Who else /crushing/ this bear market?

who else /crushing/ this bear market?

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good stuff bro, keep it up, im to much of a pussy but good for you.

Ballsy. I honestly would have pussied out after that -0.5 on mar 19th kek, good stuff though op.

What website is that?

Teach me senppaaaaiii

thanks, got a little tilted after that loss but jumped back in after a day


its not that hard desu if you play low leverage and know basics of TA and are smart enough to know what the general market trend is.

can you teach me please? im a fag have currently 300 usd at bitmex, i know basic TA, how much leverage do you use?

you look at 30m charts or 1hr? how much leverage do you use?

i just want to make 5k and im off this

In situations like this your can make more money when BTC crashing than you can chasing moon missions if you know what you're doing, just by trading BTC, no need to touch altcoins.
Why are you missing out on these gains? BitMEX (the "mex" stands for Mercatile Exchange) is the only crypto exchange in the world that offers 100X leverage (but it's not because you can that you must, go small and work your way up).
Let me explain what this means. So lets say you were to have shorted (placed a sell order) for BTC at $10 000. Let's also say you only have .1 BTC to trade with, or $1 000 worth. With .1 BTC at x10 leverage you can sell 1 BTC. Then for every dollar BTC goes down, your position is worth $1 more. Say BTC goes to $8 000, if you close your position you then get the difference which is $2 000 in profit paid to you in BTC, that's a 200% profit
I would suggest you learn TA before you start trading. You can train using their testnet (free).
You want a moon mission? BitMEX is your moon mission.
Euros and others can sign up but US users are banned (just sign up with a proxy and then you can login from a US IP with no questions asked). If you're going to sign up use my reference code, using a reference code gives you a %10 discount in fees. May not sound like much but it's saved me hundred of dollars in the past weeks: bitmex.com/register/toYHiE

- Interface is amazing with professional grade advanced order types
- Liquidity it offers is completely unmatched, it's the biggest exchange volume wise: coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/no-fees/
- BTC deposits take less than 10 minutes: just 1 confirmation from the network needed
- Never down, no shady flash crashes caused by website being down like Poloniex does

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Now here are my advices if you want to stay safe, and if you don't want to use Tether

0. x100 leverage is pure gamble I can not stress this enought, use lower leverage

1. Read the docs and make sure you understand exactly how the contracts work (both futures and swap), profit/loss calculation and how liquidation works. Make sure you understand the difference between mark price and index price.

2. x1 shorts are way to cash out without using the Tether time bomb or Fiat:
Say you have 1 BTC which is worth 10 000$ at a given time in bear market and you think it's doing to dip further you short sell 10 000$ worth of contracts which will cost 1 BTC
A few months latter BTC @ 5 000$ and is bullish again, you decide to go long again so you buy back/close your short position you still have 10 000$ worth of contracts so you have now 2 BTC.
You can even get paid funding rates for holding your position + makers fee for going short
If you're "cashing out" long term and you don't want to pay funding fees use futures contracts (XBTH18, XBTM18) not the swap contract (XBTUSD)

3. The interface may seem a bit complex to some, don't let that discourage you, it has very advanced order types and you can practive with testnet BTC (get some from a faucet) on bitmex's testnet.
Make some trades on the testnet to confirm your understanding of the contracts and the site in general.

4. I prefer trading on Cross. It's very important to not trade too many contracts, I trade 1 contract at a time. I strongly recommend not to trade so many contracts that your are more than 2x leveraged. Ideally less than 1x, at least in the beginning.

5. Don't forget to set a stop loss, plan your trades and trade your plans.

Trading with above x5 leverage is a lot harder than most people think. By far most traders on there lose money because they use too much leverage, those that trade with x100 leverage lose all their money, so don't use that.

to make sth out of 300usd fast you gonna have to run serious risks desu. only way to make money imo is using low leverage (10x maximum) and being careful with entries/exits

i look at a lot of charts, but mostly 30 / 15 min to figure entry points

thanks for the info
what leverage do you use?

What's your strategy? I've only tried trading on margin a handful of times and I seem to be wrong WAY more often than I'm right, as in way worse than 50/50 odds.

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my go to leverage is 5x. but sometimes i put in 10x if the trade is quick and i feel safe. but i suggest sticking to 3-5x.

my strategy is to antecipate trends and trade accordingly, always ajusting entry points on way up/down (dont just open trade and wait, close trade and reentry for better price everytime you think is possible). to see trends you must not only know your way around charts but also feel general market feeling (watch what other traders are saying, stalk top traders on twitter etc.). This last part makes it all a lot easier.

But can you make some money with such a low leverage? i would like to use x10 max or something

How do you find the best entry/exit points? Which indicators do you guys use?
Only trade BTC or alts too?

Currently $300 usd in bitmex, all i have left after being scammed by Bitcoin private

I accidentally changed my leverage from 10x to x25 on an open position and my liquidation price moved closer

how do i fix this

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How do you recover from the tilt? I lost like 9 trades in a row today including a liquidation (I went 100x on a small % of my portfolio because I was so tilted)

scared to buy another contract.

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Thanks just shorted 1MM

You'll lose eventually.

Add margin

>But can you make some money with such a low leverage?

yes, but my stack is a lot bigger than 300 usd (i deposited 10 btcs on bitmex about a month ago and been growing from there)

> How do you find the best entry/exit points? Which indicators do you guys use?
Only trade BTC or alts too?

You gotta learn that by yourself desu and get skin in the game. personally i use RSI, ichimoku cloud, MACD and multiple timeframes emas

Is trading really that hard for you fucks. Just pick your lagging indicator of choice and long the dips in an uptrend and short the bounces in an uptrend.

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Everyone loses trades and has positions go against them, some people just damage control better and risk manage better.

i dont think so, with proper risk management it is honestly hard to go busto. ppl go broke because everyone is using 25x++ leverage, go all in on trades etc.

Downtrend* obviously

No, I'm normally pretty good, consistent 5-10% returns daily for weeks at a time

but then I have days where I just want to blow up my account apparently

understanding why u lost ur trades is the first factor, i only get tilted if i feel like i made a mistake (either misread situation or put too much on the line). also have proper risk management so losing a few trades dont affect ur bankroll too much

Do you use anything like kelly criterion for risk management or just the indicators on trading view?

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and you spend all your day looking at charts and entry/exit points? kinda gives me anxiety

So i think i can't do much with 300usd unless i go high leverage

funny because before trading i played poker for a few years and thats pretty much why i stopped. got so mad on losing days i felt like tilting away all my cash. if u feel like doing this just stop and come back with a clearer head lol

yea i feel like bankroll management and emotional control is half of the game desu

Damn those bitmex shills.
Trying to get my money each day.
Quit shilling bitmex u fucks

op send me 0.5 so i burn it all in bitmex

He already did on one day. Surviving losses is part of trading.

Is there any good guides to risk management? I started 5x Margin trades on Kraken because I was shorting ETH from 600 with my whole portfolio of 3500 but due to various fomos and being an idiot and not knowing how to set a stop loss, when BTC bounced off and then setting a stop loss too low and having I went from 3500 -> 4300 -> 5600 -> 3200 -> 1700

Right now I'm playing with $800, should I reduce that? Or only do like 5x leverage? Should I go for scalps or only swing trades?