Without talking about price lets finally have a proper in-depth technical discussion between the two. Pro's and con's...

Without talking about price lets finally have a proper in-depth technical discussion between the two. Pro's and con's. If you follow both coins closely it's more than proven that neither are scams and both have massive partnerships and use cases in the pipeline.

Personally I have multiple masternodes for each. For Walton i'm excited about mining and have an entire garage setup dedicated to running my nodes and excited to see what mainnet reveals in terms of the other child chains. Freyr is already showing great success.
For Vechain they're setting standards constantly. Distributed Data Vending is impressive and BitOcean looks promising.

What is everyone holding and what is your reason for holding it if you aren't a swing trader?

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10k TRAC checking in

I haven't followed Origin Trail as close as others. What's their industry? Like how WaBi is working with medical supply and equipment.

You want a civilized in depth discussion of both of these ? Ok here it goes:

Chink hype and scams, they spend more on vinyl background signs during business meetings for twitter photos than they do on developers.

Chinks are notoriously shitty programmers, and adapt 3rd party libraries to perform basic functions. They were born and raised on windows, and do not have a clue how to run any real large scale application.

All the prime time Devops and full stack still come out of white countries while brown and yellow ride on their coat tails.

They are never willing to take any risk due to the cut throat nature of working at chink companies and will lie and deceive even their co-workers about their skills and qualifications.

When it comes to computer software never invest in chink you will get burned.

Ibm hyperledger btfo ven, wtc, Trac etc...

Already partnered w maersk

is this pasta? where did you get this?

Chink. Coins.

I never used to believe it, until I got fucking gooked many times.

I’ve learned my lesson. Im certain there is a no chink supply chain coin with lower market caps than these coins.

Most likely way less bullshit and FUD than these 2 scams as well.

Walton chain is 100% done in my eyes after their twitter scam. I get trying to market your coin, but going to that extreme to lie is essentially confirming they don’t spend their efforts towards actual development.

Vechains BMW tweet is in a similar boat, they didn’t exactly flat out lie, but these chinks like to deceive.

Take what you will my friend.

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I put $100 on VEN. If it moons, great. If its a chink scam, owell its just $100

I've outchinked the chink

All these fuckin chinese coins are shady as fuck but Walton seems to be the most. They keep having one bad thing after another happen to them, they keep having to backtrack and change their stories, i don't really feel comfortable holding it considering everything that has happened lately.

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I like Vechain, but can't help thinking that they are playing more to the wild speculation and hype than actually making anything that reflects their valuation. They probably paid a decent chunk to get that bladerunner tribute Cgi trailer made- money that could have been used to track a few million luxury handbags

>Can't properly use possessive apostrophes

You're not going to make it

The twitter thing was dumb but I don't believe that's what it takes to label it a scam. The prize was $40. It was a free contest, I highly doubt they were trying to win $40 for themselves and deceive the public. All the other winners were confirmed. They shortly after advertised for new job's so I can only assume that person was fired. Their marketing needs a big improvement.
As for BMW, yeah I didn't like how that was announced. If they just said they were a Garage partner none of that would have mattered now.

Its already been said they moved offices and Freyr took over Walton's lease as they move into a larger office. That wasn't secret news.

This is my feeling too. I still think AMB is okay since they are a western company and they are targeting the food and pharm industries.

Other supply chain use cases don't need a public block chain. If the data isn't particularly valuable for the consumer (food tracking), then a private block chain is preferable because there is no need to pair it with a currency token....data can flow freely.

Supply chain tracking is the most ambitious but likely area for blockchain to gain wide scale adoption. This is the one industry where there is definitely room for more than one company. All of these companies are in their early stages with huge potential. A lot of these crypto companies still operate like startups and are filled with techies that are great at solving solutions and coding but struggle with running a business. These companies will only adapt and grow as they learn. Investing in any of the big four supply chain models now is wise. They're still pioneers on uncharted territory.

IBM does pose a threat but also has it's disadvantages. Cost is still higher than both WTC and Vechain plus they will have a problem cracking China and Korea as they always support home grown business. Correct me if I am wrong but the only part of IBM that is owned by Lenovo is the PC segment.

Absolutely bearish on all crypto supply chain projects (VEN, WTC, AMB, etc). AMB team has good talent, but is helmed by an emotional and immature manchild. Incompetent leadership at best. VEN is all hype and huge expectations, no real product behind the curtain. Sunny is a carnival barker and will not lead a team of 100 Chinese developers to revolutionize how the supply chain works. WTC comes across as amateurish, and in general, supply chain projects will probably be dominated by IBM or some American startup yet to come.

IBM "blockchain" is a glorified database. Hell, IBM might not be around in a couple of years.

To clarify further....various distributers and logistics companies like Maersk form a network. They share operational data. Block chain technology will provide a solution to some of their current pain points, but there is no reason that it needs to be public. Within their own network they can share the responsibility of maintaining copies of the block chain. The data is still decentralized, immutable, and trustless. What incentive is there for them to pay per transaction on a public network? The only incentive to do this is in situations where there is value for the end consumer to be part of this data sharing network. Food and pharms.

Why do you think customers don't want food tracking data? Have you been for Whole Foods or any high-end food market? Their labels are slapped with buzz words about how/where the food came from.

Blockchain is a glorified database. And not that I care for IBM, but they've got a track record and have been around for decades. More likely to be around in 10 years than any of the current supply chain projects.

Honestly can’t tell if VeChain fudders are bored holders or brainlet NEETs who need to an hero already

You misunderstand, I think food tracking is one of the few use cases where a public block chain makes sense.

Both scams. Walton is the bigger scam. VeChainers by now somehow still don't understand they're the same shit. Who was once an advisor for WTC now FUDs them because they BTFOd him for asking for too much. He now advises VeChain, hence all the copied ideas like GMNs -> X-node. It is his job to shill the community at any cost. When he eventually falls out with VEN he will dump the bags and leave bagholders not knowing what to do with themselves, they're just lucky Sunny is smarter at being shady, and DJ Qian got them the PwC incubation so they have some doors open to do legitimate business thanks to that.

Well that is a huge industry on its own. Not sure about AMB or VEN but the Walton systems can allow logging of what item has been picked up, tried on (clothing industry), placed back on the shelf etc etc. That tracking data would be worth a fortune to the right people. They could adapt their entire business model to supply chain data. Just like how Google's revenue is mostly from ad's.

My fault then.

Walterchan won 2 be vechan clon
Venchan want too b waltycoin clone

VEN is NOT a supply chain project. It started out as such PRIVATELY and is now the equivalent of Ethereum tailored for any and all enterprise use. Walton and Vechain are not even remotely similar anymore. People are getting too hung up on the supply chain use case, Vechain is now a direct ETH competitor.

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I wrote it in a confusing way.

It's a huge market. My money is on AMB dominating this niche over VEN and WTC mostly because they are a western company. I doubt that US and European food and drug regulatory bodies would be willing to work with a Chinese company to assure product quality and safety.

No point in spoon feeding user, you’re just going to get laughed at. Watch

Essentially aren't both ICO platforms now? I thought the purpose of hosting ICO's and having platforms run on top was to aid in supply chain.

That is true, I might have to look into it more. Again so many industries that all these companies could find their niches and place.

Coins are completely unnecessary in most "supply chain" projects I've seen so far, even ambrosus is pretty much vaporware until they release actual token economics and even then it seems like a longshot for them to be actually necessary.
Also ven and wtc pretty much want to do everything, scope changes every other week.
Just pick one with enough market traction, get your gains and get out imo

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>I thought the purpose of hosting ICO's and having platforms run on top was to aid in supply chain.
What? Supply chain is one use case of blockchain. You will be able to develop any sort of dapp/smart contract project you want on top of Vechain. It'll be faster, cheaper and more scalable than Ethereum, and ready+able to comply with regulation.

Why are you even in crypto?

Why does Vechain pivot so much? Private blockchain, now public blockchain, now hybrid private/public blockchain. Wine tracker? Supply chain logistics? No. Now they're an ethereum-like platform.

Oh right. I'm interested in seeing if they can succeed. It seems like that area is saturated already, then again Ethereum may no longer be king in the next few years. Development seems to have stagnated. They have big names in the Ethereum foundation so who knows.

Go ahead and read up on how blockchain works. Ok Bye.

>because it’s a scam

Like a lot of these companies I think they're still finding their strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't hurt to try your luck in different fields and see whats most profitable.

what do you mean? I believe blockchain can solve many problems in the supply chain, but all the projects so far don't even know what they want to be themselves, much less what their monopoly money is supposed to bring to the table. shit like modum or origintrails being taken seriously is hilariously sad.
explain me your reasoning.

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CEO Sunny Lu was CTO at Louis Vuitton. Saw the potential for blockchain to prevent counterfeiting. Vechain was born. Their tags are now in entire line of luxury French handbags. Then he realised he could help counterfeiting in any industry. Tags now on Wine bottles around china.
Then partner with China tobacco, who produce 30% of the world's cigarettes. Started to realise how private blockchain limits the connecting of vertical industries, he realises a public blockchain is needed.
Realised IoT devices are going to be eyes and ears for getting data onto the blockchain and so on and so on, the use cases were presenting themselves to Vechain and they are going with it.

>all the projects so far don't even know what they want to be themselves
This makes no sense user lol

Supply chain block chains are absolutely unnecessary, why would I trust a third party logistics company when I can buy the real deal from the manufacturer. I've never had a fake sold to me directly from the retailer. There's a chance you can get a fake trusting chinks with overrexagerated "partnerships" and vaporware. They just want you to hodl with excuses of masternodes so they can have more time to dump their chink bags on you "hodlers." Wake the fuck up sheeple. You are all getting played by a chink.

VeChain isn't a supply chain project anymore. It's a total blockchain-as-a-service package and it's a competitor to Eth. Enterprises will never use Eth, they will use and already are using VeChain.

VeChain is building real dApps that enterprises are adopting (DNV GL already using one for wine). Eth has crypto kitties.
>inb4 mad eth fangays

Walton is legit too. Both WTC and VET are top tier projects

This is a copypasta, I remember reading this a month ago. Are people literally being paid to FUD VeChain?

Comfy holding 22k vechain and 21k amb. How long till i make it to 2-3 mill?

Yeah ok, moved offices. Why did they delete their video then where this got called out? How did they move offices but keep the exact same equipment and furniture in the exact same spot? Didn't the employees want their computers in the new office? It's a nice excuse but just sounds sooooo shady.

I think VeChain fudders are hopeless NEETs, bored node holders, or boomers unable to accept anything new

just today ven introduced distributed data vending, in a few weeks you will see something else. Why can't they focus on what they proposed to be instead of branching into 20 different things is what I'm asking.


wtf he was actually the CEO of Louis Vuitton, there are so many big names involved in crypto and yet I see people belittling bitcoin and crypto as a ponzi scheme at every moment, if all of this was a scam why would these CEO's of multi billion dollar companies give up their jobs to work with the blockchain.

Designer goods, clothing, medical and store goods are huge markets to grow into and counterfeit products are a big issue in China and could solve issues with buying fake goods overseas and be held in court using other blockchain solutions.

But we're all thinking here and now. What if the future means we could all be tagged and tracked, what if you visit a foreign country and are made to wear a RFID band that logs all your locations and purchases with ease.
We could use these tags on luggage at airports without the possibility of it getting lost or torn off as the tag could be integrated into the bag itself meaning you could pinpoint the exact time someone walked out of the terminal with your luggage and tie that to CCTV footage.
The unrealized potential goes far beyond consumer goods.

Because they’re a great ambitious team? Like how is this not obvious to everyone who’s been keeping up?

Exactly that's what I mean about the use cases just presenting themselves. I'm sure there will be some absurd use case for blockchain in place 5 years from now that we couldn't have imagined today. Who thought of Uber when the internet was first starting? People were saying nobody will use it, writing letters works just fine.

He was the CIO


>What if the future means we could all be tagged and tracked
You have a cellphone, don't you?

People who talk down on Bitcoin/blockchain either don't understand or have money vested into the stock market and are afraid new money cash flow is going to dwindle. Younger people who grew up on the internet don't want to wait for 1% annual gains.

You do realize the companies are working extremely close together right. They share some of the developers.
The video was most likely made in the changeover and changed the branding as to not delay that clip. They are positioned in that office now and Walton has moved.

You really don't see a problem with a company changing their scope so regularly? anyways, my question still is why is the utility of the coin/tokens in all these setups?

retard its blockchain as a service, they do many things for enterprieses thats the point
theyre hiring 100 devs to take on each aspect of the work
its fucking great, they are completely capable of it

You haven’t done any work and expect people to spoon feed you. Try someone else

Their strategic partner is PwC who works with 80% of the fortune 500 for fucks sake. DNV GL work with over 80,000 businesses. These cunts don't deserve Vechain. Not a single project on the market comes close to having the connections (including Jim fucking Breyer, who is good friends with the PRESIDENT OF CHINA) Vechain has. How are these random startups planning to get their foot in the door? They can't, Vechain already got in and closed it behind themselves.

This takes that to a level far beyond the GPS coordinates of your phone. Imagine the government knowing what brand of toilet paper you're picking up and what car you've jumped into all tied into one platform.

I hate these threads. You come in expecting thoughtful criticisms then all you end up doing is spoon feeding people who have done almost no reading

yeah mate ive given up, im just gonna sit back and get rich and laugh at these people
ive starteted screencapping all the 'scam chinkcoin' posts and will collage it in three years once im a multimillionaire

You are here to shill no? I investigated the the technology behind it and I understand the use of it, but my question is the utility of the token itself. I don't care if they have whatever CEO of x company sucking their dick.

Seriously, if you can’t google then you’re hopeless

Smart cities are another area i'm excited about. Walton is starting with some small Chinese towns. Great test cases and will include data logging on garbage collection down to emergency traffic routing and population monitoring. This could eventually be used in third world countries to track food supply and aid.

Kek this is Veeky Forums after all. I guess its ok to inform anyone who actually is interested in learning rather than the blatent shilling in 90% of other threads.


It is called putting more than 10 seconds of effort into something.

Also I worked in Hong Kong for 2 years, never again. Chinks outside of China are fine, the ones in China are the most ruthless conniving people I have ever met.

The whole country has a serious inferiority complex and everyone is so desperate to prove they are better than X they will literally do anything.

If the chinks take over I am gonna bunker up in Mexico.

I haven’t done any reading on Walton or any other supply chain because VeChain seems so far ahead in terms of development, adoption, and compliance. 65% of portfolio

That's like saying no Chinese company has potential to be legitimate or face adoption. If you haven't realized the whole world is faced with corrupt governments and business. There's an endless list of Chinese companies that sell globally and have reputable household names.

Well let's try one last time, try to answer the question of someone interested in your take on it instead of acting all smug
For whatever coin you are invested, what is the use of the currency token when it they could easily use a private blockchain?

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Swim or sink

Development you are fucking joking right?


This shit is a ghost town, they shifted from working on the project to full out hype last year.

There is no such thing as a 'private blockchain' (blockchain as we know it, a decentralised immutable ledger). Assuming by private you mean in house nodes only then there is near 0 decentralisation and there is no reason to even use a consensus algorithm if there's no fundamental incentive to stake or mine. It's not an immutable decentralised ledger, it's a centralised, easily edited database.
The store of value goes hand in hand with the decentralisation by giving incentive to mine and or stake. You can't have one without the other.

Sage. Fuck this

Sure, but this is a company is less than 50 people with a real current valuation north of 100 million dollars.

I am biased, but I know how these small timers operate, they always deceive people to make them think they are bigger than they actually are.

We will see when some of these chink cash grabs are eventually required to post some kind of earnings sheets. I would bet it is less than 40K in total contracts right now in testing phases.


Basically what I'm saying is that private blockchains are not trustless, which is the whole revolutionary idea and why people are even excited about blockchain in the first place.

I agree they are paving the way on complience. Part of the reason I invested, notably later than I did with Walton. I definitely believe they will both tackle different areas. Competition really is a good thing. People like to attack the competition of what they're holding but forget this is an industry capable of holding more than two competitors unlike say REQ. Competition drives idea's and development.
I think both companies go about their strategies at completely different angles. VEN has the showmanship and is quick to adopt new ideas where as Walton works quietly in the back and release partnerships/development out of the blue and keep to themselves, I personally think they're waiting until they have working products before marketing to the public.

If you have a bank account/credit card, they already do.

>The whole country has a serious inferiority complex and everyone is so desperate to prove they are better than X they will literally do anything.
Sounds like the US, honestly.

Unironically this but with 1000

read their development plan.

nothing has changed. it's just idiots like you are too fucking lazy to look into anything more than twitter and medium

Made many FUDs as a holder myself to accumulate more cheap

I has a track record of failing at everything it tries.

Ven will be top 5 this year easily. Anyone who doesn't realize this yet I retarded and not gonna make it

Youre a fucking moron holy shit lol a "private blockchain" has existed way before bitcoin. You need a coin for a blockchain to work. You clearly dont understand the importance of a blockchain.

>I retarded and not gonna make it

I agree. Many uses for blockchain will not require coins or public nodes, they will just require distributed nodes. It will be interesting to see the kinds of applications that will actually make good use of public decentralized nodes, I'm not sure we have a good idea of what those applications may look like yet, it will take many years of experimentation.