Hope you're ready for the Tether pumpening in

70mil of Tether has been sent over to Bitfinex, only 8 confirmations left.

What could this possibly mean?

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Well lending rates for long margin positions were at 0.2% last night. Gotta meet the demand.

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lol enjoy having your long liquidated faggot

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Getting less obvious which tether market these will flood into as time goes on.

Could even go into BCH with the conference in tokyo tomorrow...

Its real tho

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Check it yourself

Oh fuck.

We mooning, boys

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meh, its not like the last time when they printed 300 mil, if this mattered we'd be pumping already and its still dropping. My short is safe lol

Do we know for sure this will be used to pump BTC or will it go to ETH?

But this IS from the 300mil. They didn't do anything with it until now. It's gonna happen.

Eosfinix, duh

can someone explainf to smoll brain what this means?

bitfinex printed money out of thin air and is pumping BTC one last time before the cease and desist letter arrives tomorrow morning.

In other words, we're going to $10k
Or at least a decent pamp, I'm assuming

As a dirty altcoiner I just want BTC to fucking crash already so I can get in.

Check the charts. Pump is beginning, bizbros.

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How does more tether pump btc? Doesn't it just mean that demand for tether is going up because btc is tanking?

The funny thing is, this is not even funny.

??? Use your brain DumBFUCk

More tether = "more money entering the market" (not true, it's fake dollars)

Tether is the only reason BTC ever surpassed $2k

It did nothing with the 300 mil that was printed. The more this goes on the more I think this tether shit actually isn't as big of a deal you fucks make it out to be.

no one really knows and its best to not ask questions.

Anyways, the two lines are about to touch in an hour or so. Lets see if they inject the tether into Bitcoins main vain.

Looks like we're up to 54 confirmations.
Pretty sure it's like Bitcoin and has 1 conf per minute. 1 HOUR BOYS

* 10 minutes

prepare for the upcoming dump to 5850.

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Artificial demand. Price increase. Same as if I had a printing press and went around town buying up all the groceries. Price of food would skyrocket.

They didn't send the 300mil anywhere, check the ledger. omniexplorer.info/address/1NTMakcgVwQpMdGxRQnFKyb3G1FAJysSfz

My bet is they'll send the remaining amounts later on, possibly to other exchanges

Does it need 60 confirmations then?

The lady ended up with $30


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it always dumps when new tethers are printed

Says the retarded bitfinexd follower for the umpteenth time



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So will this tether shit create a situation where people can implement a "big short" style trade?

The question is, when does tether's house of cards come crumbling down?

When there's real regulations....Cruise control til then

Screencapping this so I can post it when I buy your bags for $1K.


its over OP



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stock market is crashing AGAIN

Lol after violently justing people for 2.5%, it proceeds to drop an additional 0.63% in after hours trading

Ok, so the way I see it is people are still stuck in the bull market phase where printing tether meant more people entering the market. But now in bear what I think is more likely is exchanges are trying to get more tether because of the increased demand. So in 2017 an exchange would grow its stock of cryptos in equal proportion. But not I think it's more likely that exchanges hold bigger percentage of their stock in tether. Consequently more tether needs to be printed.

>What could this possibly mean?
my short is about to get fucking JUSTed?

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Keep wishing bitfinexd but you'll never ever get the btc you sold for 1k back
No matter how much you begged bitfinex and no matter how much you spread fud on Twitter and definitely not with how much you begged for donations for a FAKE LAW SUIT


you fucking niggers
i just closed a 50x short at 110% roe, dont start telling me btc not finna pump after the fact

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60 confirmations

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dont say you weren´t warned

That makes no sense. I understand how tether could pump the market but HTF could it DUMP it!?

Because biz is full of dummies. That 70mil (or rather 300mil) is essentially being siphoned from btc to tether.


Ok so
>Exchanges buy tether from tether (with fiat)
>Traders buy tether with bitcoin
>BTC goes down
Yeah? So it's normal market transaction and not some weird pump mechanism.

look at the history of tether. bitcoin always has a dump when new tether is printed. also there were lots of other indications pointing towards bull trap.

Pretty much.

oops wrong

he's gonna be shorting

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