$1000 by end of the year

$1000 by end of the year

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go baby!

the true patrician chain

i have some and i like the optimism, but 1000 seems like a stretch

What would be the marketcap for 1000$?
Is this on any good exchange?

Half of eth's market cap, probably 10% at the current supply

$1k eoy

Only huobi. That and not being updated on CMC are making this one of the most under the radar cryptos out there.

Good time to buy.

What is this coin?

Elastos (ELA)

Chinese Microsoft

Oh shit.. Hongfei Da is on the board?

What the fuk

lol. scam coin. wait for a week. you can buy below 20$. team not competent to list in cmc, and BNB refused to list them due to false and manipulation.

>Oh shit.. Hongfei Da is on the board?

he is in tons of other projects, that ended up in dumpyard. fuccking retard not able to build NEO properly. all NEO ico's are flop show due to neo platform. dyor

And Jihan Wu of Bitmain, Elastos is merge mining with BTC, Jihan is putting half of bitmains mining power toards mining Elastos. Say what you want about Jihan the guy knows how to make money


How much are you getting payed, Pajeet?

I'll throw a hunno for chance of 10x )))


You've had enough time to accumulate my man

I'm hungry

How much are you getting payed, Pajeet?

> he think ppl believe him he is not pajeet if he say others pajeet. fuck off pajeet.

yes. Smart ppl will buy this below 20$, while you bag holders carried away with fake hype by Fay and bought it at 80$. i set my buy order below 20$. will happen soon.

oh if only you knew about this project. consider yourself lucky to find out right now. the circ supply is going to be updated in a few short days.

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That's basically ICO price. Not going to happen.

this is y ppl stopped believing in chinke scammers. fake pic. volume dropping like a rock.


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y not it hit 29$ last week. beating this new to crypto? u wont make it bro. I thr up and waiting to btc to drop below 7.5k(which is inevitable ), when BTC at 7k. ela would be below20$. screencap this, come back in few weeks.

this indian is hilarious, how the fuck does he manage to find every single thread?

>5 rupees an hour to fud elastos yes sir thank you very much sir

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whats the current market cap?


6.5 mill circulating (this pajeet in the thread will try to tell you this is incorrect, just ignore him)

so cap is about 250mill

Seems like a lot but do some reading on the project and you'll see it is multi billion

Nigga. I am trying to help biz but Not fomo'ed like u pajeet and bought at 80$, now shilling. I know this is good project, but I buy below 20$ and only when team display their lock up coins in blockexplorer, because i dont believe chinke mother fuccker verbal words(they scam you with hype) unlike u retards buy at top with out knowing facts and shill here to drop bags.

>6.5 mill circulating

wrong. u got trapped in chink scammer lies. here are facts. if not get the source to prove u r scam coin.

> 6.5 circ supply
> 5 mill pre-sale unlock next month and they will in circ
> around 1 mill houbi airdrops
> rest of 15.5 mill airdrops in unlocked state(but team fooling noobs)

so total about 25 mill . circ supply. currently over valued as fuck.

I had bot scan through biz and when ever ELA in search, alert me.

Ok ,ELA shillers here is my challenge. then I will stop my posts in ELA thrd until then shut the fuck of u r shilling with out knowing facts

> get me the blockexplorer that proves ELA locked coins.

The explorer is being made right now you nerd

How autistic are you

Biz need blockexplorer that shows coins locked using smart contract/ or with programmatically locked but not Fay TG screencaps(she is like grade 1 student in blockchain tech, they got her just to tweet(she thinks faking is marketing) and fuck.)

your English is really bad, and considering I deal with people who speak English at your level often i can tell you are just some Indian. Just fuck off back to your mudhut and eat some curry.

Nobody would have a bot alerting them unless they were desperate about a project. fuck off trying to say you are "saving" anyone. lmao. as if anyone cares that much about saving the average biztard.


retard. good english means nothing for making money. so you have good english, so what you did. bought at 80$ with out proper research on their circ supply , totally missed good entry for this project. still you have chance to drop bags and buy back below 20$, which is good entry. will happen. remember my buy order below 20$. currently over valued as fuck.

lol. u chinke shillers did not get facts/nor proofs. just blaming me does not help your shilling. get the facts then we can discuss.

firstly i was in the ICO and i spent about 3 btc.

Secondly, you just admitted you are a fucking raghead pajeet bahanchod. I have been to india and know how you fucks work. i can smell the desperation.

you think "knowing how to make money" is trying to organise fud by setting up bots to alert. lmao

>Secondly, you just admitted you are a fucking raghead pajeet bahanchod. I have been to india and know how you fucks work. i can smell the desperation.

> motherfuccker. how come you not pajeet, I fuccked u r pajeet mother.

lets back to topic. get the facts right about circ supply. I will also join to shill this project. until then stop fuccking shilling scam coins.

hahahah one word was all it took, you knew what it mean confirmed pajeet.

screencapped for next time you show up

>hahahah one word was all it took, you knew what it mean confirmed pajeet.

I am not pajeet. but you seem pajeet , btw go back to TG , get the circ supply facts right.

meanwhile I heading to Fay home to assfuck her, she live few miles from here.

>Vijay Krishna Suthanthiraraj


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I think thats not him, his writing style is different a lot

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