Monetization is the worst thing to ever happen to Youtube. White trash like Logan & Jake Paul are making millions...

Monetization is the worst thing to ever happen to Youtube. White trash like Logan & Jake Paul are making millions, while I was an idiot and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in finance and now make 1/40th as much while working 80+ hours per week. Fuck this world.

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monetisation has been a thing on youtube since the very beginning

same here bro

even if you pull 200K straight out of college, Jake Paul is literally making 10M min / 30M max per year

Just absolutely makes anyone not youtubing look like a fucking pleb

all because the guy got his start making unfunny 5 second vine clips

lmfao just fuck my shit up senpai

He's not even funny kek

Dude literally dropped out of high school too. Have you heard him speak? He is practically braindead and always has this blank, thousand-yard stare in his eyes. I would be surprised if he could wipe his own ass without help from his mom.

Just appeal to children bro

Didn't Jake Paul get royally shitcanned by the jewtube overlords when everybody freaked out at his video of a corpse during his Japan vid?

maybe you shouldn't have fallen for the do well in school meme.



>thousands of school girls start laughing at you

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OP if you were so smart, instead of graduating cumming on laude you could've made the retard on YouTube making milions like those faggots.

How much you earn is not correlated with how hard or long you work

Welcome to the real world faggot

Some people just have it better but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be grateful for what you have don't be a crybaby

You shouldn't be wasting your precious free time making posts like these, salaryslave, you have to get up early for your commute and go put in those hours. Work hard!

this. why do people still think buy that fairytale bullshit?

Good for them if they're making millions. If you're envious it's because you made poor choices in life or you're not satisfied with what you do.

>white trash
Logan Paul is a jew user

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>white trash
implying Jake Paul isn't red pilling youth on how awesome it is to be white.

>bruh if you're envious of the guy who got lucky and became the 1 in 10000000 youtubers to earn millions for doing nothing you must be a loser

lol stay non-cognizant boi; OP is just mad that the game works like this, namely that entertainment industry has massive payoff for the 2 people who make it to the top, but that it's literally ALL luck getting there

(what differntiates Jake Paul from any other retard vlogger? Protip: nothing (well nowadays his money and fame))

cause most of us were raised by worker drones.

>all that shit talk because you're too stupid to make as much as him despite thinking you're better

I graduated sumo cum loud, acknowledge me

Okay now not every successful white person is a Jew. Settle down. The Logan’s are straight up wasp.

prolly fake like facebooks user count. hes a jew claiming millions of viewers on a fake money scheme gloablist platform funded by fake money federal reserve. prolly about 40$ pyramided and frauded up to get suckers to try and be like him and give jewtube real users. my math says youtube views for most vids are fake and both ways. some vids show zero views after you watch em 50 times on dif devices and some say 300mill views that have no one ever heard of it. youtube like most jewish schemes is not as it is presented

He took a huge Cum load in the ass and screamed Loud by a Sumo guy. Then he graduated.

you're overcomplicating it

"he took a sumo cum load" would've been sufficient


>he isn't a jake pauler


I don't like him as person but obviously he is way smarter then you.

He makes in 1 month more money then what you make in your life time while fucking 10/10 bitches on the side for free because they want his cock.

>off chance of being in YouTube doing videos CONSISTENTLY for YEARS without any guarantees of payoff
>willing to show his face and socialize for the camera unlike you LARPers trolling behind a camera
>If social skills weren’t rare why are we here and unsuccessful
>willing to deal with millions of 10 year old fans, haters and SJWs
>able to appeal to the lowest common denominator
>willingness to take risks
Tell me how smart your financial degree makes you?

>I hate the free market the government should intervene and make sure that I make more money because I said so
fuck off op, I bet you think NBA players are overpaid

Middle schoolers are a huge market. They take everything literally and overreact completely. They fucking believe everything they are told.

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Luck and intelligence are two very different things.

In terms of what they actually contribute to society? Absolutely. Unfortunately, income is determined soley by the amount of cash you can generate, not by what you actually bring to the table. In a perfect world, bran surgeons would make more than entertainers and pro-athletes.

I bet you watch bbc sportball and enjoy it

blame the braindead culture that was allowed to flourish to have parents that would create people that would both watch and create shit like this

in short
fuck normalfags

Could be worse. I graduated highest in my class with a degree in finance from a top 50 school and now can't find a job

You chose to be a peasant and now you're complaining, there's a saying, you make what you're worth of, if you think you need to be a peasant to make money then that's how it's going to be.

He was chosen by the zeitgeist. Don't be jealous that it skipped over you, just be happy it didn't choose you for target practice.

This its cause of the normal fags.
You can see that in every goddamn situation catering to the lowest common class means eventual success. This happens due to pure numbers. Normal fags are the majority, are stupid and will follow the herd.

he entertains millions of people

you add up numbers in a spreadsheet to earn your kike bosses a few more shekels

who do you think is worth more? this is capitalism faggot

Having a job is like renting an apartment. You will never own it, it just gets you by.
Most people just don't ever mature enough to start their own business (often having a child is an excuse to live "risk free")

"Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, cash flow is reality"

You don't know anything about his personal life or even the expenditure of his shitty videos and you're upset that about what you perceive his revenue to be. Don't you have a degree in finance? Didn't you learn anything at school about the profession?


If jewtube was in any way fair, Isaac Arthur would be richer than Bill Fuckall Gates by now


>Didn't Jake Paul get royally shitcanned by the jewtube overlords when everybody freaked out at his video of a corpse during his Japan vid?

O is that who this ugly cunt is. Sage. I don't get this shit I fucking hate that peedepie tard to and never watch any of them or that narcissist moyneau. The only people I watch are military history like cap and ball of britihmuzzleloaders

do you drink summa cum lad?

Found the wigger in the thread

you are really not youtube's market, mate

>tfw also has an expensive degree and loads of maf skillz that plebs can never comprehend
McDonald's is always hiring, user

Nah. Das ist Juden mang.

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ie he is over 10 years old. I mean seriously, have you seen the trash they peddle on Youtube Red? It is basically Disney channel.

>implying making shitty videos for a generation of asperger children is a business
You can fuck right off

if you were actually first in class at a top US university you can easily get into a top 10 phd in finance. a job is guaranteed out of that just on name brand alone

There are a lot of jobs in finance, including call centers, that these faggots have too high standards to take. [spoiler] It requires a skill called valuation [/spoiler]

i guess this guy is also smarter than me right?

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lol but they're poor???

He's definitely more entertaining. And that happens to be the business he got into.

OMG life is soooo unfair. Cry me a river

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Call it what you want. Fact is that he does what he thinks has value and ignores the meme that everyone must go to college, get a loan and wagecuck to succeed in life.

>obviously he is way smarter then you
>smarter then you
>then you

No it hasn't. Content creators didn't get shit in 2006 and it was a great site

Unless he pays his mommy 10x for all the time and yummies she spent on his jobless vine-making ass he's a piece of shit who just got picked by the jews to be the new retard that millions should emulate. This world is doomed.

is there a way to hustle on youtube without exposing yourself?

i hate myself and dont like being on camera. can i still make it?

It's a site for kids. If you can make edgy animations or other bullshit that panders to kids you'll be fine. Target your audience.

It is really a shame. Google has absolutely destroyed the site.

Yes, absolutely.

School is for retard followers that can't make it on their own. Low iq dumbfuck

welcome to capitalism where you can be a complete retard and say stupid shit like cash me outside and never have to work again

Envy is such a plebeian emotion

to envy some entertainer for children over people like bill gates, warren buffett, elon musk...
there are people who make millions per day regardless if they show up at work or not, and OP chooses to focus on retarded youtubers making dozens of thousands per video
grow up, stop watching teenage media, stop worrying about teenage media. if you're over 22 and you go to youtube on a daily basis, there's something wrong with you

Instead of cumming on laude you should've been cumming on Jake Paul. Maybe you would've made it user.

>not paying $9.99 per month to dl vids and shut off your mobile screen
>missing out on YouTube RED

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Veeky Forums has yet to learn that you'll only get paid for to do something if your skills are valuable to someone else. You may spend years in education and feel that you deserve a respectable salary at the end of it but if your skills are not in demand then you're useless. Logan Paul may be a mouth breathing retard who can barely tie his own shoe laces but he has an army of 12 year olds who constantly demand content from him and swallow the ads embedded in his videos making him a valuable individual with great leverage in the current economical climate.

>sum of money = intelligence
>being this retarded

Bonus side is that he's getting so much pussy right after those little girls finish high school

I'm unironically a nigger, would my skills be valuable to a Jew in a white country, how could I cash in on this?

Why are you bragging about being a cum lord?

If you're actually black and visiting Veeky Forums whilst calling yourself "unironically a nigger" I doubt you'd either be cabable of/willing to do any of the entertainment jobs that are mostly comprised of black people. Do you want to play basketball or rap or be an actor or comedian?

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No he is a Jew lol
Look up his wiki

I don't have thin skin so it doesn't bother me, maybe comedian and I could throw in race jokes since being black means I get a free pass or something.

Do BBC pr0n faggot
U won't

You don't have to be smart to be rich.

That may actually work given your situation. You could either make politically conscience comedy like some kind of new age Dave Chappelle so long as you somewhat embraced black culture, or you could try to straight up appeal to the alt right crowd, though that could take a toll on your public image, being known as the self deprecating shucking and jiving black man. This is all of course assuming that you even bother to reveal your identity for your comedy in the first place

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Do any of you know if I post a number in here will my post be deleted ?

look at how dull those eyes are. jesus christ

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>Wealth is zero sum.
>My skill is the only real skill everyone else is just lucky.
There are some suits making mad bank off these brothers laughing at your faggot ass about "muh degree!"

you a bitch nigga. probably smug af.

i feel really bad for my guy right here. nothing is gonna save that hair

Who gives a shit how much he makes, the part that should make you angry is that there are tens of millions of brain-dead watching his dumb videos and admiring him for these. This the proof we are being more and more dysgenic as a species and the world will be even trashier in the next decade.


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He hired an actor to play a dead body. Guy is a genuis, unlike the legbeards on this thread. Just be a fucking Maverick.

I just threw up a little.

>Fuck this world.
no fuck you for the bad decisions you made

Imagine dat merch revenue

>implying only on youtube are idiots getting rich for nothing

No that was Logan Paul

Holy shit I've never seen a black girl look like such a QT. looks like her lineage wasn't fucked up with racemixing

not bleaching the shit out of it would be a start.