Petro announcement ! Live

Petro announcement ! Live

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not backed by oil sage

Captialism has failed. Will this work ?
How come burgers allow this ?
Why is the dollar losing its value ?

Petro must be accepted to buy furniture.

I just ordered PETRO stickers for my car. #maga

He's about to announce which exchanges are approved for Petro coin

Just announced Oro Coin (Gold Coin) backed up by the 4th largest (Venezeula)

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Venezuela is the world's largest oil reserves

Venezuela is 4th largest GOLD

Russia and China (after trade war) will pump this country to the moon. RIP Geico

>if we show him touching the gold they will think the coin is valuable

What now idiots

Backed up by real gold. You take it home

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This is amusing

He has full support from Turkey and Russia. My goodness imperialism really is coming to an end . Good time to be alive

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Are we, dare I say, inb4 revolution?

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>committee of 300
who the fuck are they?

what the hell is this? i get gold and buy a token or what ? explain this shit lmao

Inb4 he gets Gaddafi'd by money lenders for upsetting their debt-based, central bank funny money racket.

I hope this commie faggot makes gold pump.
My only other investment beside crypto is gold.

>20 de abril
>four twenty
confirmed a joke


>commies in charge of a cryptocurrency

I'm sure that will end well

What exchange will Petro be on? It is less of a fraud than TRON, and will probably get a nice pump due to the media publicity. I plan to buy.

>shilling this hard
Does Maduro pay you or something?

there is currently an entire office in venezuela working on shilling this shit fyi, over 1k monkeys typing shit

one has to be really retarded to buy any asset off authoritarian third world rogue country

Yeah, thanks for your contribution to the subject.

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he bought, get him!

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I lived a good portion of my life in Latin America and let me tell you that the way #maga has taken advantage is unfair and needs to change, this might just do it no system is perfect but at least it could tip the scale in favor of the oppressed there's no denying that. I also follow cryptocurrencies much more than I do this government-backed token but this has a lot to do with Russia and will be a precedent for what's to come with regulation of cryptocurrencies.

And also how could I not shill a currency or investment that is backed up by the world's largest oil reserves and also gold. FACT

TRUMP is alienating this country more than ever . China and Russia will use Petro as leverage. Anyone can see this coming

>177 watching now
does that mean only 177 people in Venezuela have internet access

I think that would be to many...

Stays in Peru shills on Veeky Forums buys in Colombia

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Lol sad

Exchange is conveniently located ......

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Here is approved exchanged locations also what you can do with Petro . More to come

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Oh man this thing is going to be huge. But if get it right it will price controlled so no buy low sell high sad.

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Hell ya bro, they just called Uber told them switch to Petro or get out

China and Russia called to set up military bases because Trump is fucking it up for burgers and high tariffs. Venezeula welcomes both with open arms.

Burgers think they have a chance against the ultimate alliance, China Russia and Bolivarian Nations. Stop dreaming it's over

All our video cards are going to Venezuela people don't see the magnitude

I'm venezuelan, AMA.
Petro is trash, btw. You won't make a single buck out of this fuckery, you greedy shits.

Holy shit, you can actually buy stuff with this shitcoin? sign me in. Fuck Trump and the feds.
Time to renounce to my US citizenship. Which southamerican country is the best to move in?

Fuck off Trump minion.

Long live to the Bolivarian Revolution!!!!

The oil thing is true tho you fucking commies never point that its extremely low quality oil. Still pretty valuable in insane quantities, but its not the same quality

Becuase a totalitarian government sets restrictions on his income. Corrupt or not it will moon .

USA (sorry NATO is trash) vs All nations (Putin & PRC) one agenda one leader no term limits . Don't bring knives to a gun fight

You're pathetic and
8 motherfucking posts, Jesus Christ. Do we have a Ministry in charge of shitposting or something?


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Already better than bitcoin

If the US and captialism want to survive they will need to accept Petro Coin is a commodity they don't have control over and gas prices will soon skyrocket.

Burgers are terribly dependent on oil and Tesla can't pump out enough acid cans.

People are buying combustion more than ever do you really think gas prices will go down the next 10-20 years ? Don't kid your self if China and Russia are in line to buy Petro what are you waiting for !

I share information that could potentially help people invest and make huge gains. This is the easiest 10x coin when you realize how much hype surrounds it. This is international not meant for burgers after Maga spoke. Doesn't mean someone here might be able to take advantage of capitalism demise.

I'm pushing the scale because of what I see and burger society is inches away from total collapse. They keep postponing crypto regulation for the simple fact
You can't fuck with decentralization ! In order to shut down Petro you have to cripple the Bitcoin network. Burgers don't know what an oxymoron is

Please, please kill yourself.

It can't pump user, you can only compare this to tether, maybe it is a better tether and has less risk of hitting zero overnight but it still can't moon

He removed 3 zeroes for you


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translate it cabron

Sit tight and remember when you buy Petro you'll receive gold, no more bullshit rhetoric "it's backed up by corrupt government" who cares get real gold. Talk about hype

4-20 is the deadline so major furniture outlets comply and accept Petro

They are finalizing Petro exchanges , sounds fishy time tell they didn't offer a deadline for Exchange

Don't doubt for a second this will blow up , remember Russia is behind it and China is watching closely. Trump is not helping (think trade war)

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Fucking this. You don't fuck with the petro dollar.


Yo queero tu madre leche

You can have all the mothers and father's you want. If the world's oldest profession is your thing boy let me tell you

Think Miss Universe (sorry south America has the best looking girls WORLDWIDE) $40 for 2 hours , Olympic Jenner is allot cheaper whatever floats your boat south America has it all, and they gladly accept Petro or Diners Club

Putin wins

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Welcome to Venezuela may I take your order ?
Yes can I please get an order of petro with gold on the side please

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are they still using stellar instead of ethereum to host the token itself? if so that shit is dead in the water


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Checked this week, NEM
It has Russia all over it I think they are rushing but if it worked for Japan who knows
These are facts
Maduro is going to allow Russians to set up military bases. Chinas partnership will improve because of maga agenda

This is huge risk no doubt about it but If it worked the gains would be astronomical and the dollar will be worthless. It will take time but Russia and China are pushing for the Petros success and with Trump in power the hype for Petro will only get better

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Curious, besides the obvious how is this different from Electroneum. Useless coin made for Mass adoption.

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Why would it blow up though? It's backed by oil and is being sold at the price of oil, why the fuck would it moon higher than the price of oil when anyone can merely buy oil and sell petros? How does something backed by oil decouple itself from the actual price of oil? Mere retardedness? Why would the jew not take advantage of this?

Good point but now theyre giving you physical gold and this changes everything. PHYSICAL GOLD BECAUSE VENEZUELA IS THE 4TH LARGEST

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Game over

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What is this physical gold shit? How much worth of oil and gold do I get for a $60 internet coin?

>loaning the commies money
pls go

It's inevitable. It will happen the Petro will dethrown the dollar and capitalism no longer have a stronghold on Latin America. Thank you Putin

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Damn those bricks look tasty