I’m a full time student that works 30 hours a week. I’m broke as hell. I’ve got $50. Tell me how to triple it

I’m a full time student that works 30 hours a week. I’m broke as hell. I’ve got $50. Tell me how to triple it.

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Suck 100 dicks 1$ each

Save up you dumb faggot. Apparently not spending is so fucking hard for your dumb ass.

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You guys are mean. I work to pay my bills. At the end of every month I have about $50 spending cash after bills and food. I’m asking for genuine help, but it seems you are all assholes. Thanks for nothing.



I want to get into small investing but don’t know where to start. I thought that the “business and finance” section would be the place to start, but it seems I’ve been sorely mistaken.

whats ur job m8

>buy REQ
>forget about it
>do well in school and graduate with honors so you can wear that gay little scarf
>check on your REQ stack
>realize you're basically a millionaire

it's that simple

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there is no point in investing with 50 bucks, try not to spend it on anything and wait a few months until you have a couple hundred, and then from there we can talk

No, I wanted knowledge you jerk. I don’t know what the hell chainkink is, I was looking for someone to help me figure out where to get started. Damn the internet just fucking sucks doesn’t it. A girl can’t get ahead at all.

You are welcome!

how much req do u think is needed to make it? srs

Ask your boss if you can work a couple of extra weekend shifts.

You’re on Veeky Forums, don’t expect anything from anyone here and for the love of all that is holy please do NOT take any financial advice here seriously. People have lost everything by investing in shit like ChainLink without realizing that it’s just a meme for newfags. I’d recommend lurking more or looking for answers elsewhere.

>Damn the internet just fucking sucks doesn’t it.
>A girl can’t get ahead at all.
LFMAO get fucked roastie you can suck cocks for money if you are this poor and stupid, it's the only thing you will ever be valuable at.

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For me, it isn't a matter of the amount of REQ. The question is how long you're willing to hold it. The price of REQ, in the long term, can only go up. 250 REQ should be enough to get OP a cool ~700k a couple decades from now.

Join the military mate. I had tuition, housing, food, clothing, etc all paid for 100% plus about 1k going into the bank

I take 15 units in school (which I know by many standards isn’t a lot, but it’s all I can handle).
I work as a waitress 5 days a week.
I have been looking for a second job, but I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage keeping up my grades. I do try to pick up as many shifts as possible, but the managers don’t always approve the shift pick ups.

If I need to save up $600 before I’m actually able to invest, that’s fine. But I would like to know what a reliable starting point would be.

What is REQ?

Put the $50 into COSS. Currently it's about 25 cents each so you'd get around 200 COSS. They will be leaving beta soon and have a few updates coming over the next month such as fiat, KYC, a new backend engine, and a UI upgrade. The price will likely hit $1 over the next month

Please go away


buy eth or neo rn and you will triple soon

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This is interesting. I will be looking into it. Thank you for being kind.

Nah whore you came here asking to be spoonfed like the useless walking hole you are, now enjoy the attention you desperately craved.

BTW you will never, ever be financially successful so you better start looking for real successful men that you can leech on until your looks are shit and you kill yourself.

GL in life roastie!

Nice bait.

You don’t have enough money saved to invest if you only have 50 dollars to spare every month. Spend less and make more money. Save up until you won’t get wiped out if something fucks up your car or w/e, then you can invest. Otherwise, you’re just gonna be poor forever - which is ok by me. We can’t all be rich and someone has to sell low.

you got me sorry for my rudeness. Still there op? Actually I make almost the same amount of money on lateral income than the principal one.

$600 all into a low cap cryptocurrency coin, start doing some research

let me redpill you. if you are a woman invest in your appearance. it sounds easy, but it isnt. its a hell of a work getting a nice body. invest in a nice body and your health. improve your look. thats the first step. then read books about human psychology and how to manipulate men. if u do these two steps u will automatically get successfull and rich. trust me. attraction is all that matter as a woman nowdays. fuck university. fuck education. it´s worthless.

Geez, the people on here are cruel. I work my ass off. I pay my bills. I have little to spare until I graduate in a year. I just want to put myself in a better position entering the general workforce when I can chase after an actual career instead of just working part time.

I’m willing to save. I’ve been saving. I was just looking for some general knowledge.

Asking biz for legit advice is worse than asking trump anything.

please stop OP

the shitty bait is one thing, but the "lolz make me a sandich" "DAE misogyny is edgy" neckbeards you're bringing out are making me cringe so hard it physically hurts

I'm just trying to shill my shitcoins and waste time reading the words of retards in peace. I don't need to be confronted with this level of sheer autism while I do it.


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Seriously just leave before you KYS

>only have 50$ at the end of month
>surprised to find rudeness on the internet
>surprised to find rudeness on FUCKING Veeky Forums

By the time I was 18 I had made 10 grand working low end jobs. The only excuse you have is your own idiocy you dumb roastie.

Betting on sports. Could do good in Fan duel. Get in some $1-10 pools.

REQ = request network. It's basically like paypal for cryptocurrency. The goal is to allow people to use any type of currency to pay for anything at any given establishment. But you need their token, REQ, to conduct transactions, think of it as a transaction fee. When the transaction finishes the REQ you used for the fee is burned out of existence. So i guess you could say that the REQ token will become significantly more scarce as time goes on. Hopefully that makes the price go up. It's worth ~0.20 USD right now and you can get it on most exchanges.

Guys I'm gonna say it...
you'd be a little bit better off asking reddit for legit advice.

The only problem with that is that I’m a HUGE Washington football fan. Haha we don’t have a history of winning... though I could always bet against them.

Perhaps with Alex Smith coming on as starting QB this season we’ll be better though. Lol

Suck 1 million dicks for 1 bitconnect each.

Thank you. I will definitely be looking into that. I’m extremely interested in Cryptocurrency and will have to keep a look out for the next big thing.
I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for the info.

that would net her 0$ in the end even if she sucked one dick for 1 second each

100% right. I was just looking at all the threads here and people seemed to know what they were talking about. Looks like I stepped into a hole. Ha

>suck a million dicks for 1 BCC each
>finish sucking the dicks
>somehow have less money than when you started

That just means she needs to suck another million dicks to sell all of them.

> Washington
you can go to seattle, waiting tables earns quite an amount of tip afaik

Everyone here is a bitter asshole who comes here to escape the bitter assholes in real life.

Do you realize just how lucrative the dick sucking economy is?

I have thought about moving to Seattle, though I’ll need to finish school in LA first.

No, but I’m sure you could tell me.

>people here seemed to know what they were talking about

If you actually feel this way you should stay far far away from crypto. The ability to distinguish information from thoughtless drivel is an important skill in life, but it is critical in crypto and you just demonstrated complete inability.

I think I’ve made it VERY clear that I have zero clue what is going on. Clearly, I’m barking up the wrong tree. Most people here seem to think that I’m only worth the value of my body. It’s great to hear.

seriously wtf-- I'm a req holder (30K) and you're telling me that you believe a) REQ will be adopted as a framework TEN, FIFTEEN, TWENTY years out?

I'll hold and see.

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Like the.jpg

Definitely what I did. Hahah

bitmex 25x leverage, buy when macd crossover and stochrsi

ps if you don't know what any of those terms are then fuck off back to plebbit

I’m guessing someone has already said this but knee pads

Have you even try to tell us what your skills are?, Were men, we use logic from what u provide to us.

And we only have that youre a little bicht who dont know anything about finance either cocksucking.

Try dropship, its like blogging, and it seems like you only write shit, make money out of it.

>lolz, anyone who doesn't know my fancy finance expert termz is a pleb
>muh secret club

>I’ve got $50. Tell me how to triple it.
what do you have to lose its only $50

Why don't you just stay down there, user? It's too cold up here and there's no jobs. California is great.

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Nice larp

I do love roulette

>I’ve got $50. Tell me how to triple it.

buy 10 grafdigger's cage.

I am going to school to become a writer, so tnx bicht

buy a $50 bag of weed, half the bag sell it to some fags then rinse and repeat

hardly expert terms, literally 1 googlesearch answers everything there

Get a job. Work for a day.

You’re very skilled at reading

>You’re very skilled at reading
The question was "Tell me how to triple it."
I answered it. The rest is your problem to fix.

get an eighth of weed; sell grams.


welcome to Veeky Forums, ill be ur guide.

prove you're not LARPing and I'll help you, but you're LARPing. You have worked in the service industry most likely.
No one comes to Veeky Forums and volunteers that they're a female if they want genuine assistance. Post pick of cleavage with my post number in red pen on a piece of paper near said cleavage. Also draw a smiley face contained within a circle. next to it and I will give you the investment assistance you desire.

Even you make federal minimum wage I don't think this thread isn't bait. Kys and your cost of living will PLUMET TO FUCKING $0

This is the the most hilarious and true commentary I've seen on Veeky Forums in a while.

Stop killing the buzz i'm getting off these autists by reminding me theres people on this board that most likely have swastikas displayed in the house where they beat their wife. God damn LARPers

This is a good idea. I thought about it, but can't expose myself. Sluts make so much money. Couples fucking on cam for money is good business. Chaturbate needs a crypto currency payment method. Online cam services that enable that will get more traffic and revenue as well as users.

You can, nobody will ever know its you. Just hide your face if you're that paranoid.

Unironically buy chainlink and thank me later

That's the only good Limmy sketch.

Can you talk more about this? I’ve been considering recently as I have military family. So I already know what to expect (from the marines at least) I know it won’t be as pretty as they paint it in the recruiting process. But pill me on the benefits, during and after. Also pill me on the shitty aspects.

Buy counterfeit bills on the darkweb newb.
Everything has to be spelled out for fucking millenials jfc

Ironically buy Chainlink.

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Been thinking about it. You might just be right there.

I grew up in a military family. Would never join for myself.

Today was my first day ever on Veeky Forums and guaranteed my last. Definitely not a place for women, just scum of the earth men who don’t know a female from a hole in the damn wall.

I don’t know what a larp is

I was picking tobacco in the summer sun when i was your age OP. Fucked the farmers daughter and sold weed on the side. Lifes gonna be hard if you cant hack college. Maybe try How to build a budget for dummies 101.

He said triple, not double

Can’t hack college? I’m taking 15 units and getting almost all A’s. I work 30+ hours a week and live in one of the most expensive cities in the US. My overhead is roughly $2200. I work as a server and rarely have more that $50 left over to save each month. I can’t “hack” it because I’m doing things the legal way. I’m not going to sacrifice my morals and become some internet slut because a couple of cavemen say that’s the only way. I was asking for genuine advice. If you don’t have it, don’t comment.

Do you know what trips are, OP?

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I'm a fucking nigger and I never worked a day in my life. I'm broke as hell. I just got $50 after selling 2 bikes to a pawn shop. Tell me how to triple it.

I feel like all of you men need to take a damn woman’s studies class at a junior college because holy fuck, I have found one of the sleaziest places on the internet. I have never felt so discriminated against in my life.

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chaturbate takes bitcoin for tokens

I took 20 hrs of classes and managed a fast food restaurant. Presidents list every semester but two. But tell me more about your problems.

can we see your feets?

I was asking for advice, not sympathy. But I’m not going to stand by when a stranger tells me I’m not working hard enough, when I’m busting my ass.

Sell plasma two weeks in a row. When I did it it was $50 for the second donation each week.

Can we see your morals?