ITT we are realistic

If it breaks this last ridiculous support (last bounce 3 hours ago had 0 volume), we are going to hell.

also remember the death cross is coming on the daily MAs.

Anyone has anything to say on the MACD?

theres literally unironicaly 0 reasons for this to go up....please tell me im wrong

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>inb4 memelines are gay
TA nonbelievers give us our safe space

>nice colorful lines u've made there
explain a nonta what MA and MACD mean and also which lines are going to X

>15 minute meme lines

fuck off

use 4 hour or higher or don't try to predict long term price trends faggot


hope you lose all your money

THat looks like a head and shoulders. Unless something absolutely insane happens, we are going down.

zoomed out it doesnt matter really

the lines are shitty anyways

only ta that matters rn is pic related in long term

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Holy shit OP
Using 15 min candles on BTC
I use TA and yea it's usually wrong, sometimes helps
But you're just looking for wrong

we bounced before hitting the 300 day ma off of news of nothing bad happening immediately i.e. that the g-20 wasn't going to fuck us. so not actually positive news, just lack of bad news.
we recently rejected off of the 200 ma, we have a potential death cross on the horizon, btc dominance is climbing and alts have bled off quite a bit. alts bounced more than btc off of the dip and gave a sneak peak at which ones have good potential
my conclusion, we are going to hit one last big panic low with a corresponding bounce and then find stability. during that time, alts will continue to bleed off and btc will gain a little more dominance, potential up to the 50-60% range
after that point btc will likely bounce around between the 6k-12k range. solid alts will bleed off until they hit their support levels established at the start of december, or stop a little above those levels, the absolute shitcoins will break their support levels, ditch those, and stick with the ones that hold early december support.
as btc bounces alts will take back market dominance and we will enter a stead market alt cycle. btc breaking and holding above 12k range, preferably finding support at 13k (12-13k range is big dead zone) will signal next adoption wave and next bubble cycle and potentially fulfill the crazy predictions people are throwing out, btc likely to hit new ATH soon after.
time frame is hard to determine. we aren't in for another multi year bear, market has too much momentum for that. I'd guess another 2-3 months to fully stabilize and finish the btc cycle where btc dominance grows. as that happens a few strong alts will rises up and while fall overall compared to btc, they'll do better comparatively than all the rest of the shitcoins. after that we'll see another 3-4 month alt cycle/bubble here is big potential for shit like chain link to make it's first move start the digital smart-contract bubble, for Dex's to get big, and new projects/tech to moon, then another big dip

This is what I've been thinking as well.. I dont feel very bullish in the short term but the pro-bull people are making me rethink my position desu. Kinda like feng-shui i guess, but i just *feel* like there has to be a massive drop before we do anything else.

the next hours are I dare to say... critical for the future of bitcoin?

TPTB do not want this to go up

The latest FUD is their all time favorite, child porn.

Not the next hour, but the next millisecond.

There is no good technical analysis in the crypto market.
We really do not know.,

I think the fud might just keep ramping up until govt "has to" intervene in some way.

FUCK it's over. I told you guys. See you at 4k.

Look at the weekly MACD. The price is going straight to hell.

TA works in regards to support/resistance lines but ultimately its a guessing game

Trips of Truth

This is exactly why i think they are gonna pump the shit out of it. Because its very obvious it has no reason to go up so the whales are gonna fuck our minds over

looks like a fuckin rocket waiting to blast.

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a desc wedge that steep is nearly pointless. the price breaks out of it just by moving sideways, so theres no way to judge it just because it breaks.

Yeah it does look more positive than negative actually, oh bby


people STILL haven't learned a thing I see.

>b-but the volume!
>b-but le 300MA!
>b-but muh RSI!

and boom, suddenly endless red/green dildos depending on how the whales feel.

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Yeah honestly. Though which would be more scary, going to 10k and then dumping or not breaking 9? im starting to think the bubble chart is an exact outline of what will happen based on manipulation

volume at 9k was shit, it simply could not advance further so a drop was inevitable. volume is still shit expect for periodic pumps that won't last long.

You cretin the MACD broke through the signal line and is moving down. Fuck you deserve to be poor.


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One guy can fuck your TA any second if he enters

we haven't had a major panic based on real events since the dip to 5800 (fake korea ban fud induced flash crash doesn't count) we're looking for organic moves
the bubble members will be wrong in that crypto won't absolutely die like tulips did, but I think we will follow the pattern again and start another stealth phase.
what you have to be careful of is disruptive tech like 3rd & 4th gen tech potentially rendering shit like eth and the btc clones obsolete, but that will take time to gain enough traction to be "the next eth"
what you have to be careful of is that most of this info is based on an almost exact copy of the past year or so of developments and market movements, and we aren't guaranteed to repeat the past.

however one important thing I've noticed is that the bigger crypto youtubers are almost always a little early in the moves they make and their calls for cycle changes.
people like crypto-bobby, data-dash, and crypto investor have already started to make trades on some steady looking alts and make calls for cycle shifts, but imho they seem to jump in before the absolute bottom so I take their moves as indicators of nearing the cycle changes, but to hold off a little longer.
also, tax deadline is still in the future, so there is still stress and negativity about that, but whatever contribution that has should clear up around mid april

this also gives us a semi realistic timeframe for regulation to come into play and get formalized. beuarocracy moves pretty slow but within the next year we should have better measures in place to help really hit the mainstream markets

lol for sure, I am richer than you will ever be. keep measuring btc by the minutes. I'll sit back and watch while you FOMO.

heres this too because it seems like you need help

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Yeah, since January you fucking moron. Looks like it could still crossover.

Good points. I believe in the G20 meeting they said regulation will be on hold until July when they will start reviewing proposals, so that timeline makes sense. Who knows what the next months will hold though.. I think assuming whales want to fake us out all the time is a little self-centered as idk if that would be the most profitable thing for them to do right now.

actually, if you look at basic indicators, the 15min timeframe can give some good day trade signals.

we are closing below 200 day ma after rejecting off of it, still in overall down trend.
and 15 min shows some support/resistance levels and good places to take a quick trade or two

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THE WHALES - yeah they decide what to cellectively do on their whales syndicate meetings. whales are trying to fuck each other over too user, just like the rest of us

Czeched & Heil Hitler

>he thinks whale syndicate meetings aren't a thing

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The MACD is still declining. And this is weekly. It would take a month to recover but with an impending death cross it may go negative.

What happens at the deathcross again?
I s-swear I'm not a brainlet

Historically BTC loses over 70% it's value. This will be the third death cross ever for BTC.

nigga please, you'll get liquidated on this shit.
About your TA: Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.


Are they held under the supervision of the reptiloids, masons, illuminatis and jews

held on discord actually. probably skype too

also the diamond says what theyre gonna do

>theres literally unironicaly 0 reasons for this to go up....please tell me im wrong

- Whales know that everyone expects it to go down for these reasons

- Everyone sells ridiculously low

- They buy huge just below the support, and pump it to get everyone to panic buy and drive the price way up

Why even bother with TA when the whales are in total control of your destiny?

You're right the whales are in control of BTC until they run out of capital.

TA helps, because in these lynchpin moments of high stress, you just need to do the opposite of what the majority will do.

i.e the opposite of what TA suggests, because the whales will capitalize on it, and you want to swim with the pod.