Hey biz, autistic from previous thread

Hey biz, autistic from previous thread.

I've got another gamer girl (they seem to flock to me). what say? I won't fuck up this time

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This chick should be cast in horror films yikes

i miss veronika

>socially awkward

man this is such bullshit. im sick of thots with this in their bio when they have over 2000 photos on instagram with their 1092010208041 friends and at various parties and locations around the world

bitches dont even know what being socially awkward is

dude it's better for your well being to fuck up, seriously.

post her other pics

This is obviously a tranny.

Oh shit I think she has a little nigga

Less easy to fuck up right?

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>mother to the king
that's a single mom

> a dinner and 6 inches, that's the best i can do

my favourite meme is

>mother to 2 little ones
>age: 20

how could you fuck up once, but twice? in such a short period of time? reeeeeee

What did you think 'Mother to the King' meant?

She’s looking for a cuck that’ll pay for both of them
Even if not, she won’t be easy

>socially awkward
It's another "I'm not like the other girls" dumb cunt

Write the following:

"Suck me off?"


>completely eccentric
>is on tinder

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You know it's bad when you catch yourself thinking "damn I wish I had her jawline".

How does your phone give you a notification about your sex life status?

>mfw never get any matches
>meanwhile this user gets matches and the thots start talking to him first

wtf, are you a decent looking normie or something?

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ask her about work, that'll surely dry up her pussy really quick

what's the story behind this hair meme?


I bet she has nice femine penis

Search just fuck my shit up meme

>masculine jaw
nah that's a western female alright

She clearly invested in you... REPLY TO HER!

say "Hi" and don't respond for 2 hours

I downloaded tinder
Then i got a match with a hot chick, she asked for nudes and i felt assaulted so i unmatched her
Then i got another match with a qt3.14 that genuinely looked like a cool gal. she had a picture with the words "don't touch its art" so i tought it was good idea to start with some game by my side, i said "i don't touch art, art touches me ;)" and she unmatched me

then i downloaded and uninstalled tinder a couple of times until i decided looking for a relationship was dumb, because it meant more trouble than anything

>Mother to the kang

Post this

At least the kid isn't el mutto
If thots talk about "Kings" and "Queens" over here, it usually means it's black

>tfw 50% of my matches are fat whores who i unmatch instantly
>the other 50% reply to me but fuck it up every time

give tips pls


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Abort user, she probably thinks shes a special snowflake because she plays games so she wont even be an easy lay

>MOTHER to the (black fatherless little shit)

get the fuck out now OP

Dubs & Trips tell you what to say


They must change that name already

This was me 30 years ago.
My mother bought into that feminist independant woman bra burning bullshit.
We lived on welfare for as long as I can remember(she divorced dad when I was 5). Eating absolute shit cheap food every week. She was bad at handling money, so one week there would be too much food, or food going off, the next week. I think she had some sort of histrionic personality disorder or at least was Bipolar.
Then she got a job and our situation slightly improved, but now we werent getting the government handouts anymore. So the finances slowly got worse. I would get shouted at for not finishing all my food, this is probably when I started force feeding myself. To this day I have to eat everything on my plate even if im not hungry. Actually I have no concept of being full, I just eat everything thats on my plate. I also never waste food, and hate doing that. When money was tight or when something bad happened, she would tell me im "Just like my father", or "its my fathers fault". Of course, because she was working, sometimes she would come home late and I would have to warm up my own dinner on my own. Microwaves were'nt popular at the time so I had to do it on the gas cooker. But for a 10 year old kid who has very little actual training its hard to keep track of stuff. I burned the rice one time and when she came back and found out she beat the shit out of me. I was pretty big, but if you can imagine a woman in her early 20s windmilling a 10 year old curled up its pretty visceral.

Not sure why im posting my blog here, but women like this never fucking learn as long as some retarded guy shows interest and their kids are the ones that suffer. To this day I have an innate fears of not having enough money even when I have pretty good pay as a architect. It stops me from taking risks at work and applying for better positions.

As long as that women has some sexual market value, that kid is going to have to pretend the latest guy "is Daddy now"

you realize this kid is pale as snow?

Thank you

lol that line is pretty good considering it was appropriate

only one of those posts implied that he was
(and a half I guess with the 'nigga' one)


how's your relationship with your mother today

Lads is it possible to reverse cuck a Chad?

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Is there a joke with Okapis hidden there or what?
she a cute

Legit question. I'm a skinnyfat unemplyed manlet. Should I try tinder?

that's her brother. They've got the same nose

blue star, you're fucked already

same, did it work out?

beware though, any girl who looks to the side automatically becomes like a whole 1/10 cuter

Cancerous as fuck. In all of my interactions with her she tries to undermine me and make me second guess myself. Any statement I make she tries to counter, even if she doesnt understand the subject matter at all.

Worst part is I normally have no problem cutting people out of my life that fuck me over, but I can't do this with her.

I'm glad you made something of yourself, cause I'm still working on that.
I didn't have it as bad as you but my dad would do the same - he would blame everyone but himself for his mistakes and had no belief in what I did and would criticize all my choices in life.
I did not struggle growing up but have the same worries about money and not wasting food (it's honestly a good lesson, I didn't have to learn it the hard way like you did though).
My wife grew up poor but has none of these hangups because her parents are very loving and supportive. Sacrificed everything for their daughters and had an entirely different approach. She is an entirely different sort of person than me.
It's not a sob story for either of us, it's just that even as adults we realize these faults about ourselves and our parents but these values are sort of embedded into us by conditioning. I can't blame my parents since I'm an adult now, but I can't take the next step to undo these values and habits from me either.
If I talk to my dad today about these things he would admit any wrongdoing. I'm sure it's the same for your mom. Anyway user thanks for sharing, that's how I see things with myself.

I would like to know that as well

>tfw love my parents

feel bad for people with shit parents but I'm the only fuck up in my family

That's how most of us relation look like. The mechanism behind this works like this; When you are mid 20's you are still kind of young but have some responsibilities. than you get a baby (you) you have to raise and take care of this kid. this child is literally your belonging, your property. you have to make sure it will survive. Now in the female DNA a lot of this goes by instinct. In evolution people died of old age at 40 ish. So the whole transition phase of a child being your property to take care of to a individual person who you should not undermine has never happened in the evolution of humanity. Conclusion: you can't beat instinctive behavior, but the best you can do is explain this theory with some context around it and explain that your goal is you want to be treated as an individual human being

Lurk more

Don't fuck it up

So bizarre. I cut my mom out f my life and she never abused me. She was just never there. Maybe because no bond was made not even a negative one it doesn’t bother me to never see or talk to her again. She told me once that she was dying and I just ignored what she said. She was lying though cuz bitch still be kickin.

1.-Be confident with yourself before anything, or ya gonna suffer for nothing.
2.-Rest is about finding out worth bitches, your gut will tell you about this

In general just keep your chin up mate, keep on trying, just be yourself and in case you feel like you said something wrong, look back and determine if it's really you being you, or not

I met my gf on tinder.
The first thing I sent her was basically:
"Would you rather hug a cactus or roll through bushes naked?"

Just send random shit, some won't respond but these are the one's you don't want anyway. The fun one's will interact. I know you can do it OP, just don't give a fuck.

Good opening line

That story was vivid as it was scary

Whatever you do user, don't let it get to you
If you are making money as an architect that's almost like being the winning sperm AGAIN, because I know so many architects who have never practiced their craft lol

I sincerely hope you didn't do this because of Molymeme
Either way you're a faggot; what does "not being there" even mean??

Dumbass why do you post her pics here in first place, if she finds out she will probably make some bs excuse and dump you.

why the fuck did you tell him damn it
stop educating normies

Is this not the scariest picture you've yet seen?

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still retarded, still wrong forum

found her facebook


Sinners for trebles

that aint a girl

yeah we can

yeah if you want too but I am supposed to go out at 8pm

its a girl look at her facebook -


yeah right i remember those days

Kys reddit

Did Veronika ever text you user

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It's called a fake picture

>mother to the king

Yea pretty much the reason why you can't go out with single mom's, spend the next 30+ years being number #2 all the time.

>source I have a step father

It means exactly what it means. Are you too retarded to know what hose simple words mean? You’re a faggot for being connected to someone so toxic. People who stick by their shitty parents are the worst type of people. Grow some nuts pussy.


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Same exact story with one of my closest friends. His mom actually died a few months ago though.

how is that even possible. who the hell took care of you. who took you to school. did you just watch tv or go on the computer all day. when did she leave your life

I can't relate to this story, but You shared this with bros.

Keep Your chin up.

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Look at all the autistics in this thread.

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Would literally throat fuck her for England

She's been fucked by lucifer

Yo she is cuuuuute


So you want her because she plays vidya? Everything else looks like a red flag... oh and her makeup ability is 1/10

Playing video games is a red flag.

I had a woman I met online yesterday tell me that she thinks while males can't be offended in a prejudicial sense. Like if you make an assumption about a white male, they shouldn't be upset about it. Yeah, get the fuck outta here with that shit.

Fuck off newfaggot

that's male jawline isn't?

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Maybe it’s just me but typically when I use the word “business” I’m not talking in any sense about OP’s dick.