Official Frugal Living Thread

Been loving these things, so let's get a legit one going.
>Don't buy books anymore, just download them from library genesis
>Popcorn time for tv shows/movies
>Meal Prep EVERYTHING (bulk buy sweet potatoes, chicken @ 1.90/lb, ground beef at @ $2/lb, rice, beans, veggies)

Shout out to the user who linked budgetbytes, that site is gold.

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All that frugal shit for small cost items barely makes a difference. You won't suddenly move up a wealth class.

All that effort is better spent looking for business/investing opportunities, building networks/skills, or just working on your own projects.

How much will all that frugality really save you in a year? $2k?

How much could a single promotion, great investment, or successful new business make for you? $20k? $50k?

>successful new business
This is anything but easy. Most of the time you will find out that the reward isn't worth the time compared to other things.

2k is a lot.

It isn't easy, but the more effort you put into it, the easier it becomes. You'll have a few failed businesses at first but it's a learning experience.

You'll soon develop an eye for spotting opportunities, how best to approach creating a minimal viable product as quickly and cheaply as possible, scaling your business, etc.

I have been eating the same thing every day for 4 years.

I eat a peanut butter sandwich in the morning with a mug of milk, half full.

Then for dinner I eat a 1 cup of cooked white rice, and a cup of pinto beans, which I buy in bulk bags. I drink water with dinner.

On weekends and holidays, I allow myself a full mug of milk, and cranberry juice with my dinner.

An entire day of eating on normal days is less than five dollars of food, given that I buy everything in bulk. The most expensive components being milk and peanutbutter. One of which perishes quickly, and the other of which does not typically come in huge bulks like rice and beans do.

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True but think of the compounding effect of also living cheap.

Meaning, if u live cheap and save 2k, that 2k might afford u another six months. While for someone who doesnt live cheap, they wont get the 2k to begin with, and even if they did, the 2k wud only last 1 month.

Ubermensch coming in, I only eat rolled oats, milk, a shitton of raw eggs and some fruits here and there.

Last year I spent a solid 2 months coding like a madman. I barely left the house, and just ordered take out everyday. I was utterly focused on completing a project that now earns me an extra $200k/yr in mostly passive income.

Had my thoughts been preoccupied with penny-pinching, instead of trying to make real money, I'm not sure I would have gotten to where I am now.

care to explain the project?

I spent 5 years coding. I don't even want to think of it. Just make sure you are not psychotic when you are making business plans. My latest project is cool though so I guess it adds up to something finally.

I guess it really depends on how desperately you need $2k. If you don't make/save a lot, it could be helpful, maybe get some financial padding for emergencies.

I'm just saying it's not what will make you rich.

How much do you weigh, 110lbs?

I currently earn $40k/yr as a reactjs/php full stack developer.

Should I quit my job and spend 2 months on a project? How do I know when its the right project?

It's actually somewhat niche, doesn't have a huge barrier for entry (although you'd still need capital + software development), and I'm already competing with a few competitors so I won't explain it.

I have my own Idea that I want to start, but I'm scared you are already doing it. Does it involve transport?

I don't know where you live, but if you live in the US that's fairly low pay. I would definitely look into getting higher pay. Try looking at different companies.

Also, I'd try to learn node.js as it's much more in demand than php.

I used to work in SF at startups and got $150k base salary + equity (options). This wasn't the highest I could get since I worked at startups. If I chose to work at a large company like google/facebook/amazon/netflix/uber/microsoft/etc instead, I would get $300k total comp instead.

I'm a mid-range/senior dev.

No it doesn't, go for it.

Try to implement your idea as quickly and cheaply as possible. The worst thing you can do is invest a ton of time + money into an idea only to find out it's not profitable.

I do agree with you. All of my savings goes into investments, and between "penny-pinching" and paychecks i've been able to put in a somewhat significant amount. I'm starting my master's next year as well, so the rest of my time goes to research and building connections in the department.
The mental component of living cheaply to supplement investments adds great piece of mind while I pursue a degree that will take some time to achieve (PhD after MA).

you're getting ripped off, you should be at least 50k even in a low cost area

Super frugal shit
>Invest in a Crock-Pot as time = money
>Go for low tier cellphone plans ie cricket or metropcs
>Buy used 80% of the time or refurbished
>Buy authentic knockoff clothing from China at a fraction of retail cost
>Buy home goods at Goodwill or thrift stores
>Pony up more money for heavier used items
>Ask for discounts always
>Carry student I'd or make a fake military I'd for saucy discounts
>Buy knockoff cologne buy exact one from Nordstrom, return Nordstrom cologne and put the knockoff in the box







and you are also just a faggot. take-out everyday? doesnt make a difference? lol, okay. putting some chicken quarter and potatos in the oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper is just too hard i guess. better spend $10 minimun for delivery on take out, another $3 delivery fee (or $5 for uber pool) to eat some nasty ass chinese/pizza/ez eats.

>Should I quit my job and spend 2 months on a project? How do I know when its the right project?
Oh, also I wouldn't quit your job. Just work on it on nights + weekends. Keep the project as small as possible, so you can finish it as quickly as possible.

The goal is to get the core of it working as soon as possible, to see if the idea is even worth pursuing further.

You'll know it's the right project + worth quiting your job if the project takes up all your time and you're convinced you'll earn more money by working on the project instead of working.

Being frugal is fine, cooking is fine too if you enjoy it, but just know it doesn't really mean shit when it comes to getting rich.

Being frugal takes a lot of effort too (at least for me). Effort that could be used elsewhere.

I'll keep this in mind.

>No it doesn't, go for it.
Thanks I'm currently writing the website for it on AWS Lambda to keep costs low ($0.12/day) at least till it takes off.

this...of course you should try and save as much money as you can, if you're a poorfag. it should NEVER become detrimental to a goal you're pursuing though.

i'm six feet tall and weigh 130 pounds

how did you survive auschwitz?

Here are my two frugality tips.

Tip #1: Whenever I want something I simply don't buy it and forget about it. If it keeps coming back to me that I want to buy it, then I will. But most of the time I totally forget I ever wanted it and I save the money I would have spent and keep living just as happily as before.

Tip #2: No one ever became a millionaire by cutting out Starbucks. There are certain luxuries I allow myself and I don't feel bad about them. Instead I enjoy them and I'm grateful I have the pocket change to enjoy them. As others have said,

>Don't worry about pinching pennies. Worry more about printing Benjamins.

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Being frugal is not just about saving money, it also saves time and being organized rewards you of a fluidity of mind. Being frugal is also fun!

Mindlessly spending wealth is not a fucking convenience. And showing off wealth doesn't make you happy, rather it only makes you tired of the bullshit.

If you want social approval, don't use your fucking money to get it. Just have a certain interesting skill/career and be fucking exceptional with it (if it makes money, the better).

Don't go crazy with saving money.
I saved money the best ways I could think of including sleeping outside and then in my car.
I may have saved plenty, but I also experienced my productivity go to shit as well as my state of mind and quality of life. Total living expenses of 200-400$ per month isn't worth the bullshit fight of every day life.

drink your own semen instead of wasting money on antidepressants/protein shakes

>lived in San Francisco
>orders take out everyday
>thinks boiling pasta is a chore
>probably unhealthy as fuck from all that take out
>types like a Reddit faggot






please go back and never return dude. please. please please please. peas peas peas peas.

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I had six golden watches shoved up my ass for the entire war

Ex-wagecuck here going to buy a shitty RV and camp around america for the next couple years.
Got some passive income (

Quality post and advice.
Thanks user

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