What will you do when the death cross comes in the next 18 hours?

What will you do when the death cross comes in the next 18 hours?

Why is nobody talking about this?

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Because biz is a bunch of autistic retards that think TA is a meme

so it will basically go up or down
woah, thanks buddy

stay poor


Please drink my urine.

last deathcross BTC went down like 5% then spiked like shit... that's why

my fiat is ready

I let the game come to me. I also determine the value of bitcoin. And I place the short term value at 10400.

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10,400 wow that's a decent amount higher than current price. That's right that's 10,400 about 19% over what I believe the next 24 hours.

Exactly. Death cross (as well as the golden cross) happen well into market cycles. They basically tell you what's already been happening. It'd be much more significant if it was a slow bleed for years on end, but it's happening because of a fuckhuge crash.

buddy... This was the last time there was a death cross, in September 2015. Seem familiar?

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Thinking about going all in on DigixDAO, shit always pumps in a crash!

>buddy... This was the last time there was a death cross

welcome back from the coma my friend, hope everything is going well for you

buddy...the only similarity is the price went down. The charts look nothing alike.

...and if you look at may, that time when it came close it spiked up. How do you know it won't do the same this time?

>trading basic EMA crossover strategies without any sense for the actual price action or volume
this is how you get faked out and destroyed

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The amount of pink IDs in this thread... This is all the confirmation we needed.

wow sample size n=1

i am very convinced now

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>comparing to mt gox yet again



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>he is not watching daily candles
user I...

because TA is meme. look here. 200 EMA should not be taken in first place in crypto. look here.


is abysmal

givs more
also the reason is that this happens so rarely, and it's known to consistently be accurate according to pretty much every online source
it's literally got death in it's name, for a reason.

This is also pretty significant because we are only 48 days after the crash to 6k. 48

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Even if TA is bullshit, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If enough people dump because they expect a crash, a crash will happen.

6k was 44 days ago

meant to link to

Dumb pajeet listening to random cunts on youtube. The market does not care what his bad opinion is. Not saying it will definitely happen, but it is a likely risk.

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Stock market just crashed

Trump is such a fucking dumbass.


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Short. DUh. Unless buy volume picks up and we close above 9.1k on 1D

>Doesn't know that the higher the time fram, the bigger the impact.
>Doesn't look at the 1D chart.

Brainlet, go away.

People need tether so they can cash out, not to prop up the price of BTC.

buy the le dip :)

Leverage against China before the North Korean denuclearisation talks begin.
I mean, you have to be fucking blind not to see it.

Fun Fact: BTC has only crossed the Death Cross TWICE in its history. Both times the price tanked.

Think about that...

You are giving him too much credit. All politics aside, on a personal level, the guy is a moron.

Retard here, what is the difference between the yellow, pink, and blue lines?

You know nothing about diplomacy or international affairs

Stop calling it EMA maybe.

Something both Trump and I have in common then.

but if you don't know then how would you know if anyone is proficient, seeing as there is an absence of knowledge there you wouldn't be able to tell someone who is skilled because you have no idea what that skill envelops

>duuuuuuurrrrrrr you have to be a culinary chef to know what tastes good!!

moron, you just put yourself in a logic loop. it does not require to be the worlds greatest mind to make criticisms of someones work. a president-elect making a phone call to a foreign head of state that also happens to belong to China is poor diplomacy. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is poor diplomacy.

If you can clearly see cause and effect, with the effect being a net negative, you can easily criticize that decision.


yellow = 50 day EMA
blue = 100 day EMA
pink = 200 day EMA

you can taste food with taste buds, you have a skill set to taste foods, you don't have a skillset to predict that as you admitted.

No but not knowing something and not being good at it means you have no understanding of how it works, as you admitted. Where is the net negative seeing as you mentioned it? I'd like to see how those factors have resulted in a net negative?

Also ad hominem also shows a lack of skill sets.

Anyway since we are using poor comparison, it likes having no knowledge on how food tastes and saying it tastes bad based on other people who try its reactions, which could or could not be very bias depending on the pendulum you swing.

Know your place little boy.

ema crossover strategies are useless.
The lines change with the price, so by the time it has clearly crossed the opportunity is gone. hindsight thinking.
And there is literally nothing stopping the price from crossing right back over when you make your trade.

Because TA is a scam to manipulate sheeple into losing their coins, of which your post is a primary example.

The end will be swift and unexpected.
Now you know why Soros and the 1% have been shorting US stock since last year

anyone else see that wojack screaming on its side? bald silhouette with open screaming mouth and defined neck with a bite out of it

soros is always shorting.
He would stab his own mother if it meant the market would tank and he could cash in on his puts

Because I watch CNN, dumbass.


Short the absolute shit out of it on massive leverage. Seriously user, if it's a 'certain' indicator, seems like easy money.

>b-b-b-but it's not different this time
Look at monthly charts. It's the first time in years btc has gone below 5MA. Have fun posting pink wojacks in the coming months you delusional retard.

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Why do shorters always swear so much and use words like "retard". Are they attempting to belittle people to push their agenda?

>$2,800 kek
wishful thinking

also this


>muh log scale
>muh investments aren't going the way I want them to! I know, use another scale so it appears pretty in the charts!

Why are HODLtards so delusional?

>1hr candles
>using standard MA intervals from traditional markets

does Veeky Forums even try?

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