4200% ROI by shorting since December - AMA

Some of you are alright. If you’re interested in learning some strategies or have some specific questions, ask away. If you want to continue losing money in a hype based market for the entire 2018 year, ignore this thread.

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Prove you are not larping by posting your wallet address and trading history

What indicators do you use when shorting? Ta, news or just waiting for many long positions to pile up?

Don’t want to since it’s a public forum. It’s okay if you don’t believe me though

Mainly follow trend lines once enough strength has been established (you can see this using the wave indicator and the adx). I also look for discrepancies if I’m feeling more risky between volume and price action, and play off larger swings, not short term day trading. For example, if you go on the hourly or four hour chart you can see the price increasing with decreasing volume, decreasing MACD peaks and decreasing RSI. This usually means a trend is about to end. However, this is risky as fuck since many false signals are possible.

Oops, my example was in regards to when the price was approaching the 18-20k range.

Go long or short now? Where s the bottom? (more or less). Death cross means Bear market for few years like last time? Has your mom got aids?

Right now is a definite no trade zone, so just stay away. Never trade with no established trends...ever.

Any tips on videos/books to explain this to a newbie? Alqo do you do your own Ta or just look at others on tradingview?

what telegram/discord group are you part of?

Top 5 coins for 2018?

This. And can I even get into any of this with only $1000?

Incoming death cross you mongoloid. Time to short.

Whale pool but that’s it.

I’m a trader so it doesn’t matter. Long term, they’re almost all bound to fail though.

Investopedia technical analysis tutorials. Believe me it’ll save your life and would have prevented all these losses. Atleast it did for me. I do my own TA. I don’t know any good trader who follows someone else. Most of the popular ones are simple “talk about your wins, ignore losse” snake oil.

Hey OP I'll bite, could you explain how to be a successful shorter to this brainlet please? I just don't get how this shit even works.

do you use leverage, if yes how much?
what timeframes do you trade on? tried daytrading but got burned. should I look into longer timeframes?

Shorting just means that you’re betting on the price going lower. A successful shorter is one who again waits for an upwards trend to end (do this using the adx/wave indicator and many others) and shorts. A more safer approach is to simply wait for a downtrend, wait for it to hit a trend line, and then enter.

Yeah, usually 3-8X. I don’t usually ever go above 5 though.

Mostly 4 hour time frames. Yeah, day trading in general is just very hard, since you’re looking at the smaller picture.

Do you use Bitmex?

do you trade something other than bitcoin, considering they all just follow btc's trend and it has the highest volume?

>Don’t want to since it’s a public forum. It’s okay if you don’t believe me though
Confirmed for larp. Niothing to see here guys.

Shorting here because a death cross might form is like longing at 11.7k because an inverse H&S might form.

You are full of shit or just a chicken shit faggot.

Have always stuck to btc due to the liquidity and for the reason you mentioned.

There’s literally no reason for me to larp. I haven’t put any referral link or a name tag or anything.


Look at the weekly MACD and tell me how you think it looks vis-a-vis a deathcross.

>There’s literally no reason for me to larp. I haven’t put any referral link or a name tag or anything.
Pic related

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where do ameridicks short BTC?

macD is shit indicator. just use ichimoku on 4h. if tested successfully over green cloud. buy. if it enters the cloud. sell. if resistance tested successfully unter the cloud. short. did this the last 3 month. made *30

I lost 30 ICX day trading help me

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Use the Hull MACD in tandem with the normie MACD and you have a strong pair of indicators to pair with any other set for pattern confirmation.

By the Weekly MACD and the 4h cloud that cross is happening and it is going to be great for shorters.

And where does the weekly cloud provide support? At ~$2,800. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

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This. 100% of the time they are lying.
The only exchanges that allow short selling also rig it to fuck you.

the only way to make it is tethering up or cashing out before dips

>The only exchanges that allow short selling also rig it to fuck you.

10x shorts are relatively safe, as liquidation would require moving the price 10%. If that were to happen, the arbitrage bots would make the killing, rendering the operation unprofitable. Also if you manage to enter after the trend starts, then after several minutes the position already has enough margin to be safe.

On the other hand, new traders are educated to use a tight stop loss, and hunting these stop-losses is much easier.

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What exchanges allow me to short?

Kraken goes to x5. That can be dangerous enough.