I spent 3,000 dollars for 20k FUN. Go ahead, laugh at me

I spent 3,000 dollars for 20k FUN. Go ahead, laugh at me.

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Same actually


just don't sell low

feels bad when ppl making FUN of u

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>be me
>3400$ for 20k FUN

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I deserve this red id

All the good coins you could buy, you get this one. It could've been worse. Sell high, buy low.

.45c eoy. cap this

>investing i something called FUN

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That only sucks if you do not believe in the project and only bought fun because of memes. If that is the case then: HAHAHAHA ENJOY YOUR BAGS YOU STUPID FAG.
If you believe in fun and have good arguments for fun to become worth more then: stop acting like a pussy and just shut the fuck up and hodl.

Funs going to be alright you stupid nigger faggot.

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> muh 1980s games developer

>tfw bought my first 100k of fun for $2800
to be fair, I was making threads telling people to buy at 200 sats.

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I spent 2 grand on 7000 cardano

Don’t feel so bad


you bought at 15 cents then. long enough time scale you won't care. it's an investment - just stop watching the price. you're still ahead of everyone who'll buy it from you above a $1 before eoy.

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I don't see $1 EOY but the year after for sure.

At least your coin has potential to go somewhere. FUN is a horrible token all around

It's fucking garbage. I feel bad that you have bags but they're your bags now.

Damn.. I just bought 51k fun for just over $2,000

>history started at last eoy pump

this is how we can tell you're new to this

Don't worry casinos will be buying millions of FUN off Binance any day now


There is no fucking need for this coin

I have online gambled quite heavily on nfl, with good success. I use a site that starts with b

Just for buying in with btc, you get a huge bonus. Usually 50 or 100%. All these sites already accept crypto. All of these sites have huge btc reserves from the bull run. Do you think they are honestly going to use all that to buy some new scam coin?

I also usually receive another 250-500 just for cashing out back in btc.

As for real casinos...... bwahahahahaha!!!!!! I go to Vegas here and there, they want you to use usd. They also offer me credit with interest of course. No way will they use this fun crap

Honestly, this coin has 0% real world use. You guys are fucking idiots who think it does.

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>such passion
>gambled *heavily*
>*good* success
>still thinks fun is intended to directly replace fiat
>still thinks fun is intended to be a casino chip

why so passionate when it's so obvious you don't understand what crypto is capable of?

>being this autistic and posting about it

There's pretty much nothing bad about this token I've been able to come up with other than it crashed after the bull run like everything else.

So please explain wtf the purpose of this coin is to me. There is no need

Keep holding your bags fag

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Why don’t u cucks make an argument for why any major online casino or real world casino would use this coin....

I’ll wait

Because this removes the major online and offline casinos.

Literally even your dumb ass can open a casino with this.

U have no clue

Online casinos operate on TRUST. There are only 2 or 3 that I will deal with.

I’m not gonna deal with “pajeets numbers”

There is already a huge market, there is no need for this crap coin

FUN’s entire platform is centered around probably fair online gambling, trust is a huge tenet of their entire marketing strategy. Have you read the whitepaper at all?

What prevents one of the new pop up casinos you guys are speaking about from pulling an exit scam?

Everything is low now, price is not a metric of quality. It's garbage because it is fundamentally garbage.
It's supposedly a token you can gamble with. There are around 1500 shitcoins and guess what -- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM could be used to gamble with. FUN has arguably the worst use case of any token, since any other token could replace it.

If you gamble with FUN, the casino doesn't touch your money unless you lose. You never have to cash out with the casino

>embedded and guaranteed odds
>no fucking around with credit cards etc
>don't need to spend time fucking around with money. Just lob however many tokens you want at the casino etc
>scalability with gambling, can gamble literal tenth of pennies instead of minimum amounts
You're just talking shit and you know it lol
Nobody that hates FUN this much bothers to spend time in a thread trashing the token lmao

>EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM could be used to gamble with
Not even remotely true lol

Because it's orders of magnitude cheaper than any other system

Out of the top 100 coins which could you not use to gamble?

Online casinos already have code written and systems in place that give live odds on sports. Why change what already works?

They already accept btc and monero so no credit cards. U deposit with btc and your money is in your account. You have obviously never used online casinos.

Gambling pieces of a penny.... wtf is that shit. Sports books are where most people gamble online, nobody throws 5 cents in a parlay. Come on man

If a system is already in place and 100% functional, it’s an added upfront cost to change anything you idiot.

fate channels and their own games

Try thinking beyond the scope of sports betting and what the implications of a decentralized gambling platform that saves casinos massive amounts of money from reduced operating costs actually are. Seriously, all of your questions have been answered in the whitepaper.

tfw someone's dumping FUN on binance

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the upfront cost is nothing compared to the savings - and they can run it parallel to their existing system if they want to test it out

So you honestly believe, mgm grand is going to dump money in these tokens

Idiot, gambling is heavily a psychological experience. Cashing in and out with green money, feeling the cash....

Playing craps or blackjack and feeling the weight of the chips, hearing the clanks of the chips, hearing the coins coming out of the slot machine. This shit is perfected over almost a decade.

You idiots are so simple minded....

There is no online casino use for this

There is no physical casino use for this

I’m honestly trying to save you idiots money. Do as you please though.

>fate channels
Give a fuck
>their own games

>Give a fuck
go away nigger

Savings In what? Everything is already set up, all they pay for is maintance....And most of these online spots are in Panama, you can pay a fucking expert to handle this stuff in nickles. Got damn you guys are clueless.


fundrones btfo by an actual gambler, what a sight to see

I’m having so much fun durr hurr

No, I don’t think MGM Grand is going to be investing in FunFair. Large casinos were never the target for the platform in the first place. Yes gambling is psychological, pathological. I would argue that the cues that incenticize gamblers to continue gambling have been perfected for over a hundred years, much more than a decade. That being said, why do you think so many people on this board behave similarly to gambling addicts? How many posts have you seen of people losing half their portfolio leverage trading on Bitmex? It’s the same rush, sans the music and lights and physicality. Online gambling in the US has a MCAP of ~$45 billion, that number reaches hundreds of billions internationally. Even teenagers gamble online with lootboxes in video games, not to mention gacha is huge in Asia. FunFair isn’t just a token to gamble with. It’s a platform. In its fully realized state, many people will probably gamble with FUN online without even realizing it. Prices per bet are effectively locked in for the duration of the game, protecting the consumer. Players can withdraw/cash out funds nigh instantly using the framework. Many individuals on the team have years of experience the gambling industry, online and offline and I personally don’t think they would take a massive in this market if they didn’t have acute understanding of the need and profit potential FUN has. Your arguments are frequently brought up when this coin comes up, they are incredibly easy conclusions to come to, which is natural.

I also think many people who have done sufficient research are not as simple minded as you think. I would advise you to do your own research as well, you may not get an opportunity to buy in at such a low price - if it takes off, congratulations! Enjoy your profits. If it hovers where it’s at, you are now free to gamble with these very same tokens to also earn a profit if you choose.

*massive risk

Once again, you obviously don’t gamble

I can play online “black jack” or online “craps”

Instead....I fly to fucking Vegas or the Caribbean to sit in a casino, bullshit with a dealer, get free drinks and comped food and lodge, feel the chips, hear the screams at my craps table after a 15 min run post come out roll and winning on an 8 roll the hard 4 way.

You guys honestly don’t get it. The online big money stuff is mostly sports, there are amazing systems ALREADY in place. They are bigly great systems. They ALREADY accept cryptos.

This is useless as fuck. Anybody who actually gambles will tell you there is 0 real world use for this shit

Don't think you guys are giving this a fair shake. The devs have created FUN to work behind-the-scenes with their platform.

Yeah you can use god damn TRON or ICX to gamble with I suppose. But if you're programming-minded and wanted to develop your own strip poker site or a card game of your own design, you use the FUN platform. Students could program a slot machine on this platform and watch the pennies roll in every week from their work.

Yes it's function is gambling, but there is a whole hell of a lot of nuance in the ability to create here. This has the potential to explode in popularity.

Yeah, 151K bag holder here, but I'm riding this shit to the moon.

someone fill the rest of my order pls

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Lmfao at thinking any online casino makes money on teenagers playing penny games and stay at home moms playing penny slots on their computer. Wow

The casino doesn't hold your money dumb ass, a smart contract does.


jesus you still here?
nice participation certificate sweetie. didn't realize you were such a well seasoned gambler - obviously you're an expert in crypto and blockchain.

keep fudding mate. you're doing us all a service.

This is targeting the online casino space, which is already worth billions despite the inherent trust involved in wiring fiat ($25 transaction, 2-5 business day wait) to an offshore location that has complete control over your odds and your money, apparently not everyone needs to touch chips to gamble.

You're either replying to the wrong post or didn't fucking read. Try again.

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So.... go to trump tower in Atlantic City, put 1000usd in a machine.... get nothing out, have “credits” in a “smart contract” that are mine but I’m not physically holding them......ya that makes me excited to gamble

Please guys, make an account on bovada, deposit btc, play whatever you want with the usd it automatically exchanges into for you, cash out the btc. See how everything already works FLAWLESSLY. No need for this gay sounding fagtoken

Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to say, all the big casinos already accept crypto. The money is in your account as soon as the transaction is done. With btc currently and ltc it’s done in minutes.

ty whoever you were

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In several years you will have 100k.

No, you're completely wrong with your entire scenario, jesus... Honestly go ask Jez on discord or tg, your questions are brainlet tier but he'll answer them because he's extremely patient with people.

you bought when it was $.02 the other day right? honestly not a bad time to buy in even right now if you have iron hands

Are there any actually “gamblers” who hold this token.

I’m honestly curious. Some of you guys debating me are giving me well structured responses and I appreciate it. My brainlet though still does not see ANY reason for this token.

1. Physical gamblers will always prefer a cash casino

2. Poker players might have a need for this, but seeing how poker has taken off so much in the past decade and the fact that most of the population has a poker room within 1hr of their house and how they enjoy face to face games doesn’t seem like it would work on a huge scale

3. Online gamblers, most big money sports book guys already have decade long relationships with online books who have systems 100% functional and who offer them comps for “banking” with them. I actually get fucking phone calls from online books about new bonuses available to me... that’s how our relationship is.

It’s been fun. I wish all you holders well I will never touch this piece of shit coin. I recommend all of you dumping big money in this coin to use current online casinos and talk to actual gamblers before you dump money in this shit.

oh shit they have actually been working on/adding new games this seems promising

do you hold any alts?

Yes, personally I'm holding this coin until I can gamble with it on native FF platforms. Though I did take some profit at .25 to buy back in

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Yes I do

Prl which I’m gonna dump soon to get more eng

Hope everybody gets money this year

> you only trust certain casinos
> literally what this token is aiming to do for all casinos.


>tfw can't wait for REQ and FUN to take off simultaneously

Except they CREATE the gambling games, themselves which are arguably better than what the casinos develop (and they work on my mobile browser). Dingaling.

LMAO. Even you yourself said that you only trust 2 or 3!

TWO OR THREE out of the hundreds/thousands of gambling sites.

Good lord, you're slow.

This coin is going to die before it can reach a new ATH

>Excat same situation as OP


Unironically 257k FUN

Bettor here. Why the fuck would I buy FUN when books already accept BTC. One of FUN's biggest premises is that it prevents chargebacks, but BTC also prevents chargebacks. FUNfags are FUNtarded. lmao

I like gambling in casino's IRL but i also hold 100k FUN. You're an enormous faggot

Jesus Christ you guys are such non gamblers

I only stay and play at 2/3 casinos in Vegas. Golden nugget if I’m feeling downtown, planet Hollywood if I’m feeling the strip, and the Orleans if I’m feeling the local vibe. You know why fucking brainlet? Moderate to big time Gamblers are very loyal. These 3 places always take care of me and make me feel welcome

Online, I deal with 2 casinos. I deal with these same 2 because for 10 years they have given me free money, showed me great service, and go out of their way to call me and notify me of bonus’s available.

Gamblers are a weird bunch, I know people who will only deal with 1 casino group. My idea of trust and loyalty as a gambler is far from yours playing 100x shorts on fucking bitmex. It’s so odd to me that 99% of ppl In on fun have no idea how gambling even works.

Is FUN really going to be .45 by eoy?

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Stop bragging about being a degenerate gambler. You're stroking your own ego and it's super cringeworthy.

Four Queens > all those pieces of kaka you listed.

A nigga like me gotta stroke his ego to feel better about dropping some stacks after a 16hr craps binge while eating amphetamines like pez

Sometimes the free night or two and the comped meals don’t cut it.

You are literally directing questions to all the positives of FUN. Is this some 3D chess level of shilling?

Fun is a stupid coin and those who hold it are stupid, it's textbook monopoly money that no casino would ever use.

To be fair, I don’t think you’re representative of the majority of the gambling population. I’ve gambled and know a handful of people who really enjoy it and have yet to meet someone who binges amphetamines and goes hard on the Strip with any regularity. Think of all the people you know, beyond your circle of hardcore gamblers. How many could fit the demographic FUN is targeting?