Universa (UTNP)

Someone kind enough to feed me anything happening around this project? How is the development going and why does it keep dropping in price?

They claim to have more than 20’000 transactions per second soon on their blockchain, its hard to believe.

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Nano can do 30.000

20k is not impossible to make with a private blockchain with centralized servers.
It's dropping in price because it's only on Cobinhood and because Mcafee decided not to make his coin on this.
But once the mainnet is out (next few weeks) and we hit Binance (a bit further down the road) it's gonna explode. Not to $10 which Mcafee could have brought, but hefty profits nonetheless

How did you find out about Mcafee not using it?

Is UTNP going to be a private blockchain with centralized servers?

Check him out on bad crypto podcast, he admitted to changing his plans
I think so, I've stopped doing technical research because it doesn't matter. I only research shilling opportunities like partnerships and big numbers, and this thing is still killing it even without Mcafee

Thanks already bought 1 mil
Pls continue shilling, I want 1$ EOY

Don't want to invest into a project if the long term doesn't look good. Having a centralized server hosting a private blockchain defeats the purpose of a blockchain itself which is decentralized and can't be controlled. Yeah I looked at the whitepaper and it says "owned by known responsible owners" meaning they'd have to somehow cherry nice the users hosting the nodes.

look at Ripple.
This is basically XRP on MASSIVE steroids.

Ripple was made years ago so everyone now knows about it, they're different since they are working with Banks so a bit of centralization is to be expected.

UNTP is doing something different, its doing smart contracts, but centralized and controlled. I'm not liking the way they're doing it, lots of smart contract platforms can go centralized route and have super fast transactions.

what the fuck is wrong with you? Since when is blockchain synonymous with decentralized? centralized or decentralized makes no difference, a blockchain is a blockchain. Otherwise, there would be no need for the word decentralized or centralized. How does this defeat the purpose of a blockchain?

Did you even read the white paper?
UTN is so extremely fast because the DAG doesn't save any contract data, instead it saves hashes & balances which saves a shitton of space.
The parties have to save the (unnecessary because the TX is done) contract data by themselves, otherwise it's deleted after a brief keeping period.
Do you know any other way of achieving such a high TPS?
the master node needs 32 cores and 32gb of ram, which is a lot for a node, you a practically at the limit of what is somewhat decentralized.

McAffee is still an advisor for Universa. Don't worry it will still be shilled.

McAffee left the McAffeeCoin project. The new project is called iobcoin and will still be developed on the Universa platform.

1$ EOY is almost certain, I would call 10$ possible.

Yes. and the fact that this Veeky Forums thread has only a few replies really highlights how under the radar this beast of a project is. Once people start noticing, watch... the .... fuck... out

If a blockchain is doing smart contract and isn't decentralized then there's no point in having a blockchain in the first place because it would be easy to change the rules of the blockchain and brings in security problems.

Yes I read it, also this doesn't argue against the point of their centralization, and no 32 GB of ram isn't a lot and can easily be achieved, they're implied cherry picking the nodes if you've read it yourself.

Due to this I really doubt anyone will take notice of this project since there's already developed blockchains and lots being developed. I'll have to pass up on this, thanks though for the disscussion.

Guess I should buy some more then

I would like to note this is one of 50 projects I'm looking at, since there's so many out there.
Any thoughts on these projects? I haven't looked too much into them

already have 1 mil, it's about 20% of my portfolio atm

Universa is garbage and claim to solve it but the problem there is that it's no longer decentralized. Effectively not a blockchain. Not to mention the utter mediocrity in their code. AN EMBARRASSMENT!

Yeah they aren't aiming for decentralization. Which makes this an unattractive project to be invested in. I've got many more promsing projects to look at right now.

I have nowhere near that amount senpai

so it's a shitty copy of nano?
i skimmed the whitepaper but it looked like a middle school paper.

it didn't make it obvious where the innovation was anywhere.

I bought 1 million but at double the price it is now reee. Was holding tether too bit this looked so good i panic buyed

ripple already has plans to 10x their tx throughput,
no reason to use a shitty slavic DAG ripple

as user said 20k tps is not difficult,
20k tps in a decentralized manner is

bitcoin could do 20k tps they just don't because it's too much storage space.
always be cautious of anyone claiming to do high tps

Universa is the Sukhoi to Ripples F-35

But does XRP allow smart contracts and token swaps ?

This project looks shady as heck but the logo is a cube and I buy cubes

>muh smart contracts
does it though? it doesn't have anything until release
ADA, ZIL, EOS, etc... all claim to have smart contracts...
but none of them have released it

this sounds just like a worse version of EOS. same scammy erc20 distribution, same claims of high throughput while delaying main net for ages

It's not the RAM that is the problem. It's the 32 cores cpu.

By cherry picking, they pretty much mean you can't run a node off your regular home PC. You pretty much need to invest $8k USD in a server and pay for hosting in a data center. It's still considered decentralized. Just that you need to meet the requirements to be considered. But if you have 1 million UTNP and an enterprise server, you can apply and will probably be allowed to run a node.

How are they delaying mainnet for ages? ICO finished in December. That's 3 months ago. Also, you have confirmed evidence from head of development of the largest private bank in Russia (Alfa-Bank) saying that they have tested Universa testnet internally and it is a viable solution for them to use and that they will be conducting a pilot group test using the Universa blockchain

Not to mention the government of Malaysia will be using Universa to test social benefits for 6 million Malaysians. Partnerships with Earnst & Young, Lanit partnering with Universa... the partnerships and deals are endless. Like I said. Once this gets going: watch.... the ... fuck... out

>By cherry picking, they pretty much mean you can't run a node off your regular home PC
you say that like it's a bad thing

>you have to apply to be a node
So it's a centralized bank, more centralized than ripple.

it's not a bad thing at all. I don't see anything wrong with requiring a certain amount of firepower to run a node.

They aren't trying to replace Bitcoin or Monero. There is nothing wrong with centralization. Universa's goal is to work WITH government, not to circumvent them. That being said, there is a time and place for both centralization and decentralization. One is not inheritably worse than the other. They just serve different purposes.

So what is the overall use case for this product then, if not as a regular currency? Does it have many competitors?

>I've stopped doing technical research because it doesn't matter

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yes, there is.
Bitcoin is revolutionary because it is decentralized.
If its centralized it's no better than traditional banking systems, because they'll either roll their own crypto, or use ripple.

maybe this will be the ripple of russia, so i keep an eye on the threads just in case, but so far it seems like an engineered erc20 scam like EOS

>Universa's goal is to work WITH government, not to circumvent them
Not interested in this piss then

Pretty much anything you can think of is a use case.

They will do IoT with Novotrans. presented a system based on the Universa Blockchain for creation of digital history of each railway car, which connects predictive analytics to calculate the state of repair of cars and spare parts, needed for the repair.

In Malaysia, 6 million people will use Universa as social benefits. will implement a system for distribution and control of welfare payments, which would not only prevent spending of funds on alcohol and cigarettes, but might also control each illegitimate usage of funds through the usage of blockchain technology.

ok Mr. Anarchist. Have fun.

the more you shill this, the worse it sounds.
>it'll do everything!

You need to get out of crypto asap. It's an anti mafia op, not pro.

>but might also control each illegitimate usage of funds
Yay, more surveillance.

Honestly....... I dispise you.

>Pretty much anything you can think of is a use case.
Okay, how about an exchange of value between private parties that is not in any way monitored or controlled by the government or corporations?

Are you retarded? Would you deal drugs in a cop station? If you want to hide your money, use Monero or ZCash or al.

Just because you are anti centralization, doesn't make Universa a bad thing. Everything has it's purpose and if you can't see all the partnerships and innovations they are achieving as anything other than incredibly bullish, then don't buy any.

But this thing will take off weather you agree with it's principles or not.

I will be waving at you idiots from my yacht

Nice to see a Universa thread reach ATH in post count. Even if it is mostly fud

I was just poking at your sky-is-the-limit answer to the use case question. I do think this is an interesting project, I am just trying to make sense of it

The amount of FUD on this project made me unironically buy 100K. An user here thinks it will go to $15. I told him if it hits $2 I will fly him to Asia for a weekend of fun on me. Let's hope he's right.

Centralized public blockchain makes no sense because you can do it more efficient without blockchain.
Ripple is a payment system so it's different.

I spent time "FUD'ing"

Would you have liked to invest in any of those projects?

But as a russian citizen I can find sense in this project.
Not to allow one russian node owner scam another russian node owner.
The gov. wants to have monopolia in scamming.

Not even joking.

Also having mcAfee as an advisor is like putting "SCAM" on your project.

I was joking that this shit will have 3 nodes and it appears that it's close to the trueth.

I got into CND at .01 cent and sold at .25. So yeah. I would, and did.

Good luck to the both of you. If it hits $15 I'm going for a weekend of fun in Asia too

grr the centralised node fud is playing on my mind now, fuck you Veeky Forums

dude dont you get it? Doesnt fuckin matter if its decentralized or not. It'll make you a shit ton of money either way. The people who stick to values in this game are the ones who dont make it.