10k linklet here, 100% in link

10k linklet here, 100% in link
I swar you faggots, if Req, Eng or Nebl makes it but Link doesn't I'll end it all.

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You promise?

I respect your dubs. You will make it user. Remember the GET. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow LINK Marines. Let us march divided and fight united for a new fatherland. Praise Kek and Heil Hitler

10k? I only have 1,000 you greedy fucker.

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Kek demands that you actually end it all if that happens

I sold 1k of my link stack to play with...I feel guilty af...can't sleep

trust me, I will. just had my job interview at the law firm that I'll start at next month, I already can't take the stress.

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9.8k Linker here. You have a nice stack, way more than many Anons can afford. Don't complain.

REQ will make it

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I’m a 25k Link holder (accumulating more). It is a win win. If it is a successful project, I make money, if it doesn’t, I get to see emotionally unstable poor people freak out about investing their life savings into a project they don’t understand. LOL I was in the telegram today and people were thinking that a partnership with docusign would make Link more valuable than docusign. Endless entertainment.

When is this shittoken's mainnet going up? Decemeber?

I secretly love watching people go bust by going all in on something. I had a friend go all into Lucent Technologies and lose a ton of money. Such a dumb thing to do.

I don't really care about fud and/or partnerships
I Invested because Link was an idea that I actually thought of myself before knowing that it existed. Just like ETH, which I found out about at $10 but was too scared to invest. My eth-regret combined with my link-hope is an explosive mix...

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If you thought of the idea...can you explain why anyone thinks this should have a market cap anything above $30B? (I’m comparing to huge financial auditing entities like Ernst & Young). And I mean reasons besides people fomo’ing and pumping it to an unreasonably inflates valuation.

Why in Christ’s holy name would you ever listen to memes on this board as to how you should invest your money???

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Shh. We get to watch these crazy people emotionally unravel if things go awry.

pricing is always difficult.
e&y and the big 4 depend on how valuable their work-force skill is. Chainlink price depends on how valuable the whole network is. It is a lot easier to scale a network than it is to scale a work force. Which is why Facabook is more valuable than Foxconn. Is Chainlink really worth $0.40? Will it ever be worth $500? Is google stock worth $1k? Who knows. It's all speculation and greed in the end. Chainlinksolves a problem that I thought of myself before, which is why I invested all my disposable money in it. Who knows if it will really work out. If it doesn't, I'll have to readjust my world view and slave away for a few more years at my job. A of now, I believe that CL is my best way out,

sergay will be murdered by a disappointed autist eoy
then the mass suicides will start
screencap this

Top Kek!
Google Arthur Andersen


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>buying pnd token high
What the fuck is wrong with you? You should buy it at 2-3k sats and have sell order at 6-7k for the pump. Repeat every month.