots. It's just that unmotivated human trash tends to gravitate towards weed, because it helps them deal with their own self contempt and general dissatisfaction with their lives. Just like alcohol.

Depends on the company. The one I work for drug screens now, and everyone freaks out, but what they don't know, or aren't supposed to know, is that they only pay to screen for opiates, they don't test for nicotine/thc. We found out, someone was banging an HR admin and she blabbed.

>It's just that unmotivated human trash tends to gravitate towards weed

welcome to a society that breeds more fatherless children

Read for comprehension next time, dummy. I posted that I don't smoke pot.

But hey, you tried.

Listen up soyboys
>30yo smoked 99% of days the past decade
>100k+ online business

First off, if you don't understand weed, you either haven't done it enough times, or you're one of the unfortunate fags whose body doesn't accept it.

Next, for all the soy pussies who think that weed will ruin your life. Well no shit, if you choose to take the gift of being blazed and throw it away on jacking off and playing video games in your room, you're gonna regret it. If you goto the gym and live a normal life With weed, you'll be fine. You'll only struggle to adapt to the latter method if you're a pussy who would be jacking off in his room playing video games without weed anyway.

That said, will you 'accomplish more' by never smoking weed? "Sure" by the wagecuck definition of accomplishment. Can some faggot with 500k more in the bank than me rewind the clock and have the same experience I did in my 20s? Choose wisely.

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I'm mostly focused on stocks. Made 10k on crypto last year though.

Staying out of the real estate market for the most part, with the exception of where I live.

I get 50% of 6%, so a bit worse than you for 401k. I'm maxing that out, but wonder if I should focus more on taxable accounts.

Weed is for teens and niggers.

my id will be the answer

>Would drinking one beer every night make me an alcoholic?
maybe you should read up the definition of addiction

fucktard, i like a little pot once in a while myself
but you are just repeating stupid stoner clishes
one of the reasons i don't hang out with stoners
>all natural mate
>i smoke it everyday, but i'm not addicted
fucking lol
>can stop any time, but i simply dont want

I only feel dread and anxiety when I smoke. Also it become crystal clear that I'm retarded and everyone hates me.

Try injecting it into your eyeballs. That's what all the cool kids are doing.

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You've got the right mindset it sounds like. Being maximally aware of the effect that your drug consumption has on your lifestyle and taking it into account during your decision making process.

Edibles are alright, but I'm not personally a big fan. When you take it orally, the way the active components are metabolized in your system produces somewhat different effects. It also takes longer for the "high" to come up, and longer for it to go down. How long it's been since your last meal, etc all has an impact.

I've tried edibles, extracts, vaporizers, joints, and all variety of combustion apparatus. Strange as it might sound, I still generally prefer and do most of my smoking out of a simple glass pipe. I enjoy looking at and smelling the flower, the process of breaking it up and packing the bowl, etc. The methodical, meditative process. It doesn't bother my throat if I keep the drags long and cool, and makes it really easy to keep an eye on my consumption. Plus, you know exactly what you're getting. It's just parts of a plant.

this. real weed smokers dont fucking sit around playing video games & eating cheetos. thats some newfag shit. I smoke weed, go to the gym and then use my high to get dialed in on crypto trading. bunch of rookies in this thread

Usage, or quantity doesn't define addiction. It's WHY you intoxicate that defines addiction. If someone has a glass of wine every night with dinner, that doesn't make them an addict. A lot of people go through a phase, usually in high school or college, with binge partying. They learn their lesson, and taper off naturally, but still use occasionaly.

The addict is the kid in 7th grade who pounds back vodka to help cope living with abusive parents in a fucked up home, who falls apart when they can't drink.

Use isn't abuse.

>first comment says weed is not euphoric at all
>second comment says weed isnt as euphoric as opiods.

uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm. youre contradicting yourself sweaty. you should apologize to user

>Usage, or quantity doesn't define addiction.
that's literally the definition of addiction you fuckhead
better stop the reefer, you seem severely braindamaged
t. doctor

The obvious answer is that it isn't going to be enjoyable for all. Some people get way paranoid and can't enjoy themselves at all.
I like it because it helps with anxiety, and I feel that it gives me a better perspective to myself almost like I'm seeing myself in the third person. Some of the more important and positive life changing decisions I've made have come from under the influence.

yes well i cant quit and its gonna be the reason i kms. all i want to ever do is get high and then i get high and am miserable

A common experience for people.
It could certainly be partially physiological, not everyone's brain reacts to it the same way.

I'd bet a large part of that experience though is just the high peeling enough back that your own deep-set internal insecurities come to the surface. You'd do well to spend some time on solitary self reflection, even if it's uncomfortable. Once you come to terms and admit the things that are your personal flaws, you'll be able to start to overcome them and in the process expunge the shame that's dragging you down.

A. It's "cliches"
B. I've forgotten more about addiction than you'll ever know, fuckface, I was raised by addicts, and volunteered in rehabs in college. For about a year I was going to go into rehab work as a professional, until I learned I took most of what I experienced there personally, and a counselor told me the job would kill me.
C. I don't use anything regularly besides caffeine and nicotine, and they're mild habits. I'm about as far away from stoner that you can get, without going into "insufferable prick" territory, where you live.

So take you prissy little attitude and shove it up your ass sideways. m'kay?

Who else here /godtrader/ when blazed?

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You are not a doctor, lol. Fucking neckbeards. I love the indignant rage of a neckbeard who's been told he's wrong. Rage away, fedora boy.

Seek help.

>genetic predisposition to addiction from family
>also nicotin addicted
>can't handle stress
>no stoner
just smoke one and forget what i said kek

Everyone is different and reacts differently to drugs.


No conclusive answer, imo the perceptual reaction to being high is the biggest factor (people just have different tastes enjoy different mental states).

I think most everyone makes a bigger deal of cannabis than it makes any sense to. Judging from the reactions in this thread, there are a lot of teenagers and inexperienced folk around here who feel the need to spread their misunderstanding or to assert their feelings of superiority over people with different tastes than them.

FWIW I'm in my early 20's, working as a biomedical engineering researcher at one of the top universities in my field (regenerative medicine) and I am stoned like 80% of the time that I am not in lab. I smoke several times a day, everyday (unless I'm with family, travelling for my work, or it just generally isn't convenient at the time) and have done so since I was in highschool. Hasn't seemed to impact my schoolwork, career, or anything like that. If anything it has positively impacted my social life and gives me the ability to sleep (which I have always had issues with).

If you smoke when you're bored, I don't see why it would be a problem. If you smoke when you are trying to run from your emotions or responsibilities or let smoking get in the way of your productivity, you're gonna have a bad time, but that goes for literally anything so...

Edibles aren't always the best way though. Unless you're buying from a dispensary with measured and tested THC content, most people making edibles just try to make strong as fuck edibles.
Vaping is the best way to go, especially a high end desktop vape. Being able to choose temperatures means you're releasing different cannabinoids. Cooler temps usually bring on a more cerebral, "daytime" high and higher temps will be a more sedative body high.

>I'm wrong
maybe your reading comprehension suffers also from your braindamage
maybe take a look at a little book called icd-10

My counter question is: How can something be enjoyable in a shape or form? That makes no sense and you should kys. Sieg Heil

Here's a secret. Some people just shouldn't smoke weed. It's not good for them. Many of those people smoke it anyways, because of peer pressure and whatnot.

I mean, I already mentioned I work for a financial software company. I also have two housemates, and they both smoke similarly frequently to myself and are employed in good professional positions. One is a full stack front end developer, the other is a medical tech for one of the countries leading research practices.

Of course, I also have friends who are stoned most of the time and are actual losers with shit jobs / live with their parents. That's them though, not the weed.

Eh. I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but thanks. I've just seen enough shit in life to know addiction when I see it, and how to avoid falling into - god knows I'm probably genetically disposed to it. I know me, and where my weaknesses are.
Most of the negative comments here, I get where they're coming from, it's just the usual arrested development manchildren, who like to wave their little morality police fingers at people, because they don't understand the adult world, and can never join it because they're children emotionally and intellectually. Addiction is a bitch, but most people aren't addicts. Even people who are abusing drugs or alcohol aren't necessarily addicts, because of you remove the reasons why they fuck themselves up - bad marriage, bad job, whatever, they taper off or quit on their own.

And, people confuse dependency with addiction, but I won't bother getting into it here, because the neckbeards are squawking already. Gotta love the indignant outrage of incels and NEETS.

anything 420
wickr: puttingoutfires

Makes gaming always fun, could literally play CS or LoL all day 7 days a week, that's why it's dangerous af because you become content with not accomplishing anything.

I don't smoke cigarettes, dummy. But you keep thinking you have some "victory" here.

And yes, I vape, and I discovered that when you remove the cigarette, I can use nicotine when I want, and can leave it aside with no problems. I've gone a week without vaping, traveling.

But you keep thinking you know things, it's fucking adorable as all hell.

U havebt smoked it right op, its not like cigarettes u have to deeply inhale it, try it next time

But it still lame as fuck, if im going to do drugs im going to do amphetamines

I'm just curious, I have no interest in using THC regularly, because of how it just puts me right to sleep - I can do that with melatonin. If I ever find myself in a position to try some, I might, that's all I'm saying. Except for concerts or when my ex smoked (before sex, I get that part), contact highs are the only exposure I've had to pot. Hell, I even voted to legalize it, but I just don't use it.

>can leave it aside with no problem
>do it again over and over
where did i say you smoke cigarettes?
braindamage mate, severe braindamage

Oh, look, he's still trying.


braindamage mate, severe braindamage

>just smoke one and forget what i said kek

So fucking adorable. No more (you)s for you, though, I'm bored now.

Different strains have slightly different effects. Some put me right out like you described. Couch-locked, sleepy, lights out.

Others keep me active and energized while still providing a good head high. I find I personally prefer sativas, but indicas and hybrids are more popular. Sativas seem more likely to trigger the anxiety and things that affect some users, which might be why.

You might enjoy vaping a lot then as you can really fine tune your experience to how you want it. The fact that you're in a state where it was on the ballot tells me you're in a rec state unless you live in Arizona. With dispensary quality and selection, the sky is the limit. When you're ready, I'd give a fair shake to a strong sativa and strong indica, see which feeling you like better. Good luck!


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>Started at 16
Enjoy your irreversibly damaged under developed brain

>can vape the worldest greatest drug all day of the week
>food is better, music is better, muscle relaxant, reduces stress
>when i need shit to do stop smoking
>2 days and its a noticable difference
>a week off and all negative effects are gona but i feel like a relative fucking genuis
>stoner boners too

Getting fried on mdma tomorrow night. Gunna be a good time cunce

Could you describe the noticable difference you feel after abstaining? I've heard this from others before, but never experienced it myself, haven't gone more than a week without in years now, but I can't say I ever remember feeling different as a result of abstaining.

Like, I definitely feel different in the mornings than I do when I "sober up" after smoking, seems to have a lingering effect the rest of the day. Never noticed a difference between being sober the day after smoking and being sober after a week of sobriety tho.

no. there is a definite difference between a sativa high and an indica high.