Why would a middle class person ever vote to give billionaires more money?

Why would a middle class person ever vote to give billionaires more money?

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is this the only thing they are voting for?

>why middle class people vote for tax cuts

Because some people want to be entrepreneurs instead of wagecucking for mr shekelstein.

>Why would someone vote to give a bigger tax break to people who are making money when they could tax them more and give it to Tyrone and Jose and thus lower the incentive for them to do business within the country
Why would a middle class person ever vote to give money to niggers and immigrants?

>let GE abs Zuckerberg keep another 40 billion
>get a 1% tax cut


Because billionaires employ middle class people.
If you don't tax the shit out of them they might actually feel inclined to give a Christmas bonus instead of a jelly-of-the-month membership.

>no you see it’s simple; we let the rich have even more money and they might give some to us!

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If America was 90% white and didn't let in people from third would shit holes I would support a more socialist government.

You're right,
lo iq whites are always seen voting against they're own interests

It used to baffle me until I realized they're so dumb and racist that people like o riely can literally tell them what to think

I could give you 100 reasons why Hillary was a worse choice for your average working white person but the biggest one in my opinion is that she was buddies with Soros.

Some want to believe the American dream exists when in reality it never has?

Forced redistribution of wealth is wrong, expropriation is theft
Can't wait for the authoritarian state to croak, coming to you shortly, with GFC2: electric boogaloo

The rich won't pay taxes regardless. How stupid are you?

wtf im communist now
1917 when????
thanks for the gold bro xdddddddd

I saw something on reddit once that really made me think hard about this subject. In America, we have this really strange culture compared to other industrialized nations. I think the guy who posted said something like "Americans are more likely to think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires rather than the exploited masses". And it's really, really fucking true. Americans still believe in the American dream, which is a total farce. We need Scandinavian style socialism.

lel white people receive more welfare than minorities, by percentage

The problem is simply too many subhumans here, irrespective of race

maybe because they're not edgy brainlet (((communist))) faggots? ps. kys

>middle class

Why are these people relevant in 5 years?

I like how you actually have a somewhat valid opinion on the matter, but subtly throw shit in there like "I saw something on reddit once" & "We need Scandinavian style socialism."

10/10 Bait.

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I'm going to get to keep an extra $2k thanks to this.
>But millionaires keep more
So fucking what I still get to keep some and some is better than nothing.

This. I love how delusional lefties get when they talk about how the middle class votes against their self interest. How naive do you have to be to believe that raising taxes for the rich is going to improve the standard of living of the general plebs. "the wealthy are too powerful and able to exert too much influence on government, so we're gonna use that same corruptible government to act against its own interest and crack down on the super powerful rich". The game is rigged folks, scribbling some check marks on a ballot every couple of years ain't gonna make your life better

>lel white people receive more welfare than minorities, by percentage
No they don't, they receive more gross welfare because there's more of them, niggers use the most per capita by far.

you'll be the first against the wall with that attitude comrade!

>which is a total farce

This may be the most retarded post ever. The American Dream is still strong. Happens all the time and 100x more than anywhere else in the world. We're needing to build a wall to keep people out.

America has always been a bullshit scan for whites to make money off of nonwhites. It's been that way since fucking 1607. The mistake we made was letting too many of them in.

when will America wake up and elect someone like Bernie to tax everyone more

Please tax my $2000 Ameritrade barely profitable trades. No, tax my unprofitable trades too. I want gen z to have free college. I should know better than to speculate

People vote for Trump to stop immigration from Mexico. Mexican immigration benefits billionaires and Mexicans financially, and harms non-spics, so it is an effective tax on billionaires. Same for the tariff, it is an effective tax that you pay for the middling-IQs to have a job and not be heroin addicts.

Stop living in the 90's. Mexicans aren't the problem anymore. It's the fucking migrants trying to blow everyone up now.

It's not billionaires that are hiring illegal immigrants, it's small businesses.

Once again ordinary Americans shoot themselves in the foot.

Protip: They all hire illegal immigrants.

I doubt big business would take the risk.

This, can't believe some people don't understand this is why per capita is a thing.

guy fucks porn stars while wifey is preggo's... gets golden showers, states how we want to fuck his own daughter on national television... yet conservacucks still defend him... orange brains... grilled brain burgers


Ok kike

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Brenie 2020 We need Undeserving Boomer Income!

I can't believe some people don't understand that welfare accounts for an extremely small amount of public expenditure.

It's not like your tax money goes directly into Tyrone's hands. Only a tiny percent of it does.

where can I get a version of this where I can click on the links

>it's not happening
>okay it is but not THAT much, why are you made your money is being thrown away year after year
When you're dealing with billions to trillions of dollars be given out just saying "well it was only x%" is no excuse. Since we started giving these people welfare we've only wasted money and gotten nothing out it. If anything the gibz have been dysgenic for blacks and allowing it to continue is only making it worse.


People who use that phrase to criticize capitalism are the same people who say they wouldn't be working the fields under communism.


Also plox give health insurance to all employees now when the owner cant even afford it for himself. thanksbyyeeee