Anyone considering doing this strategy? Just throw 1k in the top10 coins and don't check your gains after a whole year

Anyone considering doing this strategy? Just throw 1k in the top10 coins and don't check your gains after a whole year.

Im really thinking about it because ive lost lots of money FOMOing on moons. I wanna leave my crypto alone for a year. thoughts?

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Were these top 10 coins on January 1 2017? Maybe Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash?

Yeah people do that. Just pick some coins you believe in.

You aren't going to have 100x gains on the top 10, you have to risk it on lower caps with solid fundamentals tard

And if you invest 1k into those coins today you'll have $0 in exactly a year

NEO surely wasnt, it didnt even exist as NEO did it?

Antshares was essentially zero a year ago.

2 Moonshots and a long term hold

Chainlink is my longterm

i'll do it but on a smaller scale, maybe my fav under the top 20

Yeah it’s called HODLing, check reddit for how to do it

Its a good strategy if you have 5 figures and want a couple mil in a year or two.

Put 40% in BTC
20% in ETH
20% in large cap protocols what already have dapps like XLM, NEO, etc.
10% in established medium cap protocol / infrastructure coins
And 10% in highly researched small caps or ICOs.

And make sure you are not overly exposed to certain categories, for example don't hold all Chinese coins, or all coins that try to do the same thing.

Diversify but don't over-diversify. Only put coins you have heavily researched and believe in to the point where you actually would like it to dip so you can buy more. Never buy a coin just because you think it might go up, or you realize you'd regret buying if it dips.

And re-balance every now or then. Take profit on coins that have mooned and put them into coins that have dipped. This is how you beat the market over time. And don't sell early. Its temping to try to sidestep crashes but people have been calling this crash for over a year, and plenty sold sub $2k thinking it was the top. When its the top you'll know its the top because you will literally 10x in like a 1-2 weeks like early January.

Is the Bitcoin price including all the forks?

300T market cap, you really think?

neo was a shot in the dark, a chink coin that got lucky thanks to them getting rid of most of their undesirable chinky branding, ripple too was an unlikely bet and is still very overvalued right now. that gives you around 250, which would assume around a 75T cap, still way too big.

you need to start looking at charts in log mode, and then you'll get a sense of how much growth has slowed down, and maybe then you'll see how exponentially harder it's getting to get rich as we push deep into late adopter territory.

This motherfucker gets it.

Is bitcoin truly the quickest get-rich-quick scheme or is it just a myth for the lower class people to not try other methods?

Cryptocurrencies aren't the future. They're not backed by anything at all, and they have no real way to replace actual Government backed currency. I wouldn't put money at them in this point because the pump and dump phase is over.

Please respond

Its not get rich quick because it takes years. Even with a $1000 last year you'd only have $10-20k depending. You could say yeah, in another year you could have $1mil, but people don't realize the physiological burden having $10k+ in crypto that you know you could cash out, especially if they are poor and don't have other investments. Most poorfags simply sell way to early and buy stupid shit. You've probably seen all those people cashing out to buys cars and such instead of letting their gains ride.

They are backed by supply (enforced scarcity) and demand (utility value)

Honestly I feel like the big gainers in 2018 are going to be smart contracts, DEX and tokens with unique blockchains (Strat, Ark, etc) as opposed to erc-20 shitters.

Another issue is knowing whether the markets will go up or down. The more you invest the more you earn but also the more you lose.

Repeat after me


Moonshots like last year are an anomaly

Seriously stop with the chainlink shilling, it is a shitcoin plain and simple.

I'm sick to fucking hearing about this shitcoin, there are so many other coins with actual potential but this shitcoin is spammed relentlessly for no fucking reason, only on this board.

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lol nice fud attempt there bud

What would be a good strategy for 4 figures?

This is a great strategy if you're a redditor
True Veeky Forums autists go all in on LINK or REQ
Have fun unironically buying Ripple

Unironically LINK is one of the last few moon missions. All the 3.0 platforms are overvalued, and ETH will probably just adapt and shit on all of them.

this, unironically

Stick to your echo chamber containment thread you retard, no one is buying your shitty ERC-20 token lead by a philosophy major.

This is a great strategy, redditor.
Buy coins like Ripple!
True autists go all in on LINK or REQ.

if you can affor 2000 NEO i would do it. That's 1 GAS a day, pretty much just sit on it and enjoy

can you keep talking about crypto? you seem like the 1% of posters here with a good perspective on things

where the hell could you buy NEO on january 1st 2017?

also NEO was nowhere near a top10 coin then 4 sure

so my $2500 from August is now $10,000 in OMG. i dumped another $700 into ELEC because i actually believe in the project and its parent company, but it's admittedly a low cap moonshot. i don't want to cash out my OMG because i only have a few months to go before i reach long term cap gains territory.

any advice going forward other than what you mentioned above?

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only works in an up market
ie the year 2013 and 2017

just predict the top 10 coins in 2019

Good advice? On my Veeky Forums? Truly these are the end days.

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