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If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up.

Benefits of Stellar:

- ICOs
- Smart-contracts
- IBM running the world-wide network nodes and shilling Stellar (dashboard.stellar.org/)
- Stellar consensus protocol: 1000s tx / second (global scale)
- Inflation distributed weekly to those who own XLM (lumenaut.net/)

Recent News:

- Roadmap (stellar.org/blog/2018-Stellar-Roadmap/)
- Jed McCaleb Stellar Interview: blockzero.show/c4e67558
- FairX Beta delayed April/May: twitter.com/fairxio/status/963549338004684800
- Lightning Live by 01 DEC - stellar.org/blog/lightning-on-stellar-roadmap/#overview
- IBM Blockchain VP on XLM: medium.com/@kuipr/ama-with-the-head-of-ibm-blockchain-jesse-lund-64b8fe13ceba

Upcoming Events:

- IBM Blockchian VP AMA on r/Stellar; 20 March
- Brazil IMTC Meeting w/ Lisa Nestor; 21 March
- IBM Think Blockchain; 22 March

Recent Partnership:

- Keybase.io
- Blockdaemon.com (Blockdaemon claims Stellar will be *THE* Ethereum of 2018; Blockdaemon backed by Comcast)
- Korean Anchor deal sealed; announcement soon

Big Things to Watch For:

- Jed claims "interesting" announcement soon; likely IBM's plans with central banks + tokenization of central bank fiat
- Official IBM news on their Hyper/Stellar Ledger plans
- Stripe BTC replacement announcement circa April
- FairX Beta - April/May
- Lightyear.io major announcement late March/April

On FairX:

- FairX is NOT an exchange (i.e., like GDAX), SDEX is Stellar's exchange
- Instead, FairX is likely a bridging mechanism + fiat anchor; a component of SDEX, designed to enable fiat -> crypto and crypto

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Just to re-highlight:

Tells you everything you need to know. XLM's future is big. If I have to keep warning you all, my patience has its limits.

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Why is this copy-pasta made every single day, sometimes multiple times. I hold XLM, but FUCK OFF.

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You've said that before. You'll say it again tomorrow. And the day after. And after...

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XLM has the most 3rd party development after BTC and ICOs are jumping on XLM because ETH network is dogshit

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From Jesse Lund's ama 5 hours ago:
>4) You co-authored an article with Jed McCaleb and Lindsay Lin on central banks issuing tokenized fait, how far away do you think we are before we see central bank issued tokens on Stellar (or another platform)?

You guys are fucking retarded if you don't get on this rocket.

This is true and he will keep saying it until XLM moons. Then he will say you were warned.

Some highlights FTA

"How far away do you think we are before we see central bank issued tokens on Stellar (or another platform)?"

"Will IBM use XLM this year in cross border payments?"
>>Yes. IBM already is using XLM in this capacity. Low volumes right now, but we expect that to ramp up as we launch the official branded product (stay tuned, coming soon).

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Just pumped 25,000k

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20k lumens, will I make it?

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